Monday, April 30, 2007

Ijok: Finale


12 hours before voting started, house-to-house surveys showed that PKR was already leading. ‘They’ had 12 hours to mobilize all plans to ditch PKR big time. They were very very desperate. Unfortunately, no matter how smart and educated the voters may be, conspiracies will forever be conspiracies… they will stoop low if they have to. (listen to YouTube taping here)

At 4.45pm on voting day, Abang sms-ed me from Ijok, telling me that at 4.00pm the BA supporters managed to get hold of two busloads of phantom voters with ICs of dead people. They were brought to the police station. But to me, that’s like bawak balik anak setan back to the bapak setan, but what other choices do you have, kan? (Read more here. on phantom voter caught on video here. Sapa-sapa punya bapak or uncle or abang or sedara caught on video ni, mintak mahap le ye.)

Itu baru dua bas. What about the other buses and cars???

And for some kampong ulu like that having 81% of them out voting… wah, mind-boggling tu. Usually, 60-70% je keluar.

True enough, PKR lost, at 1,850 votes.

But let’s do some easy maths: total number of voters were 12,272 voters. Say, additional 15% to the more-logical-percentile of 66% voters (81% minus 66%=15%)… that’s 15% x 12,272 voters = 1,841 voters. Whoaaaar!!! 1,841 voters to the 1,850 difference … that’s way too close for comfort, is it???

For more detailed analysis, go here, which was done by Rudin X, with his final conclusion as such:

On balance, adalah dirumus bahawa kesan keupayaan UMNO-BN mengurus pergerakan pengundi, hatta imejnya sebagai “kerajaan” bukanlah ancaman terbesar bagi parti-parti pembangkang. Tetapi ancaman dan musuh terbesar pembangkang adalah masih lagi ketidak jujuran SPR (yang sepatutnya impartial and unbiased) pada amanah, serta keterlibatannya dengan Barisan Nasional semirip ianya satu parti komponen.

Ya, kalah menang tu, adat pertandingan. Abang said, ni perkara biasa to them para pejuang. Perjuangan harus diteruskan. Rakyat yang buta, harus dicelikkan. Yang tuli, harus paksa mendengari. Yang bodoh, harus dididik.

Tapi kalau menang tanpa maruah, itu roti kosong takda telur, namanya. What is there to tell your kids and grandkids? That you stooped that low to get what you want???

Biar kalah yang bermaruah. Kalau mati pun, tak malu tinggalkan nama.

Oh, by the way. Kalau PKR tak turunkan TS Khalid and DSAI ke Ijok, do you think the Ijok people would get to enjoy those overnight developments and land titles? I’ve two cousins living in and around Ijok. And they answered, of course not!

Naturally, of course.

For more very interesting and wholesome readings, see Ijok2007, Susan Loone and Rudin X.

And, oh ya….

SAY NO TO RTM AND TV3 NEWS, too. Deceitful liars and ass-kissers, that’s what they are.


Friday, April 27, 2007

8-Year Old Voter In Ijok

Naper, tak percaya ke?

1. Go here...

2. Then type
... that's 8 year-old, for those who failed Maths.

3. and you'll get this:

Haaa. Pangkah la Dacing lagi, pangkah.

Nak ngadu dengan sapa, since yang buat ni is THE Suruhanjaya Pilihanraya (SPR) sendiri???


Read more about attacks on Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim, Jeff Ooi and Paul Choo by the BN Supporters here, here, here and here. Man are they super patient for not putting the assailants' photos spread across the blogospere since Paul Choo and Jeff Ooi are both photographers!!!

And Al-Jazeera's interview with DSAI here. Si Bibir Merah tak dapat lawan DSAI, dia pi attack Khalid Ibrahim pula. heh heh pengecut.


62, 73

Abang lahir Mei 1962,
aku lahir Julai 1973.

DYMM Seri Paduka Baginda Yang Di-Pertuan Agung lahir Januari 1962,
DYMM Seri Paduka Baginda Raja Permaisuri Agung lahir Disember 1973.

Padanlah aku sukaaaaaaaaaaa sangat Agung&Permaisuri kali ni. Sama cantik, sama padan (between them two; not between them two and us two. pbthtbthtbth). Can't wait to get their new official portraits to replace the previous ruler's portraits at the office!

