Monday, December 31, 2007


Farhi ni, is a story of an ugly duckling.

Kecik-kecik dulu, dia macam Kak Lin dia, sangat tiyut tapi tembam.

Dan sangat manja and kuat nangis. Very very soft-hearted boy, he was.

Being the first boy, he was spoilt by Ayah a fair bit. Kalau dia and Udi nak apa-apa and Ayah tak kasi, Udi akan pergi ke Umi and mengadu and nangis and Umi akan peluk Udi and pujuk "Tak pa lah Dik, lain kali ok? Dah, dah, dah...".

Ahy? He'll go away pretend that things were okay, tuck himself in some corners, and then pretend that he's reading a book or something with his back facing us. When we went to check whether he's okay, you'll find him actually shedding tears. Go and tell Ayah that Ahy nangis pasti akan change Ayah's mind, haha.

You could say that back then we tend to use Ahy as our back-up plan should Ayah changed his mind about anything, hahaha.

And boy could Ahy eat! He LOVES his tungking ayam so so much! Ayah would actually get him a week's supply of tungking ayam from the market, and Umi akan goreng for dinners, and Ahy will conquer all of the tungkings yet saving it behind so that he could savour every drop of the cholesterol-laden tungking after finishing off his rice.

Or when he loved Nutella so so much, Ahy would actually take a couple of dollops of nutella along with his rice, both at noon AND for dinner! Can or not???

And along with his Kak Celi who both LOVED ice-cream, both would put scoops of ice-cream in cetong (that metal mug) AND scoops of Milo and relish infront of the TV macam tak ingat dunia.

Ahhh... those were the days. Heh heh.

And then, vanity hits him. He started losing weight once getting into MRSM. And soon, after graduation from UTM, he started to jaga makan. Boiled ginger drinks every night yada yada. Padahal budaknya sangat pandai memasak and bake, ok.

Now, dah masuk dua tahun dia tak makan nasi. Him so scrawny now, yo. He's shed off so many pounds! You wouldn't believe how much tembam he was before he turned, oh I dunno, 14 maybe? Now, he eats only lauk. Aiyoh, I did try being him for a week, and then terlupa, and then went back to the rice business. haha

Aiseh, gambar-gambar semua kat office lah. Nanti wa download.



Semoga lebih panjang lagi umur, lebih murah lagi rezeki, dan lebih kuat lagi semangat dan perjuangan!

Abg Zul & I will see you esok, tolong cuci rumah Kak Lin di Amanputra (ALERT ALERT HOUSE IN AMANPUTRA PUCHONG FOR RENT!!!)... and we'll see you for dinner next Sunday night!!!!

We love you loads, Aban!!! Mwaks!


Sunday, December 30, 2007

Pak Lang Zaki 2: Al-Fatihah

"Al-Fatihah: Reformis Kapt (B) Ahmad Zaki @ Pak Lang yang juga adik ipar DSAI meninggal dunia di kediamannya di Bangi sebentar tadi, usia 62. Pengebumian tengahari."
- 30.12.07, 4.53 am

Alhamdulillah sempat jumpa Pak Lang semalam.... Alhamdulillah....

Semoga roh Pak Lang dicucuri rahmat dan ditempatkan bersama-sama mereka yang soleh dan beriman.

Semoga Allah memberi kekuatan to the rest of the family.



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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Pak Lang Zaki

Two nights ago, we received news about Pak Lang's deteriorating condition. Pak Lang is DSAI's bro in-law and also Che'gu Bard's FIL.

Two nights ago, he was then still warded in HUKM. Last night, though, he was already back in Bangi.

So today, Abang made it a point to slot in his deadline schedule to go visit him.

We reached Pak Lang's place around 2.45pm. There were already many family members around. Familiar faces were Uncle Rosli, Uncle Marzuki (both DSAI's bro), and Pak Lang's children including Rizal and Era, and of course Era's husband Che'gu Bard and their beauuuutiful new baby girl.

Pak Lang was hardly recognizable from the last time we met him last 1st Syawal. His breathing was laboured. Suddenly it seemed like all his hair and janggut had turned white.

Pak Lang betul-betul sakit. Aku betul-betul rasa sedih, rasa insaf. Standing near his bed, I quietly sedekah him Al-Fatihah and 3 Quls. Abang whispered to Pak Lang's ear that he was there and gosok-gosok dada Pak Lang. Ya Allah, Kau permudahkan perjalanan pulang Pak Lang kembali ke pangkuan Mu, Ya Allah.

He hasn't got much time, but I'm sure he has left so many legacies to his family. We left Pak Lang's place with heavy hearts.

Ni on the way to send Abang back to his office.


Friday, December 28, 2007


Found this blog from links of links.

ADOI!, "the digital reincarnation of a national bestseller by KIT LEEE (now known as ANTARES)".

Best betul! Quite fun! Macam Lat the 2nd gitu. Recording every bit of the Malaysian social scene. If I were to be him i.e Kit Leee, I'd prolly do a blook out of the blog in the end!

Gotta 'record' my 2nd anniversary outing with Abang, pardon moi.

