Sunday, December 16, 2007

Nusantara Food Couture

Tengokla Labi ni. Macam Kehidupan Seekor Kucing Yang Melampau, gitu. Pose lucah betul.

Watching 'Kitchen Chemisty' on Astro, this time about chocolate and it's molecular compound and character. And why chocolate and blue cheese can go very well together.

They even went to the food lab in Switzerland where they study what taste goes with what taste and how to achieve the compound of certain taste. It is also where the top cuisine chefs refer to when creating their signature dishes.

Cool, huh?

Eh if M'sia ada rancangan Kitchen Chemistry macam ni, kan best? To explain why sambal belacan go so so well with kari, and why kicap manis can go well with just about anything.

Perhaps I could suggest this to my younger cousin, Dr.N, who's a doctorate holder in food tech in one of the unis in southern KL. Masa dia buat degree and Masters dulu, dia selalu bawa balik cheesecake lah, choc cake lah.

Perhaps she should start the first Nusantara Food Labs, and then we could all get the best of all nusantara taste... Malay-Thai-Padang-Chinese-Indian ... Fuiyoh. Kechur air liur akak dek non oii.

Then baru la kita boleh buat international Nusantara cuisine couture that cost rm50 sepinggan macam negara lain buat tu.




D said...

dahling... tag time boleh??

Roti Kacang Merah said...

I baaaaaaaaaaruuuuuuuuuuuu aje jawab tag tu! hahahaha


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