So, Tuanku... Tuanku suka kucing juga tak, ya...? *grins*


About 'I Am Muslim'

Ish, I cannot put down the book lah once I got hold of it. My suami sampai rasa tersisih gitu... masuk bilik, tengok aku tengah mengadap IAM; masuk bilik, tengok aku tengah mengadap IAM. Last-last dia dok sorang-sorang kat depan tengok Astro sorang-sorang.

(Sebenarnya, dia pun lebih suka dapat kontrol remote-control tu... dapat tengok citer Soledad. heh heh. )

Maybe it's because I was already hooked to Kak Dina's writings since I was a teenager.

Very straightforward and so tak putar-belit, honest, entertaining, and peppered with charm, wit and fun.

And pretty much candid at times! Best!

The book, I find, is sharp and spot-on. It covers very many issues in Islam here in Malaysia, especially so in the current much-confusing senarios whereby you get professional persons yang jaga solat 5 waktu puasa tak tinggal jadi AJK surau also a CEO ada anak 3 orang yang bagus-bagus dan pandai-pandai segala but still resort to ‘makan luar’ kinda thing.

When I got to know a person of such once-upon-a-time in my life, I didn’t know how to handle the fact and a lot more others. I just got back from U.K for good, and this was one of the culture shocks I got in the big city the first 5 years at home.

(Ceh, macam la dok U.K lama nah, kan. But being away for 5 years in a foreign land during your early adulthood can really make you confused. The real Islamic way of life in Malaysia is not at all what you thought it's supposed to be.)

And of course, along the way, I found so many other weird and strange people and happenings crossing my paths (or perhaps to some of them it was I who was the weird and strange one??? Maybe, heh2).

I wished this book had come out sooner. I wouldn’t feel so much out of place, alone and helpless back then.

The book’s also a good dakwah book, in its own capacity lah ~ macam citer Mukhsin juga. It’s very Malaysianised, encountering thoughts (which, at times, weird and confused) on the principles of Islam, even on being Malays. But Kak Dina is sharp enough to steer back and remind the readers of the main principles of Islam, jadi tidak lah kalau sesiapa yang cetek tentang ugama Islam akan terpengaruh dengan the real characters yang Kak Dina hidangkan untuk tatapan pembaca.

In fact, some of the situations and facts are so spot on that I feel like photocopying those parts and mail it to people I know. Like to my parents, for instance.

My top-of-the-list spot-ons so far is at the bottom-half of page 139. What is it all about??? Pi ar baca sendiri, heh heh. But I’ve discussed with Abang and even he agrees to what that Doctor says. I know coz I been in the situation myself. We're gonna use it as our mantra once we have kids. We're even practising it now on our cats, heh heh.

Thanks, Kak Dins, for the great reading! More to come please, ya???

Psst Kak Dina… dah beli buku my husband pula belum??? Hehehehehe


Tuesday, April 24, 2007

About 'Mukhsin'

Mukhsin was… memorable, sweet and touching.

Honest and sincere.

Not to mention… funnnnyyyy!!!!

Aiyoh if I’m still a crazed-out teenager (which my anak-anak sedara say I still am, heh), I would want to marry Mukhsin! Ohhhh!!! For a 12-yr-old character, he’s so with capitals S and O sexy, gentle and romantic.

Oh, my Labi was there too! Or rather, a look-a-like of him ~ ekor kontot, fluffy and chomeyllll, by the name of ‘Bujang’.

Orked was a wee bit stiff, but still pandaiiii berlakon.

Pak-Atan-Yang-Muda sangat sangat menyerupai Harith Iskandar (Pak-Atan-Yang-More-Mature in Sepet and Gubra) gelagatnya. Pandai betul diorang cari pelakon!

And to those who’s seen Sepet & Gubra, you would see familiar characters like the Chinese boy in Sepet who admired Orked from afar (who apparently was young ‘Jason’). That Jason character in Sepet also got in here.

Ish, I so want to go on and on about Mukhsin but fear of spoiling the story for those who haven’t seen it. Dipendekkan cerita… pi lah beli ori VCD (RM12.90) or DVD (RM13.90) ‘Mukhsin’. Sungguh, tak rugi! I’ve seen it three more times since Saturday evening. My DVD's been passed around among 3 others in my office these past 2 days. Sangat kelakar dan bersahaja. Sangat ikhlas dan jujur cerita ini. Sangat suka suka suka.