Photo 1:
After the movie National Treasure 2 in KLCC, we went up to scout for the most expensive dinner we could find. Unfortunately (for me, that is. But very fortunately for Abang, haha), I saw that Lil Penang Kafe and I long to makan it's Acar Fish Set I heart so much. So that's where I pulled Abang for dinner, and I know that it'll be the safest place to eat 'coz the food are familliar for Abang's appetite. So, while waiting for the food, we pose-pose lah. I took a snapshot of Abang. Abang ajar kalau nak ambil snapshot ala-journalism, adakan ruang lebih kat sebelah supaya boleh fill in with quotes or words.

Photo 2:
Tapi bila time aku pose pulak, Abang kata "Jangan la pandang ke camera. Pi pandang luar nu. Ala-ala au natural gitu...", and so I did. Ala au getiques jadinya, ada la.

Photo 3:
Our food... acar fish set, dengan prawn curry set. Punya la berbondong-bondong duit Abang bawa kononnya "Let's go for a real dinner treat, shall we??" but we end up paying not even RM40 in total, haha! Apa lagi, hadiah extra dari Abang la, dalam mata aku... kerchingggg!

Photo Getiques 4 till 6:
All shots taken by Madame Rotikacangmerah. That narcissistic biatch. Hahaha.

Photo 7:
The Xmas classical music down at the Center Court. Beautiful feel.

Photo 8:
Abang bought me (or rather, insisted on paying for me, Allah indeed bless his vunnnderful soul, heh heh) original DVD for "E.T" (yeayyyy!! Been looking for this!!!) and original VCD of the original 1968 "Oliver!". Sound tak best lah, that VCD "Oliver!". Kalau ada ori DVD kan best. No, not the 2005 Oliver!, but 1968 punya. After this nak cari "Roots" set and "The Color Purple". If any of you tahu mana nak dapat (no, don't ask me "why not try cari the DVDs in...", but rather I'd like to hear "I saw the ori DVDs sold in...". Aku malas nak pi cari, bah), DO INFORM ME!

Photo 9:
..AND, with the affordable dinner, Abang bought me (or rather, insisted on paying for me again, Allah indeed bless his vunnnderful soul, heh heh) two books: Secret by Rhonda Byrnes, and Middlesex by Pulitzer Prize Winner Jeffrey Eugenides. Read Secret a wee bit... pretty inspiring! Lepas ni nak beli Sis Zabrina's Life is An Open Secret and Awang Goneng's Growing Up in Terengganu pulak. Or Alex Haley's Roots and Alice Walker's the Color Purple even!

And oh, oh, did you see the fullmoon that night, on the 24th????

Sooooooooooo breathtaking. Siiiigh.

Originally, we actually booked a room at Penang's Gurney Drive, overlooking the sea, for our anniversary weekend. Unfortunately, the car tak berapa sihat. 'Else it would've been the most perfect anniversary date for us...or at least, for me.

Nevertheless, we lay in bed right underneath the silvery lights in a truly dark room that night. 'Twas brilliant.

Thank you Amy and Yussof for reminding me to look at the moon...! *hugs*

And it's almost at the end of yet another year, sigh. Time flies way too fast to even catch up, don't ya think?

Especially when I look at photos of my siblings.

The age gap between me and Celi, Ahy and Udi (7, 9 and 11 years gap respectively) made me their instant and natural babysitter once they were born.

When Umi Ayah went for the Haj in 1986, I've just turned 12 and have a 5 year-old sister, 3 year-old bro and almost 1 year-old baby bro in tow. Back then we were still in J.B, and I had my gramps dropping over from Kubang Kerian for the whole month.

Though we had a maid and also the gramps to take care of us, I pretty much made sure that every night everything was in order for my siblings : their milk bottles properly sterilized, dried and packed in the so-called 'bakul susu' with all their powder formulas prepared individually in those plastic dispensers, their lampin-lampin and 'seluar getah' all nearby my sleeping area (oh back then disposable diapers are not cheap. So, we all have been resorted to the kain lampin most of the time).

At night Celi and Udi will sleep with me and the maid while Ahy will sleep with Ba & Ma (our gramps) in the guest room.

Oh, not forgetting, to make sure baju busuk Umi ada untuk Ahy peluk so that he could sleep peacefully at night.

Back then, I kept wishing them to cepat-cepat besar so that I don't have to play the babysitter anymore, haha. I kept counting the years and imagined how it'd be like for me when my adik-adik grow older:

Esok-esok kalau Celi masuk Darjah 1, aku dah Form 2.

Kalau Celi habis SPM and at 18, I'd be 25.

If Ahy habis SPM and at 18, Celi will be 20, and I'd be 27...phoarrrr tua tu!!! Tah dah kawin ke aku masa tu yek???

And if Udi dah 20, Ahy 22, Celi 24... aku pulak 31. Far Out!!! Gila barbie tua aku masa tu! Tah aku dah ada anak ke tak masa tu?

And now that they are 27, 25 (this coming Monday!!!) and 23 respectively.... I still feel like I'm 28, can ah? nyeh heh heh

Looooong weekend tomorrow. Two weddings to attend with Umi & Ayah. And oh ya, Qia would be around spending the long weekend till New Year, too.

