Saturday, December 22, 2007


While Labu would cower away at the mere sight of Adi (pictured, right), Labi (pictured, left) is just simply uninterested in Tai Kor Adi and is more way excited watching our white geese outside the window instead (pictured, middle).

Still in Bangi with the cids. Best pulak balik kali ni, rasa macam malas nak balik ke Cheras karang.

Abang dah balik ke Cheras to draw for M'siakini, right after a hefty breakfast of Nasi Lemak Umi. Deliciouuus!

Qia would be arriving from Aloq Staq today at 5pm in Jln Duta for her 2nd-sem registration tomorrow.

And as at this morning, Udi is still up ski-ing on the Alps since a couple of days before Eid. Bestnya....!

Ok, nak mandikan Adi, and vacuum my room yg ada habuk-habuk kaca from a glass pemberian Abang masa zaman urat-urat dulu and a multi-layered carved chalk-stone ball from China, both which Labi sudah pecahkan the night before Eid. Tension akew. Dah la two of my most treasured possession!

So, there states my next project... a herculean task of putting together the pieces ala-anthropologist style. If they (and the CSIs) could do it, so can I!!!


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