Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Farting Joke

I think a lot of us here have received the Lingamtape Joke via sms recently (thanks Kak Dins!!! :-D).

Reading through the news on yesterday's "grilling", where Mr. V(ery) K(iasu) Lingam made really crappy statements (aiyoh Sir, how lah you can put your integrity as low as what you've done lah??? Really tada lingam punya orang) made me want to record the joke here.

My cartoonist husband doesn't find it particularly funny. But I do.

Someone farted in the court.

The lawyer asked Tengku Adnan, "Did you fart?"

Tengku Adnan replied, "You must be drunk and mad!"

Then the lawyer asked Tun M, "Did you fart?"

To which Tun M answered, "I don't remember. Anyway, it is my prerogative to either fart or not fart."

Then the lawyer turned to VK 'no-lingam' Lingam and asked, "Did you fart?"

To which VK 'no-lingam' Lingam answered, "That sounds like me, and smells like me!"

Hahahahahaha!!!! Siapa lah yang buat joke ni, gua tabik sama lu! Hahahahahaha!!!!

Wokeh... Happy Thaipusam to all my Indian friends and readers... and have a great mid-week break to all!

(gua kena keja buat translation, daaa.... huuuu)


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