To send the cids to the vet for annual check-up, and nak turun Amanputra to cuci rumah on Monday. My tenants have moved out yesterday. Gaaaawd belum ada orang masuk rumah aku lagiiiiiii habis la lari budget aku next month! Oh ya, and Ahy's birthday dinner on Monday night. Two books to read, DVDs to watch, two baju to finish beading projects from, and a bountiful of laundry to lipat-lipat, aiiiiiiyak.

Dooo do-dooo do-dooo...*whistles*


Thursday, December 27, 2007


With all due respect, what the hell does "gay roti" mean???

Someone from Canada googled that and my page was the second, can or not?

And apparently, in the Rise of Legends videogames, I am a Nation, with Buildings, Heroes and an army to boot. Cool eh? hehe


The Culprit and The Bond

Yesterday I found out from our contractor's surveyor on who the culprit is who stole that 30,000 odds sqft of our land.

Pagi ni, aku terus Google dia.

Ya, Dewa tahap 8 tangan 8 kaki. Ex-cabinet minister. A Royalty. Director of this and that, including some Islamic Association (some cheek!!!). A Barrister some more. A conferred doctorate. And the list goes on.

My own cheeks lah.

But does all that give him the right to be sneaky and twisted???

Of course that's a naïve question I'm throwing. For in the real world, yes, all that give him all the right to be a Ketua Samseng Lembah Kelang, even. In fact, he is very much well-known as an opportunist. There you go.

Iiiihhhhh kalau la aku ni betul-betul jahat, aku dah bawak gambar dia pi jumpa 'sapa-sapa' kerana menyusahkan hidup dan pekerjaan orang-orang lain tahap gaban. Bwaaaaaahahahahahahaaa! Paaaaaadanmukakauuuu.

Tapi sebab aku ni baru tahap nakal je. Peringkat jahat, belum lagi. Minta dijauhkan (aku dari menjadi seorang manusia yang jahat dan dibenci), ya Allaaaaaah... aaaaamiiin.

Maka, oleh kerana aku ni nakal je, dan oleh kerana dia pun dah agak berumur orangnya (70+), aku doa agar harta-harta gabannya tu, kalau dia sedar ada yang tak halal or tak dihalalkan, semoga dia cepat-cepat minta dihalalkan.

Atau aku akan buat jahat kat tanah dia. Mana-mana yang patutnya aku buat retaining wall, akan aku landaikan aje tanah aku masuk ke dalam tanah dia. Kalau aku tak leh guna, maka kau dan anak cucu cicit pun tak leh guna jugak. Bwaaaaaahahahahahahaaa!

*terus jadi kucing tumbuh tanduk*


Found this old old photo. Dated 1st of July 1999. Masih dilamun cinta pertama. Masih boleh muat my Levi's 501. Masih fresh-graduate. Dah nak balik M'sia. And also the year when the Scottish Parliament dirasmikan.

That Scottish summer morning, the remaining of us M'sians waited by the Royal Mile to witness the historical and symbolical march down from the Queen's Palace of Holyroodhouse and up to the Edinburgh Castle.

Of course we saw the Queen and Prince Charles in one of the kereta kudas. But what we were more interested in was the infamous James Bond i.e Sir Sean Connery, who is a staunch supporter of the Scottish National Party, among those MPs attending the first sitting of the Scottish Parliament.

For he, was once, the infamous nude model for Art Classes in my school (Edinburgh College of Art) masa zaman-zaman dia jadi milkman dulu. Yes yes for once I wished I was born in the 30s in Edinburgh, studying in ECA and taking up Art Class as my elective course. Siiiiiigh.

Anyway, back at the Royal Mile, masa Tok Sean lalu, aku pun beritahu kawan-kawan aku... "Jom jerit nama dia! Jom jerit nama dia!"

And we went, on top of our lungs...

"S E A A A A A A A N !!!! S E A A A A A A A N !!!!"

Hence, you see him waving at us!!! Ohhhhhhh!!!

click for larger view

Aiyoh, those were the good ol' days. Masih boleh muat my Levi's 501.


Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Me-Woman in Me-Body

Oh ya.

Happy birthday to me The Woman, too.

The Me-Woman is today 23 years old. However, The Me-Body is already 34 last July. Ha ha.

How long more time does the "Me-Woman" have, I wonder...


The Things You Learn

First day at work, after 6 days of leave.

Kepala dah panas. Breakfast pun tak sempat lagi. Haven't gotten my dose of caffein of the day even, hence sekarang ni rasa macam nak pergi karaoke je nak release panas kepala. Ha ha.


Tanah development aku kena curi 3,000 m2... that's around 32,000+ sqft equivalent to 0.74 acre. We found out about that a couple of weeks before the cuti panjang lagi. Sebab itu tak panas tempat duduk aku dan konsultan-konsultan aku jadinya.

Those yang curi into our land, apparently are some really big shots tapi tak sure tahap Dewa apa, who apparently sudah dapat Temporary Titles baru je tahun ni, in 2007.

