Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Soul House For Rent II

On the way back from Amanputra, Puchong. Cuci-cuci the house - vacuum, mop, sental, you name it, we did it.

Ahy and his friend Asrul are still there, doing up the paints (olive green feature wall and soft pastel core wall!) and repair works, bless them both! Hey not for free mkay!

But, notes to self:
1. To include clause in agreement that if rumah tak kemas and bersih of sawang-sawang, habuk, dirty bathrooms and dinding rosak from nailings, tapes etc, some amount from the deposits will be retained for cleaning works;

2. That everytime a tenant goes out, must check how much damage has been done.

Will start enforcing the above with new tenant.

I hope my own landlord in Cheras appreciates Abang&I as their tenant. Sawang tak pernah ada - not in the rooms, living, dining nor even kitchen. Lantai selalu berlap (on my knees, noks. Not mere mopping). Bathrooms bercuci almost every week. Kita buat rumah tu ibarat rumah sendiri. Cermat every corner.

Tapi, heart-ache uols bila harta sendiri kurang disayangi...

And semoga Abang has renewed respect for super-wives who work, have kids, masak, kemas rumah, urus anak-anak etc. 'Coz tadi Abang helped vacuum all the sawang pun dah letih - vacuum 10min, rest 10min. Hahaha, paaaadanmukadiaaaa.

Mujur laaa ada Ahy (and Asrul) nak tolong tanpa berhenti...


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