Monday, December 31, 2007


Farhi ni, is a story of an ugly duckling.

Kecik-kecik dulu, dia macam Kak Lin dia, sangat tiyut tapi tembam.

Dan sangat manja and kuat nangis. Very very soft-hearted boy, he was.

Being the first boy, he was spoilt by Ayah a fair bit. Kalau dia and Udi nak apa-apa and Ayah tak kasi, Udi akan pergi ke Umi and mengadu and nangis and Umi akan peluk Udi and pujuk "Tak pa lah Dik, lain kali ok? Dah, dah, dah...".

Ahy? He'll go away pretend that things were okay, tuck himself in some corners, and then pretend that he's reading a book or something with his back facing us. When we went to check whether he's okay, you'll find him actually shedding tears. Go and tell Ayah that Ahy nangis pasti akan change Ayah's mind, haha.

You could say that back then we tend to use Ahy as our back-up plan should Ayah changed his mind about anything, hahaha.

And boy could Ahy eat! He LOVES his tungking ayam so so much! Ayah would actually get him a week's supply of tungking ayam from the market, and Umi akan goreng for dinners, and Ahy will conquer all of the tungkings yet saving it behind so that he could savour every drop of the cholesterol-laden tungking after finishing off his rice.

Or when he loved Nutella so so much, Ahy would actually take a couple of dollops of nutella along with his rice, both at noon AND for dinner! Can or not???

And along with his Kak Celi who both LOVED ice-cream, both would put scoops of ice-cream in cetong (that metal mug) AND scoops of Milo and relish infront of the TV macam tak ingat dunia.

Ahhh... those were the days. Heh heh.

And then, vanity hits him. He started losing weight once getting into MRSM. And soon, after graduation from UTM, he started to jaga makan. Boiled ginger drinks every night yada yada. Padahal budaknya sangat pandai memasak and bake, ok.

Now, dah masuk dua tahun dia tak makan nasi. Him so scrawny now, yo. He's shed off so many pounds! You wouldn't believe how much tembam he was before he turned, oh I dunno, 14 maybe? Now, he eats only lauk. Aiyoh, I did try being him for a week, and then terlupa, and then went back to the rice business. haha

Aiseh, gambar-gambar semua kat office lah. Nanti wa download.



Semoga lebih panjang lagi umur, lebih murah lagi rezeki, dan lebih kuat lagi semangat dan perjuangan!

Abg Zul & I will see you esok, tolong cuci rumah Kak Lin di Amanputra (ALERT ALERT HOUSE IN AMANPUTRA PUCHONG FOR RENT!!!)... and we'll see you for dinner next Sunday night!!!!

We love you loads, Aban!!! Mwaks!



Amy said...

Wahai Ahy yg pemalu bila jumpa kak Amy, Happy Birthday!! Bestnya birthday on 31st December, coz you will always be the last one among your friends yg akan tua hihhhihi..

roti kacang merah said...

lorrrr betul ke dia pemalu orangnya??? hahaha

Ahmad Nurfarhi Rosley said...

tenchu ak lin, tenchu kak amy!!

gamba gedik fahy mcm udinyer maner? gegege...


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