Kami? All those years dok bayar premium and tengah in the process nak minta Title when the monkeys nearby our land cancel their CPs, re-measure and re-submit and ada kemungkinan liaise some more with the monkeys inside the Land Office.

And to add salt in the gash, our Earthworks, Piling & Substructure contractors dah pun masuk buat kerja.

But we're lacking 0.74 acre, which calls for a re-design and resubmission to the Planning Dept.

And that's another red-taping exercise.

And I feel like kicking myself in my invisible balls for depending too much on the other Land-Matter Department who has promised us that A, no problem would occur to this land 'coz as the custodian of land we have all the rights to this land, and B, they are in the midst of applying for the Final Title.

Never, EVER again would I trust them.

Ni lah namanya, being a victim to own bureaucracies.

Bila time-time macam ni lah aku rindu being in the private sector. Tak ada nak kena fikir you step on whose boundaries. Terus redah je buat kerja. Hantar memo sana sini, kasi havoc sikit. Yang penting, kerja cepat siap.



Tuesday, December 25, 2007



Seronok dapat borak dengan Udi for 27mins+ pagi tadi... tapi tak tau pula Udi called directly dari rumah instead of using phonecard. Umi yang beritau Kak Lin. Ish, misti banyak Udi kena bayar phonebill nanti, dah la dah tak keja part-time lagi...ish.

Anyway, kejaaaap je adik bongsu Kak Lin dah 23. Rasa macam baru semalam Udi keluar dari pewut Umi, that very curly-haired baby, mata sepet and a pair of 'Tok Su Dir' i.e Umi's late uncle look! Haha!

Hope you have a vunnnderful day, young man! And all the luck for your exams in a couple of weeks' time!

We love you loads, 'Diiiik!! Mwamwah!


Monday, December 24, 2007

We Are Two!

Exactly two years ago this hour this minute, termeterailah ikatan kami sebagai suami dan isteri yang sah.

Thank you Abang, for all the love and patience. For the understanding. For the care. For the support. For the sweat and tears.

Thank you, Allah, for this great man as my calmness after all the storms of storm. My prayers that our love would stand the test of time, sehingga akhir hayat hendaknya, dan dilimpahi dengan gelak ketawa senantiasa. Aaaaamiiin.



Alin pun saiyaaaaAAANG Abang!


Sunday, December 23, 2007

Herculean Task #2

My Herculean Task #2, dengan the beruk yang pecahkan my Chinese soft marble multi-layered carved ball rubbing salt in my wounds by taking a cool nap in the background.

Aku memang rasa macam nak cekkkkik-cekkkkik je budak Labi ni sebenarnya. Ni dia punya pasal la semua ni.

Don't quite know for sure yet whether I'd have enough patience to glue all the puzzling pieces back together. Wish me luck.


Herculean Task #1

Herculean Task #1 done.

Putting back the shards and pieces together. A shot-mug that Abang wrote a lyrics on for my 29th b'day, way back in 2002, 3 years before we dated.

I'm a nostalgic freak, what can I say. Abang said, this looks cool-er than the unbroken one. This one sports a look like it deserves its own velvety cushion and glass casing. Ha ha.

Hey, I might just do that.

Hati was quite sayu and hiba when gluing all those pieces back together. So many things had happened in my life between now and then. So, so many. Felt like I was gluing back my past-life, like as if those shards represent the many degrees of broken hearts and emotions that have become ME.

But above all, what I missed the most, I think, was that zaman 'chasing'. I loved receiving (and even making) little small things like this. It just shows how one can go the extra mile when one loves someone.

Tapi if nak harap Abang buat benda yang on the same level as this again sekarang??

Hmph, jangan HARRRRAP.

That said, tomorrow's our 2nd Anniversary. Jauhnya lagi perjalanan, kan? I'll still be on leave till x-mas.

Abang? Dia kena kerja esok. Like, what else is new, kan.

Anyway, am off to my Herculean Task #2. One mother of Hercules of task, that one.


Choosing Bowls & College Registration

Cousin, trying to buat lawak:
Kat your bathroom ada 3 bowls. Confuse kejap nak weewee kat mana tadi.

RKM, sengaja melawak:
Mana-mana nak guna pun boleh. If you muat nak guna bowl yang kecil, make sure your wee-wee tak tumpah atas my dry-bathroom floor. If nak guna the litter box, make sure you kambus your wee-wee dengan pasir after that so that Labu and Labi can still wee after you, 'else Labu Labi would have to use the flush-bowl but I wouldn't like them using the flush bowl 'coz they're never strong enough to pull down the flush lever after doing their business. Ha ha.


Tengah tunggu Abang temankan Qia register for kolej kediaman sambil aku jaga beg-beg Qia kat the resting area. Very very inefficient Urusetias, this we can tell you.

This calls for an entry of how baghal the whole thing has been. And this is at UiTM Shah Alam, mind you. The so-called "Aspirasi Global...mencapai taraf universiti bertahap international", or something to that effect.



Saturday, December 22, 2007

Manik Umi

Umi's first effort of 'manik-accentuating exercise' on her mama-papa blouse.

