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Found this blog from links of links.

ADOI!, "the digital reincarnation of a national bestseller by KIT LEEE (now known as ANTARES)".

Best betul! Quite fun! Macam Lat the 2nd gitu. Recording every bit of the Malaysian social scene. If I were to be him i.e Kit Leee, I'd prolly do a blook out of the blog in the end!

Gotta 'record' my 2nd anniversary outing with Abang, pardon moi.

Photo 1:
After the movie National Treasure 2 in KLCC, we went up to scout for the most expensive dinner we could find. Unfortunately (for me, that is. But very fortunately for Abang, haha), I saw that Lil Penang Kafe and I long to makan it's Acar Fish Set I heart so much. So that's where I pulled Abang for dinner, and I know that it'll be the safest place to eat 'coz the food are familliar for Abang's appetite. So, while waiting for the food, we pose-pose lah. I took a snapshot of Abang. Abang ajar kalau nak ambil snapshot ala-journalism, adakan ruang lebih kat sebelah supaya boleh fill in with quotes or words.

Photo 2:
Tapi bila time aku pose pulak, Abang kata "Jangan la pandang ke camera. Pi pandang luar nu. Ala-ala au natural gitu...", and so I did. Ala au getiques jadinya, ada la.

Photo 3:
Our food... acar fish set, dengan prawn curry set. Punya la berbondong-bondong duit Abang bawa kononnya "Let's go for a real dinner treat, shall we??" but we end up paying not even RM40 in total, haha! Apa lagi, hadiah extra dari Abang la, dalam mata aku... kerchingggg!

Photo Getiques 4 till 6:
All shots taken by Madame Rotikacangmerah. That narcissistic biatch. Hahaha.

Photo 7:
The Xmas classical music down at the Center Court. Beautiful feel.

Photo 8:
Abang bought me (or rather, insisted on paying for me, Allah indeed bless his vunnnderful soul, heh heh) original DVD for "E.T" (yeayyyy!! Been looking for this!!!) and original VCD of the original 1968 "Oliver!". Sound tak best lah, that VCD "Oliver!". Kalau ada ori DVD kan best. No, not the 2005 Oliver!, but 1968 punya. After this nak cari "Roots" set and "The Color Purple". If any of you tahu mana nak dapat (no, don't ask me "why not try cari the DVDs in...", but rather I'd like to hear "I saw the ori DVDs sold in...". Aku malas nak pi cari, bah), DO INFORM ME!

Photo 9:
..AND, with the affordable dinner, Abang bought me (or rather, insisted on paying for me again, Allah indeed bless his vunnnderful soul, heh heh) two books: Secret by Rhonda Byrnes, and Middlesex by Pulitzer Prize Winner Jeffrey Eugenides. Read Secret a wee bit... pretty inspiring! Lepas ni nak beli Sis Zabrina's Life is An Open Secret and Awang Goneng's Growing Up in Terengganu pulak. Or Alex Haley's Roots and Alice Walker's the Color Purple even!

And oh, oh, did you see the fullmoon that night, on the 24th????

Sooooooooooo breathtaking. Siiiigh.

Originally, we actually booked a room at Penang's Gurney Drive, overlooking the sea, for our anniversary weekend. Unfortunately, the car tak berapa sihat. 'Else it would've been the most perfect anniversary date for us...or at least, for me.

Nevertheless, we lay in bed right underneath the silvery lights in a truly dark room that night. 'Twas brilliant.

Thank you Amy and Yussof for reminding me to look at the moon...! *hugs*

And it's almost at the end of yet another year, sigh. Time flies way too fast to even catch up, don't ya think?

Especially when I look at photos of my siblings.

The age gap between me and Celi, Ahy and Udi (7, 9 and 11 years gap respectively) made me their instant and natural babysitter once they were born.

When Umi Ayah went for the Haj in 1986, I've just turned 12 and have a 5 year-old sister, 3 year-old bro and almost 1 year-old baby bro in tow. Back then we were still in J.B, and I had my gramps dropping over from Kubang Kerian for the whole month.

Though we had a maid and also the gramps to take care of us, I pretty much made sure that every night everything was in order for my siblings : their milk bottles properly sterilized, dried and packed in the so-called 'bakul susu' with all their powder formulas prepared individually in those plastic dispensers, their lampin-lampin and 'seluar getah' all nearby my sleeping area (oh back then disposable diapers are not cheap. So, we all have been resorted to the kain lampin most of the time).

At night Celi and Udi will sleep with me and the maid while Ahy will sleep with Ba & Ma (our gramps) in the guest room.

Oh, not forgetting, to make sure baju busuk Umi ada untuk Ahy peluk so that he could sleep peacefully at night.

Back then, I kept wishing them to cepat-cepat besar so that I don't have to play the babysitter anymore, haha. I kept counting the years and imagined how it'd be like for me when my adik-adik grow older:

Esok-esok kalau Celi masuk Darjah 1, aku dah Form 2.

Kalau Celi habis SPM and at 18, I'd be 25.

If Ahy habis SPM and at 18, Celi will be 20, and I'd be 27...phoarrrr tua tu!!! Tah dah kawin ke aku masa tu yek???

And if Udi dah 20, Ahy 22, Celi 24... aku pulak 31. Far Out!!! Gila barbie tua aku masa tu! Tah aku dah ada anak ke tak masa tu?

And now that they are 27, 25 (this coming Monday!!!) and 23 respectively.... I still feel like I'm 28, can ah? nyeh heh heh

Looooong weekend tomorrow. Two weddings to attend with Umi & Ayah. And oh ya, Qia would be around spending the long weekend till New Year, too.

To send the cids to the vet for annual check-up, and nak turun Amanputra to cuci rumah on Monday. My tenants have moved out yesterday. Gaaaawd belum ada orang masuk rumah aku lagiiiiiii habis la lari budget aku next month! Oh ya, and Ahy's birthday dinner on Monday night. Two books to read, DVDs to watch, two baju to finish beading projects from, and a bountiful of laundry to lipat-lipat, aiiiiiiyak.

Dooo do-dooo do-dooo...*whistles*



bluewonder said...

2nd anniversary ek? Tahniahhhhh

D said...

looking good babes!!! rindu la...

Roti Kacang Merah said...

kak ngah
BAAAARUUUU 2nd Anniversary. but I'm sure that time flies by so fast, kan...?

looking good? face all 'stretched' 20kilos further... jadi ayam KFC, boleh la! hahaha

miss ya two, too!!!

jOnOs said...

Ulla la..

Romantik tuuu..

Roti Kacang Merah said...

bunyi je macam romentik, tapi tak puuuuuun, haha


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