Saturday, January 26, 2008

Ahy's Work in Impiana! III : some cheek!

I bought the Impiana magazine last night (Edisi Februari 2008).

To my surprise, Bad's house (that Ahy had done in October 2006) got featured again in this month's edition, and yet again, tak payahkan gambar decorator (unlike other entries in the mag), SEBUT NAMA AHY pun tak da! Gambar tuan rumah si Badrul aje, ada la! And again depa duk sebut the wife kasi idea lah whatever.

DUDE! Whatsup, lah???

(Do go back here for my last ticked-off)

Dulu, penulis dia some Faizal Oda. This time, penulis dia Azma Whatevah.

I'm not too sure now if either penulis-penulis Impiana yang ignorant, or tuan rumah dia yang jenis tak suka orang steal the limelight. Gila glamour sorang-sorang, I would say???

Abang kata it prolly be the latter. I would think so too, now!

Cepat-cepat aku call Said, 'adik' aku who is also 'abang' Ahy yang introduced that dude-character to Ahy, and demanded that he calls Bad for explanation.

And then aku call Ahy and told him about that. Ahy terkejut that his work masuk Impiana lagi for the 2nd time. And to the issue of not being mentioned yet again this time, this was what he said to me, with a rather controlled but visibly disappointed flat tone of voice: "Alah biarlah Kak Lin. Rumah dia pun not really the best work that I've done. Bukannya cantik naa. His house was the first house I did. So, belum cukup 'masak' lagi masa tu. Biar je lah dia, Kak Lin." Baik hati betul adik aku ni!

Hmph, memang betul jugak. That house bukanlah the best of Ahy's works, I've to admit that. But, like I said, due credit is due credit, okay! Especially when orang lain punya entry in this issue semua siap ada sebut siapa designer dorang, and yet my bro's not being mentioned??? In fact, the entry after entry rumah Bad was bland than ever, yet still nak tayang siapa designer dia apart from the owner's photo.

Eiiii geram aku.

Just because my bro's freelancing, he ain't got a place even to be mentioned, izit???

I'd prolly leave a message on FB to Leen (The Perunding Kreatif, Nor Azleen Rashid, who was my schoolmate in MRSM) on this. Aku ni dah la peminat Impiana... and when things like this happen, I've now little regards to the magazine, apatah lagi to that Bad character.

Dudes (right from Badrul down to the two writers in Impiana), I'm so upset lah witchuall, dudes. This is my lil bro y'all doing this to lah, dudes.

Some cheek.



F manchester said...

Why don't you contact the editors striaght? Instead of just demanding a published apology in the next issue- ask for a space for all of brother's work to be reviewed! Could be his published CV! and good promo ma!!!

I think its just a recycled article cause they ran out of stories or houses to feature... More reasons why they need you bro's input.

Amy said...

EEEEEEEE...geram tau *aku plak yg emo kan*..I also think the latter la kak. I think being a journalist mestilah diaorg tanya tuan rumah, "Ni idea siapa, ada ambik interior designer?" and maka jawapan lepas tu ada lah seperti yg tersiar la kan? Memang some cheek!!!

Roti Kacang Merah said...

ya lah!

nanti i buat macam tu!

even from the first time they did it to my bro, i've told Si Said to ask them to give a whole entry for ahy's work just to make up for it. tapi depa buaaaaaat jugak.

hampeh betul.

tu la rasa macam nak give MY back-cheeks to all of em! grrrrrrrrr!


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