She started late last night, asking me to teach her the basics. ME, teaching Umi menjait manik...uiyooo, rasa pelik woo since she herself is an accomplished tailor in her own rights! Like, SEMUA baju kurung aku, Umi yg tolong jahitkan 'coz only Umi yang tahu how to cut to suite my cerewet taste.

After countless efforts - jahit, buka, improvise methods, guna kaler ni, guna kaler tu, guna manik ni, guna batu tu - late this morning Umi finally found her 'fly' and sudah tidak menoleh ke belakang!

Wah wah lepas ni aku ada competition lah, dengan Umi sendiri, hehehe.



While Labu would cower away at the mere sight of Adi (pictured, right), Labi (pictured, left) is just simply uninterested in Tai Kor Adi and is more way excited watching our white geese outside the window instead (pictured, middle).

Still in Bangi with the cids. Best pulak balik kali ni, rasa macam malas nak balik ke Cheras karang.

Abang dah balik ke Cheras to draw for M'siakini, right after a hefty breakfast of Nasi Lemak Umi. Deliciouuus!

Qia would be arriving from Aloq Staq today at 5pm in Jln Duta for her 2nd-sem registration tomorrow.

And as at this morning, Udi is still up ski-ing on the Alps since a couple of days before Eid. Bestnya....!

Ok, nak mandikan Adi, and vacuum my room yg ada habuk-habuk kaca from a glass pemberian Abang masa zaman urat-urat dulu and a multi-layered carved chalk-stone ball from China, both which Labi sudah pecahkan the night before Eid. Tension akew. Dah la two of my most treasured possession!

So, there states my next project... a herculean task of putting together the pieces ala-anthropologist style. If they (and the CSIs) could do it, so can I!!!


Thursday, December 20, 2007

Lemang Adha

Umi's lemang rebus.

Bezanya, tak da kerak macam lemang buluh i.e looks too perfect to be lemang buluh. Other than that, rasa dia saaaaama je. Lagi sedap ada. Sebab ada doses of kasih dan sayang seorang ibu, he2.

Happy Eiduladha everyone, esp. to Udi, Kak Yeen, Najib, Habbu and Dik Na!!!


Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Not Another Raya

This, was my breakfast. Now, is my lunch.

Dah 12.37pm, but my b'fast I bought at 8.15am pun tak sempat nak habis makan lagi. God, I am so physically and mentally letih by now.

And a Hari Raya tomorrow is so not the day I'm looking forward to. (Abang &)I need a break, a restful rest, a needful sleep. Not another Raya-and-distantfamily-obligation-that-if-you-don't-attend-to-it-you'll-get-sindiran-all-your-life.

I need to get away to an island. Very very secluded island. With Abang and the cids, of course.


Monday, December 17, 2007

M for Malaysia, not Maharajalela

Just found out.

If you Google "rusuhan besar-besaran di kl 15 dan 16hb", my page will be the first, yo.

click to enlarge

Well, some fella from Taiping, Perak just did that some, maybe, half-an-hour ago.

I hope he/she read the whole she-bang of the entry. 'Else dia ingat AKU pulak yang pembawak message durjana macam tu.

In the meantime, meh la tengok this clip that someone has put together, but I got it from here. 'Tis so so good! I thought I wanted to catch the original movie "V for Vendetta" again over the weekend, tapi tak sempat.

All the lines from the movie put together for this clip are all so spot on. Strange how this movie could be released in M'sia, eh? heh heh.

To ChongZheMin... well done, friend!


Sunday, December 16, 2007

Nusantara Food Couture

Tengokla Labi ni. Macam Kehidupan Seekor Kucing Yang Melampau, gitu. Pose lucah betul.

Watching 'Kitchen Chemisty' on Astro, this time about chocolate and it's molecular compound and character. And why chocolate and blue cheese can go very well together.

They even went to the food lab in Switzerland where they study what taste goes with what taste and how to achieve the compound of certain taste. It is also where the top cuisine chefs refer to when creating their signature dishes.

Cool, huh?

Eh if M'sia ada rancangan Kitchen Chemistry macam ni, kan best? To explain why sambal belacan go so so well with kari, and why kicap manis can go well with just about anything.

Perhaps I could suggest this to my younger cousin, Dr.N, who's a doctorate holder in food tech in one of the unis in southern KL. Masa dia buat degree and Masters dulu, dia selalu bawa balik cheesecake lah, choc cake lah.

Perhaps she should start the first Nusantara Food Labs, and then we could all get the best of all nusantara taste... Malay-Thai-Padang-Chinese-Indian ... Fuiyoh. Kechur air liur akak dek non oii.

Then baru la kita boleh buat international Nusantara cuisine couture that cost rm50 sepinggan macam negara lain buat tu.



Saturday, December 15, 2007

My Stance, And Then Some

Am at the office, trying to complete some paperwork before my long weekend break from Raya Haji to Raya Natal.

At the same time trying to prove to those people, who have been chaining-out some vicious racist and bigotry smses around last night claiming that there would be massive rusuhan in KL, that I'm very much well and dandy in my office here at the very heart of where demos would always be held, mate.

