Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Second Day in Reban


All 20-odd of us, including the facilitators, decided to call it a day only at 2am last night. Most of us went to bed only at 3. And work resume on time at 8.30am.

Today's another long day. If we're lucky, we could go off by midnite.

But looks like maybe not.

The apartments are spacious and very clean (though LUAR apartment quite eerie, macam cita antu jepun/taiwan/siam gitew). 3 rooms, 2 per room.

Food's horrible though. But the hotshower is fantastic - rasa tak moh keluar dari shower!

Pagi tadi aku betul-betul windukan Labu Labi. Kalau depa ada kat sini, pasti depa tidoq dalam duvet dengan aku sebab sejuk.



Zetty said...

try la pegi jalan2 luar 'reban' hehe.

F Manchester said...

Apa kerja teruk sangat tuuuu.... Hey your job sounds 10x more stressfull then private sector nowadays... I thot u joined DXXL cause its suppose to be better hours? I guess theres no running from a stressfull job anywhere you go- you'll just a different view out the window.

Roti Kacang Merah said...

even nak balik yayak kat bilik pun tak cukup masa, apatah lagi nak jalan-jalan kat luar reban, heh heh.

kak ilush
yeah, better hours. tapi sekali kena kerja ya Rabbiiiii...

but at least working here most of the time gives me more hours to do things i like, lah.

hey your abangngah sudah paste kita punya life story lah, see comments for entry http://rotikacangmerah.blogspot.com/2008/01/benan-v.html , hahaha!


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