Dan sangat menusuk ke kalbu saya. Memberikan saya inspirasi untuk menulis tentang kisah cinta pertama saya. "Everyone Has A First Love Story To Tell"...

Sangat tabik pada Kak Min for this kind of film. Thank you very much, Kak Min! Oh, did I mention that in it's most subtle way, it was a good dakwah movie too???

Do read on Kak Min's introductory of her next new film here. Can't wait!!!


Monday, April 23, 2007

Buying By-Election

Abang & I watched the sudden developments in Ijok on the telly with utmost bemusement and hilarity.

Bayangkan, for the past 20 years the penduduk estate duduk berdepan dengan tanah merah yang berdebu-debu… tiba-tiba within a week, sub-standard tarred roads are being built miles and miles and right up to the front of their footsteps. Whoaar.

Kalau boleh agaknya, kat dalam-dalam sekali pun depa nak pi pasang tiles.

And that Semi-Value claimed that the tenders for the development in Ijok have long been approved and given out to.

Dey, who are you kidding with da. Big huge tenders like that ah, paling-paling tidak take 2-3 mths to rationalized and awarded. Don’t tell me you had anticipated the late Mr.Sivalingam to die way back then, have you?

What a joke, dey.

If this the case ah people, jangan terkejut kalau ada orang akan doakan mana-mana DUN BN to die one by one so that tempat depa dapat development serta-merta. There's even people out there making fun that among those second-rated or opposition constituencies akan ada professional killers so that akan ada by-elections and fast developments to their area.

It is sooooo beginning not to be funny now, ladies & gentlemen. Macam boleh buat another episode of Malaysian Conspiracy Theory pulak (in additional to many other episodes!).

Even in INDIA itself, kalau ada development yang sudden like this during the by-elections, the contesting party whose developments are being ordered from would stand disqualified. Yes ma’am, DISQUALIFIED.

And you know, if I were to be the family members of the late Mr.Sivalingam, I would be damn pissed and insulted. It’s as if Mr.Sivalingam did not do his job well enough as a BN-representative when he was still around. Dia dah mati baru lah development datang. At a rampant rate pulak tu. Tak rasa terhina ke?

God, people in Ijok. GOOD LUCK.

pssst, by the way, did you know that Tan Sri Khalid, Jeff Ooi Screenshots and friend were attacked by the BN Supporters at a restaurant in Ijok during lunch-time just last Saturday? No? Of course not! Not from the papers or tellies, you won't know. Kalau nak tau lebih lanjut, beli lah paper Abang, Selasa/Rabu ni keluar kot.


Friday, April 20, 2007

Bliss Bliss

Can't wait for the weekend to arrive.

Both sisters Celi and Da are gonna be around 'coz UmiAyah's gone for umrah since last week the 11th. But as of last night, UmiAyah dah lepak-lepak kat rumah my grand-aunt Tok Ngoh Aji & family di Makkah and also rumah cousin-cousin UmiAyah yang lain di Jeddah. They're touching-down Malaysia next Friday morning the 27th.

I anticipate that Abang akan membanting tulang till late this weekend for his Monday deadline, what with news on Ijok to conquer almost half of the total pages I heard.

Us girls???

Well, I have Kak Dina's book to catch on...

...and us girls would watch Mukhsin that I just bought from Jln Masjid India two days ago (I really hope it's original!!!)...

...under the blasting a/c of the living room, with Labu and Labi sprawling everywhere.

Oh, hopefully Mukhsin could inspire me for my First Love Story that I believe I still owe Qisstina Goboklama. And I have a 3rd May deadline for that, of which, I will tell you why later mkay. Heh.

And then swim swim swim.

Blissful tak? Alhamdulillah... couldn't ask for more.

Great weekends ahead, y'all.


Tandas, Merdeka dan Botol

Aku SUKA entry Tok Rimau tentang Kongsi Tandas dan Jalanraya. Baca baca baca.

Kalau kau Cikgu, Cikgu Besar, Wakil Rakyat, Wakil Negara, Duta, Menteri, Pemimpin Organisasi, Pemimpin Negara, Manager, Machai, Tok Imam, Tok Mudim, Pakar Jantung, Pakar Gigi juga rakyat jelata biasa sila baca baca baca entry Tok tu, pi.


Ingat tak aku pernah cerita dulu pasal kawan aku Fairuz yang dapat Ar. tu?