And at the price of being more unpopular among my friends and relatives (but among my adik-adik aku masih yang faling fofular dan vogue gitu so aku tak kisah), I, am writing this.

My stance. My own stance.

No banner above me whatsoever, but only as a Muslim Malay tax-paying hard-ass working Malaysian whose loves her country, which she realizes is about to wane down (her love to the country, that is) due to the irresponsible oppressive regime who runs the country atas tiket “Demokrasi”.

Before I proceed, if I could answer back the no.1 tag-question that I posted yesterday as today's tag-question: "1. name one person who made you laugh last night?", it has to be my husband.

We were having dinner just before the movie "I Am Legend" (aiyoh sakit jantung okay cerita tu) when a friend sms-ed me to confirm about some rusuhan by the Indians on Saturday (today) and Sunday, and also panjang lagi la cerita sms-sms tu, which, I think, has hurt my friendship with her a wee bit for she never knew the kind of ideology I have.

Abang was pretty much appalled that the kind of sms could get around since it's considered "fitnah berbau perkauman". Nevertheless, suddenly Abang quipped into something really funny, well, at least, for me lah kan.

It went like... "Depa ni... dengan Allah depa tak takut. Tapi dengan Abdullah depa takut!"

Aku gelak punya la kuat. Lantak pi mampus orang semua pakat pandang. My husband's damn funny yo. Mana la makcik tak gumuks.

Actually, honestly??? Aku sebenarnya dah malas nak tulis anything much about politics or what my stand is as one of the citizens of Malaysia. This blog was supposed to be of a personal journal, a diary of some sort. And sometimes for some intimate pouring of the soul.

But last night’s sms-es with my dear colleague-friend-of-different-department triggered me to write this long.

It started as something about what the ustaz-ustaz di ceramah Surau Organisasi cucuk the jemaah about the “Indians trying to ambil semula hak kaum India yang peluk agama Islam” and so my friend rasa so takut that she wanted to solat hajat agar keamanan and kedamaian kaum berkekalan.

Great for her to do that, indeed. Alhamdulillah! Kalau semua 49% kaum Melayu (yang sepatutnya semuanya Islam) out of the 25million or so penduduk bersatu solat hajat untuk perpaduan kaum dan juga untuk kejatuhan mereka-mereka yang menyalahguna kuasa serta kedudukan, kan bagus?

But, I was like, WTF??? What the hell does that “Indians trying to ambil semula hak kaum India yang peluk agama Islam” mean? Can someone bloody explain that to me?

Ustaz-ustaz apa kasi ceramah bersentiment macam tu? Kot dalam jemaah tu ada muallaf Cina ka, India ka, what sort of image of being a Muslim are you trying to project to these saudara-saudara baru?

Depa tu kan, patut kena campak pi jadi Ustaz kat Europe ka, kat U.K ka, Amerika ka. Pi rasa sikit kalau ada orang throw back sentiments like that at you, suka ka?

Apa lah salahnya, for a change, Ustaz-Ustaz and Ustazah-Ustazah ni cucuk semangat persaudaraan antara kaum dalam hati-hati para jemaah instead, like “Berhati-hati kalau berdepan dengan musuh. Api jangan la disimbah dengan minyak, kelak lebih membawa padah. Kalau kita jadi air, maka perlahan-lahan akan terpadam api. Pahala pun lebih banyak dapat sebab kita sudah portray apa ukhwah Islamiah tu sebenarnya… Dan akan lebih mudah perjalanan dakwah kita, insyaAllah”.

And you think the non-Muslims kat M’sia ni suka-suka aja ke nak rebel against the Muslims? So much about kita mengangkat Rasullah s.a.w sebagai manusia yang paling agung dan paling patut dicontohi. Tapi bahagian yang Rasulullah s.a.w menghormati bangsa dan kaum lain yang datang secara aman damai, kita tak mau pula mencontohi?

Dalam Islam, tuan-tuan dan puan-puan, KEADILAN adalah milik SEMUA kaum. Itu yang membezakan Islam dengan rejim-rejim Nazi atau Yahudi, where keadilan hanya milik kaum mereka sahaja. Itu, aku yang jahil ni pun patutnya tak payah ajar.

Kita adalah so-called NEGARA ISLAM, tapi, adakah keadilan itu milik SEMUA kaum di Negara kita ni? Milik SETIAP LAPISAN MASYARAKAT, tak kira bangsa, kaum, agama, umur dan darjat?

Ye la kau boleh argue balik bangsa lain tu naik tocang pijak Melayu pijak Islam ladeeda.

In the first place, HOW and WHY and WHAT MADE THEM naik tocang tu? Pasti ada penyebabnya, kan???

Dan aku paling paling paling sedih bila kawan-kawan baik sebangsa dan seagama dengan aku will throw remarks like, “Apa lagi yang diorang nak tunjuk perasaan, buat kacau bilau. Diorang tu dah la lupa yang diorang datang menumpang…”. Tsk tsk tsk.

Jadi, adakah dengan itu, hak dia sebagai seorang rakyat Malaysia yang sama-sama bayar cukai untuk kemakmuran Negara, hilang begitu sahaja sebab mereka adalah seorang pendatang yang menumpang? So, should we send them back to their origin countries instead???

