Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Anger Is Good For You, But Not Too Much!

Had a veeeeery long and rough day. Three project meetings in one day, had kuih 3 biji for breakfast and biskut kering 3 keping for lunch.

Esok another two project meetings.

Paperworks to be completed.

Oh, have to mention, I confronted S, at his superior's desk with his superior at the desk after I overheard him giving a remark about someone of a lower rank at the office, Z, something about work.

Z ni, I tell you, a bloody hardworker. A very very nice girl. Kami semua sayang dia. So bila Z kena kutuk tak alih-alih, aku sebagai kakak besar kat ofis ni dah pasti get defensive, apatah lagi kalau keluar dari mulut S.

FYI, this S fella memang ada attitude problem, ok. He's very much known as such in the office, sampai other colleagues selalu bengang dengan dia tapi tak pernah confront dia. And berkawan pula dengan typist yang also ada attitude problem. Sesuai la tu, kan.

So, this time, I confronted him after hearing him throwing the unkind remark about Z, and with my files and notes and drawings still in my hands right after a tough meeting, I called him up to pull his chair near his EO, infront of others as witness (like, the whole office saw us, really), and asked him what his problem was about not respecting his Admin Officer Mr.J and his EO Mr.M and picking on Z all the time (this is definitely not the first time I heard him doing this).

Fuh, macam-macam alasan dia keluarkan.

Aku pulak, macam Kak Ilush. Kalau dah marah and nak cakap cepat, aku dah tak reti nak guna bahasa ibunda.

Mujur budak ni pandai English. Siap slang faux British pulak tu walaupun duduk luar KL pun tak pernah. Fuh, menjawab dengan aku, tu! Macam-macam dia cuba defendkan diri dia, tapi at the same time pick the slacks on other people including Z.

Terbeliak bijik mata Lady Boss aku, Pn.A, tengok dia menjawab, defending tah hapa-hapa melata. While other admin staff termasuk EO dok hadap PC je konon buat tak tahu.

Last-last, since aku nak cepat and ada satu lagi meeting waiting for me in the meeting room, aku kasi satu habuan stern warning kat dia, which include the sorang dua admin staff.

"Look, whataver CRAP you have around here, I expect you, S, and sapa-sapa kat admin section ni, to respect and listen to Mr.J and Mr.M as your superiors! I am TIRED of hearing your superiors telling me 'Dah berapa kali saya cakap dah, tapi diorang tak moh dengar!', or even complaints about you lot! We created this posts in the Unit because we need you guys! You guys are the pivots and nadi of the office! So if I hear whatever crap that I heard about yo, S, saying and complaining about other people again, I would definitely not think twice about recommending you, or ANYONE else here, to the Boss about transferring any of you here to other departments, which I know definitely for sure you'd be less happier than here! Understood??!"

Menggigil tangan aku. Budak tu memang kurang ajar. Tapi for my last sermon, dia diam.

When I got back to my room and calmed down, the tech people came in and told me it was high time for me to confront that character 'coz nobody else could have done it. Semua just cakap belakang dia je. Now at least he knows that people have issues with him. Pn.A even congratulated me for confronting him. I somewhat felt relieved to let S and the typist finally know that dari jauh kami perhati diorang berdua.

Nope. Not too great a feeling to be blurting out like that. But I know I had to.

If only kat rumah ada bath-tub, boleh balik rendam diri to unwind... macam kat UK dulu. Adeh.

Weh Kak Ilush, do you know the last time I had a soak-in was in 1998??? Too long, woh.



F manchester said...

Well good for you.

I know its hard to keep your cool when you have so many disruptive, negetive, unprofessional people around. Don't you just wish people would just lighten up, be positive and enjoy life! Life is way too short to be messing about.

Last time I had a soak was in 1998 too! With S'dah running around, mana sempat nak rendam x2.

Roti Kacang Merah said...

kak ilush
aiyohhh so so right ~ if only they're all positive and passionate about life, and be responsible and have integrity about work, they would not be doing things like this at the office.

I suppose it teaches me as well not to fully trust them much when it comes to being responsible about work, no matter how much i keep reminding them about it ~ guna akal, and jangan buat orang - public, colleagues - lose trust in you.

This time, no leeway about small, petty, minute things dah. Coz nanti lama-lama akan being taken for granted... melarat jadi 'penyakit' lebih berat. I myself have equally learnt my lessons.

i tengok citer-citer omputeh, dorang selalu berendam dengan anak dorang, apa... do that, lah! mesti your ever beauty-conscious Pwetty S'dah will love the Body Shop gel bath balls, just like her mom did! ;-)

Anonymous said...

kalaulah S tu saya, I will ask for transfer or just resign. No pt to work there while ur boss closely watching u. very uncomfortable...satu kesalahan mungkin bawa padah...hehehe


Amy said...

Pergh..cayalah. I wish I had your courage la kak..i'm getting really sick with my dept ehehehe

roti kacang merah said...

Dear adly
i PRAY you won't be working in a govt dept, ESPECIALLY under me.


sometimes you just have to make a point that dalam gelak-gelak, try not to cross the line in a lot of things.


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