La ni, Fairuz, suami (Shidin) and daughter dah bekerja di U.K. Depa berdua adalah antara professional-professional yang sangat-sangat bagus dalam pekerjaan mereka tetapi tidak dibayar setimpal dengan bebanan kerja serta layanan kerenah di tanah air sendiri.

Fairuz dan anak tinggal di Dorset sebab Fairuz dapat kerja di Dorset. Shidin the graphic designer pula dapat kerja di London so berulang weekend ke Dorset.

Korang bayangkan, employer Shidin beri keizinan untuk Shidin kerja 4 days a week for him to spend 3 days with the wifey and girl. It's like, I guess for Shidin's employer, kebahagiaan keluarga dan rumahtangga akan lebih membahagiakan the employees dan membuatkan employees bekerja lebih focused and efficient.

And yet, baru-baru ni Si Bibir Merah suruh the civil servants kalau boleh kerja 10 jam 6 kali seminggu supaya dapat meningkatkan produktiviti negara.

Untuk orang bergaji besar macam kau, boleh lah nak abaikan bini dan anak. Sua je duit ke anak bini bcoz Daddy too busy to layan you all lah, mulut terus diam. Tak kisahlah kalau anak bini terumbang ambing ke mana-mana kan, asalkan produktiviti negara meningkat. Cuba engkau jadi orang bawahan (yang betul-betul orang bawahan, even bawah dari aku), diminta kerja 10 jam tiap hari tapi gaji macam orang kerja 4 jam sehari pastu anak bini tah ke mana... kau ndak?

Hah. Salam Merdeka 50, beb.

Tapi sebenarnya, aku digress ni, heh heh.

I actually wanted to promote Shidin's global Merdeka50 pics&wishes / essays project ni. Aku dah pun contribute. Begitu juga Tok Rimau serta beberapa rakan lain. Anda pula, bila lagi??? *grins*


Korang pernah tak nampak (atau dengar) masa demo-demo jalanan dulu, ada sorang dua mamat yang berkobar-kobar provoke kerajaan, jerit-jerit Reformasi! Reformasi! Reformasi! dengan begitu marah yang tak dak ampun punya mengalahkan orang lain di sekeliling, and then siap baling kata-kata nista serta barang-barang ke FRU, tiba-tiba terkantol orang tu ada pistol terselit kat belakang seluar? Rupa-rupanya dia SB (Special Branch) yang disuruh jadi mole among the demonstrators!

Apa lagi, habis kena belasah la mamat tu dengan the demonstrators. Heh heh rasakan kaawuuuuu.

Ni cerita benar, ok. Bukan urban-myth punya. Sebab Abang sendiri yang menyaksikan semua ni first-hand.

Maka, begitulah juga dengan halnya on the alleged PKR supporters in Ijok yang baling-baling botol dan kayu semalam. Aku memang tak seronok nak telan cerita tu bulat-bulat. Sebab aku tahu yang aku masih bijak nak berfikir yang, pertamanya, media-media ni memang bias dan kaki ampoo. Dan keduanya, di dalam sejarah sebarang pencalonan bercampur, yang selalu guna taktik kotor dah sentiasa diketahui sebagai si Dacing... pengundi hantu, membayar provocateurs, menukar nambah IC, etc.

Cuma yang aku sedihkan, kebanyakan dari rakyat kat luar nu terutama-tama sekali di semi-pedalaman macam Ijok tu dah ditutup dan dikawal pemikiran & exposure mereka by the shallowness of the media, maka pasti akan percaya dengan apa yang dihidangkan depan mata.

What You See is not at all What You Get over here, baby. And just why they still cannot see that is so beyond me.


Thursday, April 19, 2007

First Architect in Malaysia

Semasa penggubal soalan PTK Senibina berkumpul dengan Timbalan Pengarah Bhgn Penilaian Kompetensi En.M tempohari untuk 'memurnikan' soalan peperiksaan, En.M banyak tanya soalan mengenai senibina kepada kami. A very well-rounded and knowledgeable person he's become. Hal Ukurtanah dia tahu, hal kesihatan dia tahu, hal engineering, hal senibina, hal tumbuhan... maklumlah, dia dah 'murnikan' beribu-ribu soalan daripada berpuluh-puluh jabatan.

And then En.M tanya,

"So, agak-agak you all, siapa agaknya Arkitek pertama di Malaysia ni ya?"