Kalau macam tu, I should then send my late father-in-law back to his origin country. I’d probably say, “’Bah, kami rasa adalah lebih elok kalau Abah balik semula ke Negara asal Abah sebab kat sini Abah hanya menumpang aja so you won’t be getting the full perks of being a Malaysian. You either take it, or leave it, ‘Bah…”

And the same should go to my Canadian Uncle, my English Aunty, my Arabic and Paki relatives, and also to, perhaps, your own mother/father and your Chinese/Indian/Indon clans (well, some of you Muslim readers out there are of mixed parentage, kan?).

And the cheek that the “menumpang” remark, more times than not, came from persons with mixed parentage. Tak pure Melayu pun. The cheek!

Lagi aku sedih if isu “menumpang” ni datang dari pegawai-pegawai kerajaan sendiri. Islam pula tu. Depa patut sedar yang gaji depa semua dibayar dengan cukai-cukai, antaranya, dari the so-called kaum-kaum “menumpang” ni. You run your life and sometimes make more money out of these taxpayers’ money.

So much about halal haram judi. Halal haram gaji dari hasil titik peluh orang-orang yang kau patut bela tapi kau tak bela, kau tak fikir.

Ok, perhaps I should now put down what the bigotry sms that went around last night was like:

"Ada rsuhan bsr2’ran pd 15& 16hb ni.Polis srh sbrkn hal ni pd smua bgsa mlayu spya jgn prgi kL& kuar umah sb X ni rsuhan b’sjta.mlm/wktu tdo adlh ms kaum kulit htm srng org mlayu hbs2’an.Dr kg jgn naik bas lwt ptg,bhya.Sb hal ni akn b’laku bila2 ms.”

Ni mesti ada yang tak berapa nak buleh baca ni. Ketahuilah, hanya orang BAGHAL sahaja akan tulis shortcuts macam ni.

Tapi, oleh kerana aku ada anak-anak sedara dan cousin-cousin teenyboppers yang memang suka tulis shortcuts macam ni, it definitely takes persistent practises to read and understand the abbreviations, yo.

Meh aku translate balik:

"Ada rusuhan besar-besaran pada 15 & 16 hb ni. Polis suruh sebarkan hal ini pada semua bangsa Melayu supaya jangan pergi KL dan keluar rumah sbab kali ni rusuhan bersenjata. Malam/Waktu tidur adalah masa kaum kulit hitam serang orang melayu habis-habisan. Dari kampong, jangan naik bas lewat petang, bahaya. Sebab hal ini akan berlaku bila-bila masa.”

Hahahaha, aku nak gelak pun ada.

“Malam/Waktu tidur adalah masa kaum kulit hitam serang orang melayu habis-habisan”. Watch out you guys… dark-skinned Malays and Chinese. You’re equally being monitored here. HAHAHAHAHA.

Now, who should be put to ISA for provoking racial unrest sebenarnya?

(Uthaya)Kumar, Gana and the lot… or the sender of this heinous sms?

But, naturally of course I forwarded the warped sms to Abang, in which, after some discoursing with his mates, sent out a mass sms via the paid-service:

“Anasir2 jahat sdg sebar sms motif perkauman kononnya akan berlaku rusuhan di KL. Kalau anda terima sms seperti ini catit no pengirim & lapor polis. Sebarkan.”

Nah, sila bandingkan perbezaan kedua-dua penghantar di atas. Mana satu yang bodoh tak terajar, dan mana satu yang ikhlas dalam perjuangan.

Also, this dear dear naïve friend of mind, after being bombarded by my ‘perilous’ sms-es of some ‘educational re-wiring of thoughts’, got taken quite aback of my so-called ‘ideology’ that clearly does not run parallel to the, wait, I quote her.. “Kaedah-kaedah Pegawai D***(Kelakuan & Tatatertib) 1989”.

She actually was kind enough to warn me of my “tanggungjawab sebagai penjawat awam untuk tidak memihak kepada mana-mana parti politik” (but of course, with the exception that we are required to kiss the asses of the AMENO people), and that she sticks to “1 prinsip sebagai penjawat awam, that is ‘jangan sesekali tindakan kita menganiaya org’ ” (huh, how ironic, innit. Why don’t you tell THAT to the Police, FRUs, SBs and all the Ministers and their talibarut then???) and that at least she has “habis tangungjawab to inform” me of my status as a civil servant.

Yes. Let ME have the honour to inform you pula… that you and I are both civil servants, therefore, we are SERVANTS to the CIVIL, to the PEOPLE, to the TAXPAYERS who we owe our paycheck from. NOT to the pemerintah yang munafik dan fasik.

Dan tanggungjawab aku, sebagai seorang RAKYAT yang mengundi dan bayar cukai, aku harus contribute to the vast amount of ‘cyber-education’ for my audience over this matter. My audience who are mainly my adik-adik, cousins, maybe a couple of aunts and some timid silent readers and friends.

Paling-paling tidak, aku mesti sampaikan pesanan Abang untuk buat audience aku berfikir rather than percaya bulat-bulat apa yang orang kata/tulis/lakukan. Maybe apa yang aku cakap di sini tak sesuai dengan pendapat yang membaca, but at least I made you think don’t I?

