Thursday, January 17, 2008

Dear Ben's Relatives and Friends II

Just got back from my hellish two-day retreat yesterday evening and have not been able to check my blog or email during those two days.

I've received quite a number of e-mails inquiring about Ben's further condition and also phone numbers on how to get to Ben, and have emailed and forwarded personally to them.

Again, I could only update whenever my husband and I visit Ben, or when Ben's family member or Abang's friends voluntarily update Abang. Abang would then have to 'edit' the info for my feeding to my blog. Ya, kena 'edit'. I wouldn't want Ben's family members to feel uncomfortable with the updates, really... wouldn't want them to feel like I've somewhat intruded their privacy.

Since a few of you readers would be visiting Ben soon, I'd appreciate if you could either e-mail or leave comments on my blog about your visits so that we could keep those reading these updates updated.

Di samping itu, let us all continue praying for Ben’s recovery. If tak sembuh 100% pun, at least dia boleh cukup sihat untuk continue living and leaving legacies.


Do drop by:
1. Dr.Mafiz’s own account
2. Abang Fudzail’s heart-rendering tribute to Ben.



Anonymous said...

It's Ben's 35th birthday today. (I got to know from rafizi's blog,

Semoga panjang umur dan cepat pulih. Insya Allah.

Anonymous said...

Dear Madam,


went to visit ben circa 4.10pm yesterday (17/1/08).

He was sleeping. Stayed for 5 mins. Think he was dreaming, involuntary motion of the eye balls.

Looks quite frail.

God bless him.

UKEC, 2000/2001

Roti Kacang Merah said...

anonymous 1/17/2008
thanks for the link.

35th? I really thought he's 36!

Anyhow, didoakan agar dipanjangkan umur Ben dan dikurangkan kesakitan yang ada... Amiiiin.

anonymous 1/18/2008
thanks for the update!

Anonymous said...


went to visit Ben again at 3pm.

He is awake today. He looks tired. Stayed for 5 mins again, did not get to speak to him.

God Bless Him.


SAY said...

went to his place yesterday. me and 3 of my folks, all Benan's Abingdon seniors were not allowed entry by his butler. i wasnt at the gate talking to the guy but i heard he could have sounded more polite. wasted 2 hours looking for the house (wrong address given) and with me driving down from jb very early sunday morning, made it such a wasted attempt. oh well, at least i got to meet my old frens.

if you go and visit benan pls send him our regards, we did drop a note in his letterbox yesterday. we'll pray for his recovery. and say hi to the butler.

mama said...

salam sis..
adlan is 35 yo..born in 1973..same with me..

Roti Kacang Merah said...

anon 1/18/2008
thanks for the update!

abg say
tak pa lah... at least your niat to ziarah orang tenat tu dapat pahala, insyaAllah.

I'm sure the family wants him to rest. And I'm sure his family members will read him the note that you and your friends left him.

hey, nevertheless, thanks for the update, and kem salam to lovely Zue!

mama Z
itu la, i baru tahu yang kita ni (Ben, you, me) sebaya rupanya. Penat I panggil you "kakak" ;-)

fudzail said...



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