Our TP Bhgn Rekabentuk En.J jawab dia tak pasti.

Tapi Abang Dinzja, the same Abang yang buat lawak in my entry Lolling Tongue dulu, cuba buat lawak lagi by answering, quite seriously:

"First Arkitek in Malaysia, tak sure lah siapa. Tapi, first Ar. (prefix for qualified Architect), saya rasa saya boleh agak sapa."

Semua yang ada kat meja pandang dia.

"Siapa?" aku tanya. Tapi dalam hati aku macam dapat rasa yang Abang Dinzja nak buat lawak ni. Macam biasa dia la.

Dengan selamba juga Abang Dinzja jawab, "First Ar. in Malaysia dah pastinya A.R.Tompel."

And everyone burst out laughing. Chaisss, terkena lagi dengan dia. Orang semua tengah damn serious memurnikan soalan terus tak da mood nak jadi serious dah.


note to Mak Mah and Adlin Aman Ramlie:
Maaf Mak and Abg Adi, guna nama arwah buat lawak, heh heh.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Ijok In A Glance

Here are some photos from my first experience going to the "Pengisytiharaan Calon" last night. The photos are kinda blurry coz guna hp.

We reached the gathering area at Batang Berjuntai around 9pm amidst miles and stretches of overnight road-tarring (seperti biasalah masa mengundi kecil). It seems like the whole entire nation's of road contractors and machineries were ordered to work in Ijok.

(We even made some jokes about the nearby tanah lapang di pekan Batang Berjuntai ~ next thing you know akan terdiri megah Dewan Serbaguna Rakyat esok pagi-pagi Subuh tatkala orang nak pi solat.... that pantas lah kan, heh heh.)

When they announced Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim (who also hails from Ijok) as the calon, wahlauweh, havoc seh. Berderum-derum penyokong menjerit "Reformasi! Reformasi! Reformasi!". Such spirit perjuangan, tanpa ada saguhati pun. Berdiri-mak bulu roma aku masa tu.

And it surely was nice too to meet up with rakan-rakan pejuang Abang. Always warm and welcoming.

We made our way back to K.L at 11pm while DSAI was still at the podium. Nak avoid the crashing crowd later on.

In short, it was really an intense congregation, all fired-up to reform. It was really great too to see all races be it MelayuCinaIndiaKadazanSenoiIbanJawaBugis congregating under one roof one umbrella, rather than the typical segregation of UMNO-MCA-MIC berkumpul under the Dacing.

Meanwhile, at nearby hall some 5kms away, the BN supporters gathered with The Dentist. Nampak crowd sungguh tidak mengujakan... seriously, no joke. They even had to bait supporters by inviting Mawi to make an appearance, boleh? Habis semua macam orang bodoh ~ ada selebriti baru nak tunjuk muka tanda menyokong.

Ibarat budak kecik bodoh... tunjuk gula-gula cekelat, baru nak pi mengaji. And depa-depa ni, yang kebanyakannya orang mengaji belaka, tak sedaq dighi jugak diperbudak-kecikkan sedemikian rupa. Apa nak buat. Bila Duit menjadi Tuhan, inilah dia jadinya.

Dan kot ada sesapa terasa cilinya, akak mintak maaf banyak-banyak-banyak ya. Tapi inilah kenyataannya.


Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Ijok Yang Mengujakan

Belum sempat aku sampai ke pintu pejabat aku pagi tadi, ada sorang very respected senior officer stopped me on my tracks, tanya pasal calon PKR di Ijok malam ni (maklumlah, laki aku kan aktivis PKR. Kot lah aku ada dengar cerita apa-apa, kan). Apparently, dia suka sangat kalau Tan Sri dicalonkan. Dia kata dia dah tanya sendiri orang-orang kat Ijok. The feedback that he got was that Tan Sri ada peluang menang besar. Melainkan kalau BN main taktik kotor macam biasa tu kan ~ hantar pengundi hantu segala.

Aku terus teruja.

Aku sms Abang, aku nak cuba sekali experience berada di penamaan calon kat Ijok malam ni, boleh? Macam aku pernah experience bercampur dengan orang-orang berdemo (tapi aku tak pernah berdemo sama. Tak berani, sebab kalau Abang kena tangkap, aku kena stand-by. Aku cuma dok perati ambil-ambil gambar and borak-borak dengan kawan-kawan Abang yang berdemo aje).

