Monday, January 14, 2008

Benan VI

Tadi Abang call Juny. Abang sms-ed me, at 12:03pm:

"Lepas dialisis Ben nampak responsif, makan lalu, tapi lepas tu kembali merosot. Pagi ini dibawa ke UH untuk rawatan lanjut."



Abang Ngah said...

My prayers to him and family

SAY said...

Thanks for the update, my prayers for him.

mama said...

salam,i sent email to u yesterday but no reply..can u pls chk..


x class mate PJ said...

Salam..sori i didnt get yr name

oh dear,so sad to hear abt adlan-that's wat we call him during primary school time at Sultan Alam Shah (1) PJ.
Lost contact since then..

2 things i wont forget abt him is -
1st his intelligence-no 1 in class all the way &
2nd his chubbiness ;-)

Is he OK? got to know abt adlan's condition fr malaysiatoday..then search google & found yr blog..
By the way, is he married?

x-classmate PJ

Dr.M said...

Coincidentally , I went to see him yesterday as an anaesthetist for Pre-OP assesment; if he needs to go under anaesthesia for procedures or operation in the near future.
I've always admired his sharpness , wit and his ways with words.I'll always remember his "Durian" speech in Leicester during the innaugural UKEC meeting in 1995. I was mesmerized and inspired , hoping to emulate his style .
Seeing him yesterday saddened me and I do du'a for his recovery or whatever is best for him.Insya_allah.

Abanh Ngah said...

Dear M,
Please update us on his condition as you see him more often than us

Roti Kacang Merah said...

abg ngah and say

mama a.k.a x-classmate PJ
received your email and replied, thanks!

yes, do update us on his condition! will put a link of your blog on mine, if you don't mind...

Dr.M said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dr.M said...

Don't think they have any immediate surgical intervention at the moment. I do pass his room daily as his ward is just above my ICU.
He is still frail but stable with thedaily dialysis.


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