Sunday, December 23, 2007

Herculean Task #1

Herculean Task #1 done.

Putting back the shards and pieces together. A shot-mug that Abang wrote a lyrics on for my 29th b'day, way back in 2002, 3 years before we dated.

I'm a nostalgic freak, what can I say. Abang said, this looks cool-er than the unbroken one. This one sports a look like it deserves its own velvety cushion and glass casing. Ha ha.

Hey, I might just do that.

Hati was quite sayu and hiba when gluing all those pieces back together. So many things had happened in my life between now and then. So, so many. Felt like I was gluing back my past-life, like as if those shards represent the many degrees of broken hearts and emotions that have become ME.

But above all, what I missed the most, I think, was that zaman 'chasing'. I loved receiving (and even making) little small things like this. It just shows how one can go the extra mile when one loves someone.

Tapi if nak harap Abang buat benda yang on the same level as this again sekarang??

Hmph, jangan HARRRRAP.

That said, tomorrow's our 2nd Anniversary. Jauhnya lagi perjalanan, kan? I'll still be on leave till x-mas.

Abang? Dia kena kerja esok. Like, what else is new, kan.

Anyway, am off to my Herculean Task #2. One mother of Hercules of task, that one.


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