Abang balas, nanti dia check jadual perjalanan dengan Datuk Yeop and Abg Zul Noordin. Tan Sri's a very close friend to them both. Abang pun nak pergi, nak beri sokongan dan nak cover untuk berita.

Aku sangat teruja.

Aku siap sms UmiAyah di Makkah supaya doakan kemenangan besar... bermulanya suatu letusan perjuangan yang besar. Aaaaamiiin.


Monday, April 16, 2007

Don't Look Back

Have you seen that new Malay hantu movie, “Jangan Pandang Ke Belakang”?

When Abang texted me last Friday ”Mlm ni nak tengok jgn pandang ke belakang ke atau jangan berenang ke belakang?”, I was excited. We tried going twice on the opening week, but it was always full. Abang’s not really into watching Malay hantu movies on the screen, sebab he had bad experience watching Pontianak Sundal II and menyesal tak sudah sampai la ni.

But this time it seems he’s optimistic that the film would be better off somehow.

And so we went to see the movie at Midvalley last Friday.

I have one word for it... ‘nnnatey ('Nnnatang).

Under my breath, almost every other minute.

Takut, siot!!!

The ladies kat dalam panggung tu asyik termenjerit, je! Itu pun aku tengok di celah-celah jari and di balik-balik hp, tau. Kalau tengok with eyes wide open, ntah la.

Aku rasa kenapa cerita ni berjaya menjadi cerita yang agak menakutkan simply because apa-apa cerita hantu biasa di Malaysia yang pernah didengari, depa ada letak kat sini.

For example, the ghost stories you hear about hantu yang ikut terbang kat luar tingkap belah driver while orang tengah driving; or yang duduk atas atap kereta without you realizing; or orang nampak hantu berdiri belakang you tapi bila you toleh belakang tak da apa-apa pun; or kadang-kadang you rasa macam ada kelibat hitam; atau dengar cerita pasal bunyi-bunyi bising sakan kat luar bilik tapi bila bangun esok paginya tak da apa-ada pun; atau tentang orang yang kena rasuk; or tentang hantu raya yang suka makan melahap memalam buta…. Semuaaaaaa tu ada dalam filem tu, kauuuu.

Yang paling sadis sekali citer ni, adalah depa buat shooting si protagonist (Pierre Andre a.k.a Darma) turun dari ofis dia tengah-tengah malam buta naik lif… tau-tau lift-lobby tu lift-lobby bangunan aku! Chaisss! Dah le bangunan aku memang bangunan lama. Kalau le depa tahu yang bangunan aku memang berpenunggu, pastinya depa fikir 2,3 kali nak shooting memalam kat situ, heh. Hmph. Dalam banyak-banyak lift-lobby kat K.L ni la kan.

Lif lobi bangunan ofis aku

But the best watak is of course, Mak always!!! Mak Mah took the character as Darma’s senile Opah like a champion… kelakar, and at the same time, menakutkan!!! She deserves an award lah for this role!!! *clap clap clap clap* Kinda like, kalau korang jumpa Mak Mah in real life, she is sooooo not like that in the film ~ gelap, senile, spooky and all. Well done, Mak!!! Rindu pula Alin ke Mak… *hugs*

Khadijah, Mak and Abg Em, 18Nov2006

Komen aku???

~ Background sound dia too OTT lah. Sampai sakit ati… sebab takut sangat kot, hahahaha. But that’s the whole point, kan, to make it more creepy?

~ Aku tabik depa buat konon-konon watak-watak ni keja kat ofis gomen biasa instead of the glittery ones (apparently they shot the office kat some pejabat JKR… so, tau-tau je la bilik mesyuarat JKR hat tipikal mcm mana). Cumanya, lebih real kalau Darma duduk kat apartmen biasa instead of some Duplex Condo, and the late-fiance’s family berasal dari orang-orang yang duduk kat rumah teres macam kita-kita ni instead of rumah batu harga berjuta. Baru lah boleh ‘connect’ dengan rakyat biasa, kan?

~ Tak pa lah Pierre Andre and Ladyana tu kaku macam kayu...asalkan citer dia bagus.

All in all, kira tak menyesal la tengok. Rasa tak le serugi macam tengok the Ponty-movies at the panggung. Kalau nak tunggu keluar TV masa Raya ni, kurang effect seram, seh. Gambaq besaq-besaq kat panggung nu lebih takut wo.

