Thursday, December 13, 2007

Kuak Lentang

Finally, I got some space to breathe since masuk kerja semalam.

Tadi di mesyuarat jawatankuasa tender, while waiting for my turn to present to the board, sat beside me a group of Pegawai Pentadbirs yang sama level dengan aku who apparently took the same PTK Umum paper last Monday. Alar, that paper yang me and my architect colleagues goreng-gorengkan tu la.

Aku tak kenal sangat pentadbir-pentadbir ni. But naturally one would take the opportunity to pasang telinga la kan.

From their discussion, this I can conclude:
I've f*ckd-up one essay bladi-big time. That's almost 20% of the overall marks.

Dan empat lagi essay lain pun, say lah, tolak 5% from each. That's another 20%. So, a total of almost minus 40%.


Jaaaaaadiiiiiiiii, there goes my harapan to expect some 4,5 years worth of kenaikan gaji, uols. The so-called 'kenaikan gaji melintang'.

But your Paper Khusus on Tuesday, you confident can score, whaaaat...?

Nak-aaa. Even if you score 100% for Paper Khusus but for Paper Umum you got below 80%, you would still not be eligible for the gajilintangpukang.

For one to be qualified of kenaikan gaji melintang, one has to score a minimum of 80% (a.k.a "Aras 4") each of Umum and Khusus.

Really ah??? That hard ka???

Now you know la why it's such a big deal. My kenaikan gaji tak bergantung pada "Ar."-ship, but "Aras 4".

So, what's the next step now?

Apa lagi, start registering for next June's Paper Umum laaaa.

Die la Kak Fairuz. How to take BOTH paper umum AND part 3 PAM laidis???

Tapi, bak kata Abang..."Seorang pejuang yang ragu-ragu akan mati beribu-ribu kali. Seorang pejuang yang yakin akan terus mara ke hadapan."

Ya, ya, aku pejuang yang yakin. Dengan izin dan pertolongan Allah s.w.t, aku mahu terus mara ke hadapan.

Walau apa-apa pun, kepala aku dah panas dengan macam-macam hari ni... hal PTK, hal Tender Board, hal tanah, hal kontraktor, hal payment to submission dan hal-hal human resource.

Seriously, aku rasa nak pi menelentang je la ni.



Zetty said...

selagi belum terlangkup...teruskan usaha. hehehe.

all the best!

Roti Kacang Merah said...

sama-sama le kita menelungkup bila perlu dik ya? hehehehe

F.. manchester said...

With all the chellenges on the side- it will only make sucess so much sweeter. Trust me- regardless how strong the curent flows against you, with usaha insya'ALLAH there will be success. And even if it doesn't come immediately- it will insya'ALLAH come eventually. And whats most important is the 'the journey'.
But whatever you do- buat in dosses that will not affect your general health and general happiness.

roti kacang merah said...

kak ilush
aiyoh inspirational nya...

nak cut paste as reminder ;-)

Tenchiu for your confidence in me!!!!!


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