Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Occasional Loner

It's tea-break time at a CPD PAM talk in Grand Season's, and I'm all alone sitting in the huge Grand Ballroom, not arsed to inch my way along the very long queue for sandwiches and coffee while having light small talks of "long queue eh quite informative that talk was i wished this could all have been made compulsory laa dee daa anyway I don't get your name and where are you from" with strangers.

Oh I am SO glad I'm working at a place where I can afford to not put the rubbing shoulders bit with other fellow professionals as my top-most priority.

I can choose to be the occasional loner that I am.

Oh I SO love going for shows and lectures and talks et al, but when it comes to mingling and getting to know new people... kadang-kadang ada sedikit rasa malas. Melainkan dah ada yang aku kenal, and all it needs when mingling around is to catch up with things.

I wonder if Dedek's around here in the hall. Oh I miss both Fairuz and Dedek in lectures like this. We could SO bitch around, ey Fairuz? (Oi oi kat U.K ada CPD talk juga ka wei??)

Saw ex-A Levels classmate, Ar.Hanaz tadi. Already a partner of a firm. First among the classmates, actually. Still hensem laidat. Wifey's a sitinurhaliza look-alike doctor. Vewy pwetty!

Oh I need to tell one story of one of the lecturers this morning. Young Malay chap (prolly my age. Hey I am young mkkkayyyy :-p). A professional engineer. Has very very good command of English. But has the Tweety-Buwd (Bird) syndrome ~ he pronounces 'r' as 'w'.

(replace the bold-'w' with 'r' as your read this in order to make sense of the words) "Over here we have a wow of gwoups, that consist of the genewal wequirements for the awchitectuwal items... you see, we inspect the cement scweed, sanitawy fittings and accessowies, we check woofs for cwacks, woadworks... and below here are the descwiption of the bweakdwown of the inspections done... "

Cute, kan? :-D No, no, I'm not at all making fun of him, just that I find it such a memorable characteristics of him. I've close friends who pronounce 'r' as 'agh' (roti canai becomes 'ghoti' canai, etc), but so far this guy's 'r's evokes a memory between me and an adik in Edinburgh, zonky years ago.

She used to tell me, "Kak Faz, yok kita have an aiskwim (ice-cream) weekend this week? I buy you my favouwite stobewy aiskwim (favourite strawberry ice-cream), ok?", obviously she was trying to immitate the Tweety Bird here. heh heh.

And from there the "I loike stobewy oiskwim vewy vewy mush" stuck on us all in the apartment for quite a while, especially bila tiba part nak manja ngada-ngada.

Anyhoos, hendaknya jangan lah Abang jadi ahli politik (aku tau dia tak akan jadi ahli politik, sebab tu aku boleh afford to wish that, haha). 'Coz tiba masa aku nak jadi loner and reclusive, I could even not get out of the comfort of my house compound for even two weeks if I feel like it.

Next week, kalau ada rezeki Abang's taking me up to Perlis to cover DSAI's talks. Abang said I may take the car and go around Perlis while he covers the event.

I said, let me use the car, ONLY to get my food. Other than that, if you leave me your laptop and I bring along DVDs and my baju-baju to jahit manik, you can leave me the whole day if you want to. Haha.

Hmm, suka la tu dia, bini tak ngekor. Hmph.

Ok, lecture dah mula balik.



F Manchester said...

Oh yes... I sooo miss our little catch-ups at the CPD lectures... Yes we do have CPD's here, but since its winter I malas sikit nak join since terkejar x2 waktu sembahyang. But most of our CPD's are in-house during lunchtime- people come in to talk to us (not just suppliers). The office will prepare lunch for us too. Gourmet FAT sandwiches and crisps! We should get certs... but yet to be seen...

Amy said...

Perlis?? Sila la pergi merasa makanan2 yg enak2 kat sana kak.. that's my hometown you know..

Roti Kacang Merah said...

kak ilush
wah sana lagi hebat!

but i suppose it boils down to 'knowledge culture' where each office feels obligated and responsible to keep educating their staff, ey?

any special place kak lin HARUS visit sana???

F Manchester said...

Ya lah, memang berbeza attitude opis sini as compared to M'sia. Training tu top priority!

Roti Kacang Merah said...

kak ilush
wokeh, will further impose this culture in my office.

my once-in-two-months training programme/site visits for my technical people rasa macam tak cukup je.

will try harder to do it as a monthly thing!


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