And depa dah kasi warning pada awal movie:

Kalau ada sakit lemah jantung or tengah preggies, not advisable to watch.

That says it all, how jumpy the movie can be. Heh.

So, for more synopsis of the movie, go here.

And for a more layman-comment on the movie, go here.

Happy watching people.................hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiihihihihihihihiiii. Apa kat belakang korang tu...???? *seringai*



Kome orang tengok tak Astro Ch70 (ke, 71? 72? Doesn't matter lah), the Top 40 Internet Celebrities? At No.7, there were these two Chinese lads dubbed "The Chinese Backstreet Boys" who love doing lip-syncing home-made videos posted on the YouTube.

Apparently they got really hot, Pepsi sponsored them for some appearances with Pepsi merchandizing, and got paid millions, woh.

Aku Google la Chinese Backstreet Boys ~ and they are even listed on the Wikipedia, you! Hebat.

Try typing "Back Dorm Boys" on YouTube and you'll get 2,270 results!

I've actually seen them before somewhere late last year, but never thought they get to become some celebrities! Itu la rezeki namanya... heh.

Acu kita lihat depa ok, them lip-syncing BSB's I Want It That Way. Oh by the way, in every videos of them that you see, check out their other 'sleeping' mate behind them, he'll be there without fail!

~ them lip-syncing Peking Opera ... fckn hillarious!!!
~ them lip-syncing BEP's Don't Lie ... equally fckn hillarious!!!
~ them lip-syncing BSB's As Long As You Love Me
~ Paper-clips

Fun, kan??!


Sunday, April 15, 2007

ExPM the ExTok Mudim

God it's so funting warm and humid this past two days, I feel like my lungs bursting with heat whenever I'm out even walking along the kakilima kedai. We had the a/c to the living room and bedroom switched on almost the entire time we're at home. It's so warm that am gonna go down and rendam in the pool at 9pm nanti... which is in 20mins time.

Oh by the way, Ladies, do ask your men to swim along with you. Not only it's good exercise, it sure does give your men more confidence with that certain, ekhem, boosting energy. Seriously ni. Kikikikikiki *grins*

Reading Goboklama's entry, Tina, remind me so much of our family's own dentist before he became the present Selangor MB.

But what's funnier fact is this:

Cuba teka siapa my husband's parents took my husband for berkhatan to?

Heh, the ironic that my husband now has him as the utmost iconic character in his cartooning career, it's little wonder why that certain doctor, Tun M, tak ‘potong’ Abang habis siap-siap, hahahaha. If only Tun M knew!

Syyy, jangan bitau laki aku that I post this. Don't think he's proud of that trivia hahahahahaaaa


Friday, April 13, 2007

Easy Advert ~ For Sale

A month ago on th 14th March when Abang & I drove up to Penang to sambut Kak Rose & family coming back for good from Perth, we came across Abang's friends, Gobala and friends, honking at us just before the Hentian Sg. Perak. We exchanged waves, and when they cut to drive infront of us, we laughed our heads off t o Gobala's funny banner-advert to sell off his car.

Come take a look at it yourself...

For Sale:
Regret buying Ni$$@n Frontier. Looking for a sucker to buy mine. Clutch needs changing at less than 25,000km. Toyot@ H!lux last more than 100,000km.


Oh, by the way, website Gobala kinda menarik. I never knew there's a "Kelab Penyokong PAS India", you know. And the Non-Muslim PAS Supporters Club in Kelantan is headed by a Chinese who contested in the previous Batu Talam by-election. Pretty amazing facts for me, at least. Politically, I'm not a fan of PAS myself, but aku suka tengok benda-benda multi-racial yang sebegini. Sejuk hati.


Thursday, April 12, 2007

Belated Birthday

It was my blog's 1st Anniversary last 3rd April, and I totally forgotten about it until I read about someone's blog's 1st birthday yesterday.

Phew. Sekejapnya rasa masa berlalu. Proven by how Labu & Labi have grown, too.

What actually started off as a semi-anonymous blog so that it would be more comfortable for me to open up more stories, now it's not so much anonymous anymore. Not with having to promote Abang's book in here, plus my name being shouted about by my cousins in the comment boxes whenever they dropped by, heh.

