Thursday, January 10, 2008

Benan III

Abang, Abg Zul Noordin and I went to visit Ben at the Sunway Hospital ICU at 5pm. The family took him back to the hospital this morning when he insisted on having a dialysis.

We reached there and there were already so many people around. Apart from his mom and younger sister Juni (a glimpse of green tee on the left), there were also DSAI (in checkered shirt on the right), Ezam (by the bedside), Abg Saifuddin, Ben's closest mates and aides - Rezal (in maroon t-shirt) and Dani, DSAI's lawyers and a few other close 'pejuang' friends.

By the time we arrived, docs gave him an hour-odd more. Ben's organs have all shut down. He was drifting in and out of conscious. Everyone was sullen, eyes tearing-up. Ben's time was visibly nearing.

By 5.30pm, Ben's mom gave permission to the doctors to disengage everything and to prep him for home.

While waiting for Ben's release, I introduced myself to Juni, Ben's very lovely baby sis. Back in my 2nd year in Edinburgh, Juni and friends pernah menumpang my house in St. Catherine's Place for a few days. Juni's friend was my housemate's ex-schoolmate back in TKC.

Understandably, Juni did not recall of me. 'Coz back then they only came back to our house to sleep after pusing-pusing Edinburgh.

That said she is still the lovely yet simple, soft-spoken and mild-mannered lady I remembered her to be. And so I wished her further strength ('coz I'm sure she's been very strong about her bro's condition all these years).

Later on while still waiting for Ben to be wheeled out, Juni approached me and apologized for not remembering me. We had small talks about her brother.

She said, Ben has been diabetic since he was 17. And they have been very very close eversince forever, since there are only the two of them adik-beradik.

She told me she had way too many fond memories of him. He has forever been protective of her. When they were kids, Ben once, out of the blue, bought her an eraser at school and asked his friend to send it to her in her classroom.

And Ben would always protect her and hide his male friends away from her, especially the ones from MCKK. He would say, "Jangan kahwin dengan budak koleq (MCKK)! Tak elok!" Hahaha.

She mentioned that Ben have always wanted to die young but yet leave a mark, " a meteorite. I pass by everyone and leave an everlasting spark that everyone shall remember for long," she relayed what Ben likes telling her.

I told Juni to write a book about the Ben she knows. He is indeed like a meteor, amazing memorable light that passes so many lives, he would never ever be forgotten.

I mentioned how strong her mom looked. She said if only I knew how much torn her mother had been. They've had sleepless nights about Ben. She said, they may sound selfish, but they're still not ready to let Ben go. But they know how much suffering Ben has been in, especially in the past year.

Even her 15-month old daughter who is so attached to Ben and whom Ben also called "My Daughter" knew that his uncle is slipping away. She actually wailed in the ambulance that took her uncle home yesterday evening...

We parted when Ben was wheeled out to the ambulance waiting downstairs.

My prayers that Allah permudahkan perjalanan Ben kelak ke dan di alam sana, dan moga Allah kurniakan kekuatan yang tak terhingga kepada ahli-ahli keluarga tersayang dan kawan-kawan terapat Ben.




Anonymous said...

when Ben returned from his haj few years back, he slept over at my house in Dubai before flying home to Msia.

I always have high regards for Ben and he could be one of great leaders...we solat hajat for him today!


F Manchester said...

Juni... was she the french speaking one? She's one of 'Ixxa's guests right? I recall the name but unfortunately not the face. Please extend my condolences...

Roti Kacang Merah said...

abg fudzail, assalamualaikum!
AbgZul & Zunar were just talking about you, and I mentioned "Abg Fudzail mesti singgah my blog to keep abreast on Ben's condition"... :-D

Yes, I have a story about Ben when I first met him in London in 1995. I thot, man, if HE is going to be my future PM, i so concur!

Will update on that soon as promised to Zunar too!

Roti Kacang Merah said...

kak ilush
tak sure if she was 'the french speaking one', but I do know she was multi-lingual. legend has it that while the bro has the brain of a sponge; the sister speaks languages - French, Spanish, Latin, etc. Allahu a'lam.

and yup, she's one of Ixxa's guest.

nurnadia said...

rotikacang, i have to admit that i'm one of those 'lady-like, elite, prim and proper' ladies that singgah your place in 1995.. please, i nak tergelak when i saw that..mana ada elite and all that.. biasa je lah! although i must say, i too apologise coz i cannot recall the rest of the housemates.. it was Irma's house wasn't it? I pun ikut tumpang je.. i was looking for news on Ben which i heard from someone and was just wondering if it's true that he's sick and if anyone is writing about it.. it is sad to learn that it is true.. i havent been in touch with Juny for a long time so i wouldn't know..

in any case, Allah lebih berkuasa dan berhak menentukan segala-galanya.. Ben is a great guy but Allah has other plans for him, and perhaps it is better for him this way, and he is one of those lucky ones whom Allah gives signs as to when He's taking your life.. ada masa to do some retrospective and introspective study of how he's led his life, time to repent, time to pray for forgiveness..unlike us who are still wondering when it will be our time and always risked to taking the time we have for granted..

i suppose he is now at home being cared for by his family.. will be looking out to read more updates from your blog.. thanks.

Anonymous said...

salam again

Thank you for the updates.

This one for ben, if Zunar would like to publish in suara...


Roti Kacang Merah said...

eh, back then, nak compare you lot and us lot... memang sangat sangat you lot are all so prim and proper! no wonder Irma was so gelabah that you girls were coming! I remembered her telling us that she felt so stressed out sebab since kami semua ni jenis comot, dia pun rasa dia ikut comot sekali!

we thot irma ni exaggerate pada mulanya tu...bila you girls datang, baru lah kami faham perasaan dia! hahaha

but i could still remember you girls behaved a wee bit too polite sampai kami segaaaaan gitu dengan korang! hehehe

anyhow, true, i totally agree with you that in a lot of ways, Ben has been very very lucky indeed that he could actually 'plan' his life in ways more detailed than any of us could, kan?

tapi, ya lah. Manusia hebat macam tu, pastinya Allah lebih sayang. Pastinya Allah nak pinjamkan dia kepada kita lebih sekejap dari orang-orang lain yang Allah pinjamkan... Allahu a'lam...

hey, thanks for dropping by! ;-D

Roti Kacang Merah said...

abg fudzail, salam.

ah, LOVE that song, too. and such beautiful poem you wrote for Ben.

will definitely forward that to Zunar!


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