Sunday, December 23, 2007

Herculean Task #2

My Herculean Task #2, dengan the beruk yang pecahkan my Chinese soft marble multi-layered carved ball rubbing salt in my wounds by taking a cool nap in the background.

Aku memang rasa macam nak cekkkkik-cekkkkik je budak Labi ni sebenarnya. Ni dia punya pasal la semua ni.

Don't quite know for sure yet whether I'd have enough patience to glue all the puzzling pieces back together. Wish me luck.



cakapaje said...


Bak kata oghang utagha, sabaq, sabaq. Hang dok cekik Labi, nanti miaow lain dok laghi lak no.

Ok, good luck with you puzzle tu. If you need more mind boggling things to do, I found this brick game which is challenging to the mind; just holler if you want to try it. Hmm...perhaps I'll just up an entry about it.

Good luck again ye :)

Amy said...

Happy anniversary kak Lin! :D

Roti Kacang Merah said...

bro cakapaje
That Chinese-marble 'puzzle' really is engaging, lah! once mula, susah betul nak tinggal! and it's getting there... i so can't wait to finish it!

yes yes do put up an entry on the brick game! so, bila-bila i senang, boleh drop by and challenge my head further... macam tak cukup challenge je sekarang ni yek? haha

Roti Kacang Merah said...

tenchew for the tots, AND also for the reminder on sms during the fullmoon, amyyyyy!!!! mwaks!


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