Saturday, January 12, 2008

Benan V

A reply to Abang from Juny (11.01.08, 11:48pm) :

"Not much difference. He's eating fruits now but very little and complaining of chest pains. Tomorrow another dialysis at the ICU."


A really interesting mini-story on Ben in the comment box at the end of my Benan IV entry. Must read!

To the author, hope you don't mind attaching your blog add somewhere anytime you drop by again :) And thank you for sharing!

I hope that could start the ball rolling, though, in compiling memorable and fond stories about Ben... insyaAllah.



SAY said...

Pls kirim salam kat Benan, tell him aku boring gila kat Spore ni. Nasib baik ada sorang lagi jawa msia baru transfer sini. The 'elite malays' here dont come close to this dude.

dammit i still owe him kopi.

Roti Kacang Merah said...


have forwarded the entire of your msg to my husband so that he could forward to Juny, insyAllah.

Abang Ngah said...

You are Famous Kacang merah!
From NZ alumni threads...
read from downward up OK!

OOH ya Din!
Kacang Merah wouldn't have known "Abang" if it was not for your wedding.And You happen to be my brother inlaw! (Din the Reformasi Lokap Guy married Fairuz). What is it with all this KeAdilan People they seem to be all around me...HELP!!! !
Looks like I have to work harder to set the Dacing flying in the next election!

The plot thicken even further!

But seriously speaking, It shows that we must be one people united under one belief. Political differences are trivial. Back to Ben. He is my good friend whatever our political differences are and may Allah takes care of him and I pray for his speedy recovery.


Rasidin Amri wrote:
tambah skit tu..citer first time zunar keluar dgn kacang merah is to my wedding.

and first time fairuz jumpa my parents kat mahkamah tinggi kl, nak set reman for me..hahahaha

and first time my parent jumpa umi ayah, masa i was release from jln bandar - very near my alma mater victoria institution, which is the same school rahim noor went to.

On 1/14/08, firdaus hanapiah wrote:
Dear Rosaini,

Yes "Abang"'s other significant half ( AKA Roti Kacang Merah) is Fairuz's (my sister) housemate . They studied architechure together in Edinburgh at Heriott Watt. Incidently, their friend who was also at Heriott Watt was Myra, who was then doing a degree in English. So while pretending to visit Edinburgh for the Architecture and my sister, I subsequently wooed and married Myra. The Plot thickens!

rosaini wanhassn wrote:
Been wondering who Abang is in Benan III and Benan IV kept me glued for any little clue. Saw Benan for the first time, pity not in flesh, but they say a picture worths a thousand words. The caption reveals the Abang who I know leads life in a different light. The limelight is more on his caricatures. No wonder he talks so much about Benan to his other significant half. Great minds think alike. This Abang is also amazing. You need to hear him and see him. There is always something in his mind. But be forewarned! When this also rather burly Abang puts pen to papers you would be grinning ear to ear. I know beacuse I have an original canvas with his signature. Yes, I am a fan. Proud of it. I can recall some hangout sessions with him and together with Zul and Fudzail. Always felt that I know something about what makes the realpolitik world ticks. About persons taking that plunge into something they passionately believe in. Plunging themselves in the hot water requires more tha bravery but their wits, faith and sacrifices keep them afloat.
But hey this is about Benan, not this comically genius Abang. This is actually the power of association, knowing Zunar makes me feel like I know a bit of Benan. May Allah makes it easy for Benan to move on. May Allah also bestow a junior to Zunar if they don't already have one!

Roti Kacang Merah said...

abang ngah
wah wah wah...

padanlah kak rosaini called my husband up yesterday evening just when my husband was picking me up from the office. looks like she wrote zunar way better than i could possibly do... boleh la faz plagiarise nanti, haha! i suppose, kalau dah jumpa tiap-tiap hari, you tend to forget the man he is to the public!

dunia ni sangat kecik, kan? nak buat jahat pun susah. hahahaha

Roti Kacang Merah said...

alamak... sorry, not a "kak" rosaini, but "Abang" rosaini...! and a "Datuk" at that, too!

Sorry for the error!!! *blush*


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