Saturday, January 12, 2008

Barely Breathing

Am now at the office since 9am doing work. Almost all of us from the Unit are, actually. We have all these Office Manuals and Procedures to put together almost from scratch and to finalise before being couped up at one hotel just before puncak Genting Highlands between Monday till Wednesday. Silap-silap esok pun kena datang and polish up apa-apa yang perlu dipolish.

The Timbalan Pengarah of the Human Resource who came to brief us yesterday told us that the last time they went for a retreat for their own Manuals and Procedures, they slept at 4pm on the last night prior to handing over the reports. And apparently since we are one of the 1st three Departments to be shoved off somewhere for this, there would a a possibility that apart from theirs, ours would be looked into as an example by the other following 23 departments later on. Pressure, pressure.

At the same time I have to do some bit of translation works for Abang's paper (BI to BM) and for The Mayor's interview on TV (BM to BI).

Maka, dengan itu:-
1. Kak Lin nak minta maaf kat Ahy sebab langsung tak sempat nak edit and put together your gambar birthday and the purdy cuppies yang Kak Eeda buatkan!
2. Aku owe an antry about some tenants perempuan Melayu singles yang sangat pengotor yang menyewa rumah Mak aku, that if only I have their photos I'd paste them up here, honestly.

In the mean time, I'd prolly update my blog from my wee chokiar handphone je.

And you thought orang keja gomen tak yah keja kuat, huh? heh heh.



Anonymous said...


Can you please keep us update about Benan's condition. Thanks

Roti Kacang Merah said...

will try my best!


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