Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Me-Woman in Me-Body

Oh ya.

Happy birthday to me The Woman, too.

The Me-Woman is today 23 years old. However, The Me-Body is already 34 last July. Ha ha.

How long more time does the "Me-Woman" have, I wonder...



elisataufik said...

Happy Birthday Alin!!! :))

Tak kira lah, Me-Woman ke, Me-Body ke... janji kita jaga baik-baik , and sentiasa bahagia :)


Roti Kacang Merah said...

ohhhh tenchew!!! You lah THE FIRST (and so far THE ONLY) yang wish Happy Birthday to Me-Woman! hehe


Amy said...

You still remember the first date of period ek? Amy tak ingat la..alah! Nak gak celebrate Me-Woman..ingat tahun je, tahun 1990..already 17 years, yikes..can say I'm sweet 17 la this year? Isk rugi tak ingat date.

Roti Kacang Merah said...

alah I remembered because in conjunction to Udi's birth day, sebab itu buleh ingat, heh heh.

i remembered when iw as 23... i was 20kilos lighter and the reality of the world has not sunk onto me just yet! hahahaha

Zetty said...

lain kali kot org tanya bday yg ke berapa..cakap jek la, dah 9 kali celebrate bday yg ke 25 hehe.

happy belated bday redbeancomey!

roti kacang merah said...

iiiiyeaaaaar lah.

bukannya dorang tau pun kalau kita dah 12 kali celebrate umur 25 tahun, bukan kaaaaa. hehe

tenchew for the wish toooo!!!! mwaks!

F Manchester said...

Remember remember the 5th of november....1988 to be exact- thats my birthday. Easy to remember too, so I'm 20+.

But I've got an ass of a 50 year old, a chest of a 12 year old, and a belly of a 4 month preggy lady!

So forget fitting into my old 501's, reality is we're in our mid thirties and I suppose we're just gonna have to face it... ahuk ahuk..

F Manchester said...

Sorry... I meant 5th November 1987.. ah yes, that would equate correctly.


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