Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Culprit and The Bond

Yesterday I found out from our contractor's surveyor on who the culprit is who stole that 30,000 odds sqft of our land.

Pagi ni, aku terus Google dia.

Ya, Dewa tahap 8 tangan 8 kaki. Ex-cabinet minister. A Royalty. Director of this and that, including some Islamic Association (some cheek!!!). A Barrister some more. A conferred doctorate. And the list goes on.

My own cheeks lah.

But does all that give him the right to be sneaky and twisted???

Of course that's a naïve question I'm throwing. For in the real world, yes, all that give him all the right to be a Ketua Samseng Lembah Kelang, even. In fact, he is very much well-known as an opportunist. There you go.

Iiiihhhhh kalau la aku ni betul-betul jahat, aku dah bawak gambar dia pi jumpa 'sapa-sapa' kerana menyusahkan hidup dan pekerjaan orang-orang lain tahap gaban. Bwaaaaaahahahahahahaaa! Paaaaaadanmukakauuuu.

Tapi sebab aku ni baru tahap nakal je. Peringkat jahat, belum lagi. Minta dijauhkan (aku dari menjadi seorang manusia yang jahat dan dibenci), ya Allaaaaaah... aaaaamiiin.

Maka, oleh kerana aku ni nakal je, dan oleh kerana dia pun dah agak berumur orangnya (70+), aku doa agar harta-harta gabannya tu, kalau dia sedar ada yang tak halal or tak dihalalkan, semoga dia cepat-cepat minta dihalalkan.

Atau aku akan buat jahat kat tanah dia. Mana-mana yang patutnya aku buat retaining wall, akan aku landaikan aje tanah aku masuk ke dalam tanah dia. Kalau aku tak leh guna, maka kau dan anak cucu cicit pun tak leh guna jugak. Bwaaaaaahahahahahahaaa!

*terus jadi kucing tumbuh tanduk*


Found this old old photo. Dated 1st of July 1999. Masih dilamun cinta pertama. Masih boleh muat my Levi's 501. Masih fresh-graduate. Dah nak balik M'sia. And also the year when the Scottish Parliament dirasmikan.

That Scottish summer morning, the remaining of us M'sians waited by the Royal Mile to witness the historical and symbolical march down from the Queen's Palace of Holyroodhouse and up to the Edinburgh Castle.

Of course we saw the Queen and Prince Charles in one of the kereta kudas. But what we were more interested in was the infamous James Bond i.e Sir Sean Connery, who is a staunch supporter of the Scottish National Party, among those MPs attending the first sitting of the Scottish Parliament.

For he, was once, the infamous nude model for Art Classes in my school (Edinburgh College of Art) masa zaman-zaman dia jadi milkman dulu. Yes yes for once I wished I was born in the 30s in Edinburgh, studying in ECA and taking up Art Class as my elective course. Siiiiiigh.

Anyway, back at the Royal Mile, masa Tok Sean lalu, aku pun beritahu kawan-kawan aku... "Jom jerit nama dia! Jom jerit nama dia!"

And we went, on top of our lungs...

"S E A A A A A A A N !!!! S E A A A A A A A N !!!!"

Hence, you see him waving at us!!! Ohhhhhhh!!!

click for larger view

Aiyoh, those were the good ol' days. Masih boleh muat my Levi's 501.



shabar said...

Aiyoh Faszt!! Mkaes my heart beat so fast la. I've also the same encounter with Sean Connery but in a more quiet affair in St. Andrews. We're walking to the faculty when my classmate (a jewish-English chap)spotted him enjoying a cuppa in a small cafe. Both of us practically flattened our faces at the windows until he noticed us and gave a wave. That day, nothing wiped the grin we had on our face the whole day!

Roti Kacang Merah said...

okay that is soooo fckn hillaaaaaarious ok???? hahahaha


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