Anyway, Happy 1st Birthday, Roti Kacang Merah!!! It has been a great journey and what's greater is the findings of more lovely friends... Kak Dina, RotiDua, Zetty, DocYana, Qisstina, etc.

God my head's spinning with loads to write about, but I can't concentrate!!! I been swamped and swamped, macam main tetris gitu (oh, the craze of Zunar's household now is the QuadraPop ~ something like tetris but way easier)~ satu row masalah/errands hilang, another 2,3 more pop up.

Oh I just have to mention this, though:
Abang's been accompanying me for my night-swim for the past 2 days. He didn't swim, just rendam dalam air, gerak-gerak kaki sana sini, and then dived a couple of times with his eyes closed for, like, 2' distance. And then bila naik atas ke kondo he sleeps like a baby 'coz apparently he hasn't swam for like 3 decades so even being in the water is wearing him up.

I did tell him, "eiii best betul kalau suami meneman swimming macam ni... best laaaah. Kita buat tiap-tiap malam 'Bang eh...?".

The first night after the swim he replied "Bolllehhhhh tak de hallllll tiap-tiap hari bolehhhh".

The second night (which was last night) he told me "abis akewwwww tak tahu la berapa lama aku boleh tahan swim tiap-tiap hariiiiii". Heh heh. Memang aku sengaja push him, mah. Nak catch-up with my, urm, other energy *grins*.

Okeh okeh I digress and I need to go back to work so, daaaaa!!!


Saturday, April 07, 2007

Aesyah and Qia

Last week's Friday the 30th March, Abang & I drove upnorth to meet Kak Rose & Abg Nain halfway for their girls to spend the weekend with us.

The girls' been pretty bored in Penang. They just got back from Perth on the 14th, and Qia's waiting for the new term to get enrolled in UiTM, while Aesyah's waiting for her placement test to get into Fairview Penang.

We took off from my office at 6pm, and by jove I'm tellin' ya... we would never ever drive upnorth again on an end-of-the-month weekend-night when gaji already masuk and people berduyun-duyun balik kampung. For a supposedly an hour's drive, it took us 2 1/2 hours to get to Tg.Malim, how gila is that??? Originally K.Rose and the lot were supposed to drive from Penang and meet us in Ipoh... but looking at the crawl at our end, they had to drive down further to Tapah and meet us there instead. We reached Tapah at 9.15pm and reached Cheras at midnight. Letih siut.

The girls and I had a blast, of course!!! Ye lah, all these while I'm surrounded by boys, boys and boys (Abang, Labu, Labi)... not that I'm complaining much. But twas certainly very nice indeed to have more gurly weekend *grins*

We sent them back to Tapah on Monday ~ drove from KL at 4pm and reached Tapah at 7+, and back at Cheras by 10+. Man was it so quiet when we got home.

It had been a full 3-day Aussie-accents for me (Aesyah doesn't speak Malay much. A wee bit of Kedah, tho... like, "Pak Ngah, I'm thirsty. Can I have a glass of ayaq, please?", or "I want teloq gogheng with my mee, please!"). So, terbelit gak lidah nak tukaq dari Aussie pastu Scottish pastu Kedah pastu Melayu semula...hahahaha. Berlagak tu.

Now aku faham how difficult it must've been for my mom to get through the Empty-Nest Syndrome...


Friday, April 06, 2007

i'll be d@mned

SOOOOooooo much to write about, yet SOOOOooooo little time and SOOOOooooo much work!!!! Tahu-tahu dah Jumaat dah! Aiiieyyyyy.

I've stories to regale and views to opiniate...

... about Labu wretching and vomitting;

... about Abang's fresh-from-The-Oz nieces' weekend visit;

... family front;

... office front;

... about the civil servants' gaji in Singapore;

... about civil servants to work longer hours (WTF??? I don't really mind 'coz I'm used to work long hours, but what about others who are very lowly paid???);

... some jokes by Tok Rimau, Abang and Abg Dinzja;

... AND stories that I owe QisstinaGoboklama and Tok Rimau.


(I've got all those pointers already written up on the Word, though. So that I don't forget, heh)

And NO, I could not even find time to go see Mukhsin, which is already taken off from cinemas (huaaaaaaaaaaaarkkkk), have not find the time to go get Kak Dina's book (KLCC's Kino still had it sold out last weekend) and this weekend is set to be very very full too.

But am gonna try finish whatever I'm supposed to finish, and we'll catch-up laters!



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