Monday, December 17, 2007

M for Malaysia, not Maharajalela

Just found out.

If you Google "rusuhan besar-besaran di kl 15 dan 16hb", my page will be the first, yo.

click to enlarge

Well, some fella from Taiping, Perak just did that some, maybe, half-an-hour ago.

I hope he/she read the whole she-bang of the entry. 'Else dia ingat AKU pulak yang pembawak message durjana macam tu.

In the meantime, meh la tengok this clip that someone has put together, but I got it from here. 'Tis so so good! I thought I wanted to catch the original movie "V for Vendetta" again over the weekend, tapi tak sempat.

All the lines from the movie put together for this clip are all so spot on. Strange how this movie could be released in M'sia, eh? heh heh.

To ChongZheMin... well done, friend!



Tok Rimau said...

I've never watched the movie but I own the graphic novel V for Vendatta.

roti kacang merah said...

alahai malasnya nak membaca apa yang dah dijadikan movie... *grins*

fiq said...

cerita ni best. dulu penah wat poster. ni 2006 rasanya


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