Saturday, December 29, 2007

Pak Lang Zaki

Two nights ago, we received news about Pak Lang's deteriorating condition. Pak Lang is DSAI's bro in-law and also Che'gu Bard's FIL.

Two nights ago, he was then still warded in HUKM. Last night, though, he was already back in Bangi.

So today, Abang made it a point to slot in his deadline schedule to go visit him.

We reached Pak Lang's place around 2.45pm. There were already many family members around. Familiar faces were Uncle Rosli, Uncle Marzuki (both DSAI's bro), and Pak Lang's children including Rizal and Era, and of course Era's husband Che'gu Bard and their beauuuutiful new baby girl.

Pak Lang was hardly recognizable from the last time we met him last 1st Syawal. His breathing was laboured. Suddenly it seemed like all his hair and janggut had turned white.

Pak Lang betul-betul sakit. Aku betul-betul rasa sedih, rasa insaf. Standing near his bed, I quietly sedekah him Al-Fatihah and 3 Quls. Abang whispered to Pak Lang's ear that he was there and gosok-gosok dada Pak Lang. Ya Allah, Kau permudahkan perjalanan pulang Pak Lang kembali ke pangkuan Mu, Ya Allah.

He hasn't got much time, but I'm sure he has left so many legacies to his family. We left Pak Lang's place with heavy hearts.

Ni on the way to send Abang back to his office.


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