Monday, December 03, 2007

Tok Kenali And Us

When Abang told me that Abg(Saifud)Din Nasution is the Pengurus Besar, Tabung Amanah Tok Kenali, I was amazed.

I never knew such Trust Fund existed, apatah lagi mengambil nama sempena my great-grandfather.

Well, not our great-grandfather per se, but our bloodline crosses at Tok Kenali's father (aunty-aunty uncle-uncle ku especially Manal@Dek Na di Kuwait ~ buah cempedak dijolok-jolokkan, kalau salah tolong tunjukkan!!!).

Tok Wi (Hj. Abdullah Zawawi), Tok Kenali's youngest son who has long migrated and resided in Makkah, and his own anak-anak and cucu-cucu are the closest to us the so-called Kenali-clan back in Kubang Kerian. Tok Wi's children, who are also Umi's cousins, are all adik-beradik se-susu dengan Umi's mother a.k.a Ma, which makes my Ammu Ghozy, my uncle, tak batal air sembahyang kalau peluk-peluk dengan Umi and adik-beradik perempuan Umi.

Tok Wi married my Ba's (my atuk, Umi's dad) baby sister, Tok Ngoh Aji.

And from what I know from Umi's information years ago, Ma's (my nenek, Umi's mom) late mom, Nenek Kedai (Umi's maternal nenek), is Tok Kenali's niece.

Maka... buleh dibuat conclusion:-
1. Kaitan Tok Kenali on Ba's side is through marriage, coz adik Ba kawin dengan anak Tok Kenali;
2. Kaitan Tok Kenali on Ma's side is by blood, which crosses at Tok Kenali's dad. Nenek Kedai and Tok Wi are first cousins.

Haaa, fenin kapla, karn??? hahahahaha

Ye la... Tok Wi is a first cousin to Ba's mom-in-law, tapi Tok Wi married Ba's sister pula! Macam, pening gitew.

Anyway, it's really really great to know that this fund reaches everyone in the Jajahan Kelantan household... Muslims, non-Muslims, termasuk "Pemimpin-pemimpin agama dan masyarakat bukan Islam". Respect!

Baru lah Islamic Setiap Hari, namanya. As oppose to Islamic Ada Hari.


Perhaps, it's also very apt to say here that on behalf of the Kenali clan, we would like to thank the Kelantan Government for such honour of the highest order of recognition to our Tok Kenali.

Tapi hendaknya, donch la judge the Wali Malaya by the cicit-cicit mace ambo nih, deh? hehehe

Read here, here and here further on Tok Kenali. Or just Google Tok Kenali for more infos.

1. There are also very many reference books on Tok Kenali written by a certain "Abdullah bin Hj. Salleh". From the way he wrote all those reference books, people always thought that Abdullah is Tok Kenali's grandson, from Tok Kenali's own son also by the name of Hj. Salleh, which supposedly makes Abdullah as Tok Wi's nephew lah kan.

But nooooo.

"Hj.Salleh father of Abdullah" here is actually the father-in-law of "Hj. Salleh son of Tok Kenali". "Hj. Salleh son of Tok Kenali" married Abdullah bin Hj. Salleh's older sister. Hence, Abdullah bin Hj. Salleh's connection to Tok Kenali is only through marriage, not by blood.

FYI, none of us the Kenali clan really feel comfortable of this guy claiming to be (or does not properly claim that he's not) Kenali's blood-family, tapi tak pernah ada orang refute to this claim (or no claim) on writing, until now.

2. Umi told me once that Bob Isabella @ Bob Lokman is also part of the Kenali clan... but no, don't think he kenal kami orang-orang yang kerdil ini :-p.



moratmarit said...

Kenali dan Kunjungi Objek Wisata di Pandeglang

Anonymous said...

Al-Fatihah buat Tok Kenali The Legend

Anonymous said...

Al-Fatihah untuk Allahyarham Poksu Wi yang telah kembali ke sisiNya pagi semalam.


Benny said...

Al-Fatihah buat Allahyarham Poksu Wi yang telah kembali ke sisiNya pagi semalam



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