Monday, January 28, 2008

Hidup Rakyat!


I keep wanting to not write much about whatever I feel on whatever issues lately.

Macam honourables Pak Rustam and Pak Din Merican pernah kata, "Terlalu sakit ati to even bother to write about what's happening, sometimes!". Tapi dengan niat untuk merekod, and also to 'educate' my adik-adik or other readers yang datang membaca, I've to luahkan juga.

You know the last Saturday's supposedly rally tentang kenaikan harga barang at KLCC at 3pm?

I saw myself the video recordings by Ebrahim, who took the recordings at the location, still 'hot from the oven' (watched it through the LCD of the vid-cam):-

1. of the Court Order to arrest a few individuals (Tian, Dr. Hatta, Mat Sabu, Arul etc) should they be seen at the rally area;
2. of the manner Ginie was detained, dari belakang, tanpa sebab-musabab;
3. of Jonson who tried to prevent the police from taking Dr. Hatta and Tian and turut kena tahan;
4. Of polis maki hamun the detainers with words of "bodoh!" and "f*ck you, pukimak!".

Wah. Number one: bukan saja kau tu hanjjj(eng), kau juga lagiiii la bodoh dari orang-orang terpelajar yang kau tangkap. Number two: dan kau guna alat sulit mak kau untuk menyumpah seranah orang??? Hebat polis kita tu, yek.

Generally, they can't even solve the Sharlinie and Nurin cases, and yet pembela-pembela rakyat macam ni yang diorang nak arrest?

Looks like dorang tak takut the one murderer who stuffs things in their other people's daughter's private part, but they're afraid of those who won't even jentik telinga kucing?

Dalam 1,500 yang hadir the rally (which wasn't to be, pun), they arrested 50. They can't even arrest a hell lot of other fucked-up criminals, and yet they arrested these people ~ who are fighting a just cause for them police included, mind you ~ who done nothing hurtful to the public but just some bruised ego to their "Master Hanj-s".

And tinggi mana Hanj-Majistret yang sign the Court Order tu belajar? These people belum buat kesalahan apa-apa lagi, dah kena order suruh tangkap. Mind you, the rally was supposed to start at 3pm, but by 2.45pm dah berbelas-belas orang kena tahan.

Diorang ni sedar ke tidak yang orang-orang yang they served the Court Order ni lah yang membela nasib rakyat termasuk nasib diorang juga?

And gaji diorang ni being paid by the party ke apa ah???

Diorang ni paid to serve the people and protect the people ke, or serve the party and protect the party???

It's quite obvious, innit, how hanjjj they are?

Dulu aku pernah cakap ke Abang, "'Bang, tak baik panggil dorang anjing, tau."

"Eh, memang betul apa. They will defend whoever yang kasi diorang tulang. Tak kisah lah kalau Tuan diorang tu rapists ka, mafia ka, samseng ka. Eventhough the Masters have been cruel to the people which include their family members and friends, they would still bite off the people yang cuba nak improvekan hidup and taraf diorang. Tak nama anjing ke tu???"

I rest my case.

1. I heart this guy's sentiment;
2. Demo di KLCC belum bermula, tangkapan dah dibuat!
3. Che'guBard's own experience (do watch also the vids linked in his blog);
4. Great photo-entry by Eli Wong;
5. Tian's own pre-rally.



cakapaje said...

Salam Lin,

Yeah, I know what you mean. Which is why I seldom write about those things, preferring to send news instead. That way, I learn something new everyday while informing others, and I spare myself the aches. Clever eh, even if I say so myself :)

F Manchester said...

What you say is sooo true.. Had experienced it first hand with hubby's arrest many years back. I am soo tempted to write to Despatches/BBC here in UK to investigate the core of our currupted police system- an expose of some sort.
In Islam, the answer is obvious- when you have currupt leaders, macam x2 penyakit rakyat would muncul.

fiq said...

memang anjing. hehehe.

Roti Kacang Merah said...

bro shahrir
ya lahhh VEWY clever! that's how i get a lotof infos from your blog(s), too! ;-)

thanks abg shahrir!

eh write je lahhhh.

but then again i think they'd have a policy of not to masuk campur in internal affairs of the country.

awooooooooooooooooo! heh heh

f manchester said...

Actually, BBC had done loads on overseas issues like gorilla style kilings in colombia to the opressed villagers in China! Every Friday- really good journalism. I'll try forward you the link and you can view it online.

Roti Kacang Merah said...

kak ilush
can! boleh post them here in my blog!

perhaps you SHOULD suggest that to BBC. They have a correspondence here in KL. Dulu punya correspondence kami selalu jumpa covering rallies and DSAI events. But this time, a new fella. belum pernah jumpa lagi.


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