Sunday, January 06, 2008

Kucing Jalanan & Ceritera Jalanan Lain

Last Thursday night, I bought a scanner as Abang's wedding anniversary gift.

Abang was visibly chuffed.

With the scanner, he now does not have to kejar kedai fotostet before kedai tutup in order to shrink his drawings from B3-size to A-4 and then rush to the cybercafe to scan the drawings and save it in my pendrive (resulting, way too often times, my pendrive loaded with not lesser than 31 types of viruses at one time) and rushes back home to render his drawings on the Photoshop before emailing to various parties.

He could now save a hell lot of money, I'd say (yeayyyyyy!).

He could now scan and merge the drawings and edit and render in his own sweet time.

So, in additional to the books and DVDs that he bought me for the anniversary gift, the day after he got the scanner he actually went to the music store to get me Alleycats 40 Hits that I been eyeing for!

That Friday evening, rainstorm lashed out on KL, cars were jammed up bumper to bumper even at 8pm. But we both didn't care. Abang even took a longer and more congested detour just so we could sing our hearts out to all 40 songs in the CDs! Haha!

So nostalgic lah album ni... I could almost see myself listening to the Lagu Pujaan Minggu Ini on the radio in the kitchen with my maid back in 1981 and 82, back in Taman Sentosa in JB.

While Abang? He said nostalgia zaman cintan-cintun muda-mudi dia dulu. Hmph!

Well, I would say that 95% of the collections are satisfying, cuma too much tangkap leleh selections, lah. They could've added another CD of Alleycats' other catchy tunes, such as "Rayuan di Puncak Genting", and some others that I couldn't remember the titles but they go something like...

"...cinnnnntaaaa itu, bolehdiumpamaaaaakan bagai maaaakan, sambal belachaaaaan..."

"...jaaaangan, taliponlaaaagi! Leeeeha takbolehperrrgi. jaaaangan, taliponlaaaagi! jaaaangan kaaaawan dengannyaaaa. jangankawandengananakkuuuu!"


"...aduh sayaaang, aduh intaaan, jika engkau tak kembali.." name a few!

And why ah, David and Loga tak dapat-dapat Datukship or Tan Sriship, I wonder???

Just like Datuk Siti Nurhaliza and the late Tan Sri P.Ramlee, these two duo transcends beyond race, gender and age, eversince 1969 at that, too... and yet tak ada recognition ke? Takkan nak tunggu post-humous lamaaaa macam P.Ramlee baru nak dapat recognition???

Or, perhaps they both have been offered but they declined? Entah lah. But could somebody look into this, please???

And with all due respect, even that Jalaluddin Hassan tu pun dapat Datuk. Like, whok fer la dey??? Just for his contribution in films and dramas, izit?


I saw on 'Most Shocking' on Astro 711 last night about the free-trade demo clips in South Korea. How the crowd finally grew unruly and turned violent towards their FRUs. The crowd baling kerusi and bambu dengan bamboo at their FRUs. When the riot-police panjat and stood on their vehicles, the crowd began to shake the busses so violently that the busses looked set to be toppled to one side.

Only then their FRUs rang the bell to spray chemical water and throw tear-gas to the crowds in order to disperse them. Only then, not before! Not when the crowd first attacked the riot police for blocking the roads!

I was like, omaigod, kalau lah the Korean protesters tahu how the scenario is actually like in Malaysia ~ protesters tak kacau FRU tapi FRU sembur juga air and tembak tear gas right in the middle of the peaceful crowd ~ I'm sure the Korean public would go insane to the absurdity of it all!

And I was like, oi oi korang-korang yang ada pegang video FRU mengganas tu, piiiiiiiiiii la hantar ke 'Most Shocking' nu... as "the world's most shocking moments caught on tape", of how the M'sian own riot-police creating riots rather than the protesters!


Also, the ass-kissing papers tak sudah-sudah papar semula clips of news of politicians yang pernah ada skandal seks.

Dey, we don't care much about your private life la dey. In fact, EVERYONE in M'sia knows how much more scandalous our No.2 is, cuma tak de video nak circulated je.

Apa kata you guys list down pula corrupted politicians and individuals yang makan duit awam ni, and ask them to step down!!!

Kalau kau ustaz atau mufti sekalipun ~ tak pernah berzina atau buat maksiat~ tapi makan rasuah membukit-bukit... serupaaaaa aje kedudukannya, tak ke???



Shabar said...

Faszt, what the CD that good? Bleh belikan dia untuk Father's Day. (dah kering idea gak nak bagi apa kat hubby aku nih). My hubby is such a great fan of Alleycats. His hp is 95% loaded with their songs. Abis aku pon terinfected.

During his teenage years, pernah gi konsert sumer tu. He can also recite which word yg Arumugam dah silap Kuala Lumpur song tu, Si Aru ( my hubby said), penah nyanyi "Tugu Kesihatan Negara" instead of Tugu Peringatan Negara...the word "suasana" jadi "sausana" la..hehehe...each time he told us, kitorang tetap gelak nak pecah perut.

Roti Kacang Merah said...

okkkaaaaay laaaa the CD, I would say it's worth buying coz aku memang tak pernah ada CD Alleycats pun, just a couple of old cassettes je!

But I still think they should put a third CD or smthn and fill it up with more catchy tunes!


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