Saturday, January 19, 2008

Fernando in IJN

This entry is actually a request from Abang.

We were on our way to my distant cousin's wedding in Gurney Heights at noon when Abang received an sms from Uncle Rosli Ibrahim about The Great Lawyer Christopher Fernando, one of DSAI's lawyers, to be in critical condition in IJN.

When we got there at IJN right after the wedding, it was already 3.30pm. Abg Zul Noordin and Abg Azmin Ali had just left. We met Marisa, Kris' daughter, in the hallway.

Visiting hour was over at 1.30pm, so she briefed Abang on her daddy's condition.

Her daddy got a heart attack on Monday the 14th and admitted to the IJN, rested, before being wheeled in for a by-pass yesterday.

He never got round since then.

Apparently he has far more serious problems. He's got blockages everywhere and both kidneys are down. He's now dependant on dialysis, and families & friends are praying for a miracle to happen. He's pretty much in bad shape.

For those who would like to visit him in IJN, he's in ICU Level 1. Visiting hours will be 12.30-1.30pm and 6-8pm.

Adding another name into my daily prayers. Adlan Benan Omar, and Aris Rizal Christopher Fernando.

Dan semoga Allah memberi kekuatan dan kesabaran tak terhingga buat kedua-dua keluarga, Aaamiiiin.


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