Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Things You Learn

First day at work, after 6 days of leave.

Kepala dah panas. Breakfast pun tak sempat lagi. Haven't gotten my dose of caffein of the day even, hence sekarang ni rasa macam nak pergi karaoke je nak release panas kepala. Ha ha.


Tanah development aku kena curi 3,000 m2... that's around 32,000+ sqft equivalent to 0.74 acre. We found out about that a couple of weeks before the cuti panjang lagi. Sebab itu tak panas tempat duduk aku dan konsultan-konsultan aku jadinya.

Those yang curi into our land, apparently are some really big shots tapi tak sure tahap Dewa apa, who apparently sudah dapat Temporary Titles baru je tahun ni, in 2007.

Kami? All those years dok bayar premium and tengah in the process nak minta Title when the monkeys nearby our land cancel their CPs, re-measure and re-submit and ada kemungkinan liaise some more with the monkeys inside the Land Office.

And to add salt in the gash, our Earthworks, Piling & Substructure contractors dah pun masuk buat kerja.

But we're lacking 0.74 acre, which calls for a re-design and resubmission to the Planning Dept.

And that's another red-taping exercise.

And I feel like kicking myself in my invisible balls for depending too much on the other Land-Matter Department who has promised us that A, no problem would occur to this land 'coz as the custodian of land we have all the rights to this land, and B, they are in the midst of applying for the Final Title.

Never, EVER again would I trust them.

Ni lah namanya, being a victim to own bureaucracies.

Bila time-time macam ni lah aku rindu being in the private sector. Tak ada nak kena fikir you step on whose boundaries. Terus redah je buat kerja. Hantar memo sana sini, kasi havoc sikit. Yang penting, kerja cepat siap.



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