Monday, January 14, 2008

Dear Ben's Relatives and Friends

Dear concerned relatives and friends of Ben,

I'm sorry if I've not been as good in updating Ben's condition.

Truth be told, I only update if I received any news about Ben from my husband or whenever I joined my husband to visit him. To that, without trying to be too 'harrassing', my husband did sms Ben's sister Juny yesterday, but yet to receive any reply.

Nevertheless, I have just informed my husband pertaining this blog becoming the gateway between Ben and his concerned relatives and friends far and wide, hence he said he would try to call Juny after his deadline this afternoon and apologize to her if his sms-es to inquire on Ben's condition would be seolah-olah mengganggu, and that he would explain to her that his relatives/friends are keeping vigil with his news.

With all due respect to Ben, since I'd like to continue 'living' this blog as my journal, you could still bookmark this link - - which, by the way, is from my blog that contains entries under the label of "Adlan Benan Omar", in order to keep abreast with Ben's news only rather than reading my other daily ramblings, ya?

Prayers for Ben's recovery.... Aaaaamiin.



Zaim Al-Amin said...

Does your hubby happen to be one of his batchmates from MCKK? I'm also an MCKK Old Boy, and many of us are also anxiously waiting to hear good news about Ben. Please update us whenever you know anything. Our prayers are with him always. Thanks.

Zaim Al-Amin said...

Ops, FYI, my e-mail address is Thanks.

alphadeeno said...

Thanks vmuch for the update. Could anyone sms / email Benan's address to me. I'm longing to visit him. I'm from his batch in MCKK. InsyaAllah we all pray to Allah for his recovery.

Dino 016-6621774 /

Zaim Al-Amin said...

Dino, please call your batchmate Azeman Adnan. I think he should know the address.

Zaim Al-Amin.

Zaim Al-Amin said...

If you don't have Azeman's hp number, call me at 016-2388909. Thanks.

Roti Kacang Merah said...

zaim al-amin
no, my husband is a fellow "pejuang reformasi" of Ben's. and i've emailed you the phone number(s) you can call to inquire further.

have forwarded you an-email.

hey, did you by any chance went to Dundee or Aberdeen during your uni??? Nama familliar.


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