And truth be told, with the likes of Susan Loone and some, I don’t give a funting crap who rules the country. PKR ka, PAS ka, DAP ka, BN ka, Parti Ayam ka, Parti Roket ka.

But I give all the crap that rakyat patut didengari and whatever is rotting should be addressed, orang-orang besar notwithstanding.

I quote our former Lord President Tun Salleh Abbas during the ‘Stop The Rot’ forum at the Federal Hotel recently, something to the effect of:

“If the government was prepared to interfere in 1988 judiciary crisis which brought it to the present state of affairs, the government has a duty to re-interfere in order to repair the damage."

We heart you, Sir. Excerpt of his speech here(Part1) and here(Part2).

I swear to Allah, even if ditakdirkan PKR or PAS rule the country pun, if ada salah guna kuasa, injustice, rasuah and complacencies being at the top, in the name of GOD we must all fight!

Oh, talk about being a Negara Islam Hadhari.

(Uthaya)Kumar, Gana and the lot are being put away under ISA. That’s charging and putting away without trial. What is so Islamic about that??? Depa tak membunuh, tak memfitnah, tak menganiaya orang. Do drop-by here on Kumar and here on Gana and let you educate yourself who the system is putting away like animals for.

Meanwhile, there’s the Razak and le’Altantuya yang kena bunuh and letup mati dengan bom. And Razak only got verbal bond (verbal, ok. Bukan kena bayar pun.) of RM100,000 bail. And this guy has schemed (or being the instrument of scheming) of the brutal and most inhumane murder. But just b’coz he’s the close machai to No.02, he can get away with it. In fact, the trials are becoming such a joke and full of putar belit that Altantuya’s dad sampai dah malas nak layan the Malaysian judiciary.

Nah, if you’re a Muslim reader reading this, I’m sure you know yourself apa hukum-hakamnya if you hanya berdiam bila berdepan dengan pemimpin-pemimpin fasik macam ni dan biarkan sahaja mereka bermaharajalela. Equals to ‘bersubahat’, bukanna?

Or, I supposed, this is what you call “Democracy and Islamiah the Malaysian style”?

Tanggungjawab aku di sini? Aku harap aku dapat bukakan sedikit mata korang yang membaca (of course, put aside those kawan-kawan Abang yang kadang-kadang datang membaca la kan. Diorang semua dah veteran *maluuuuu*). Itulah tanggungjawab Kak Lin, sebagai seorang RAKYAT, bukan sebagai seorang yang membawa sepanduk mana-mana parti which I’m in no way affiliated with, mana-mana pertubuhan atau mana-mana jabatan.

Our tanggungjawab is to use our heads and THINK, walau sedikit.

Now, whatabout YOUR tanggungjawab on the rot in the country? Takkan nak duduk membaca je? Pi kongsi dengan kawan-kawan tu, pi!


Friday, December 14, 2007

Meme Hal Tanah

Ini mak budak kalau aku tak buka blog dia maka aku tak akan tahu dia tag aku.

1. name one person who made you laugh last night?
One animal buleh?
Labi made us laugh last nite when we were having our dinner and he tried to pretend to be sleeping on the dining table, 6 inches away from our food when suddenly he menggeliat, stretching himself backwards and woooops tangan dia tiba-tiba terlanggar pinggan kami. Mengada betul.

2. what were you doing at 0800?
Pakai mekap dalam kereta sambil dengar Phua Chu Kang bletiaq dalam MixFm. Abang at the wheels.

3. what were you doing 30 minutes ago?
Reading Mak Andeh and The Brood.

4. what happened to you in 2006?
Struggling to complete new office, pindah masuk and help set-up new standard and system. Labu came in March, Labi came in April... I think. Kena refer balik old entries.

5. what was the last thing you said out loud?
"OK Mi, take care, have fun, dah sampai bagitau k, mwamwah!" amidst whatever din was on Umi's side.

6. how many beverages did you have today?
Air kosong at home, nes-kaw panas at the office, air mineral at site, dadih at noon. Aiseh not so much eh?

7. what color is your hairbrush?

8. what was the last thing you paid for?
RM3.00 for breakfast.

9. where were you last night?
at home tolong Abang with his cartoon rendering on Adobe Photoshop.

10. what color is your front door?

11. where do you keep your change?
small wallet in handbag.

12. what’s the weather like today?

13. what’s the best ice-cream flavor?
cookies n cream.

14. what excites you?
too many lah.

15. do you want to cut your hair?
just cut, retouched, highlighted and treated last Tuesday, as I always would after any exams. Cost me 25 months of Abang's own haircut. Go figure.

16. are you over the age of 25?
Not in my mind, I'm not.

17. do you talk a lot?
Not in my mind, I'm not. heh heh.

18. do you watch the O.C.?
I watch The Hills. (fail jawab soalan)

19. do you know anyone named Steven?
Yes, Steven Gan (M'siakini Chief Ed), Steven Thang (ex-boss), Steven Devlin (best mate in Ireland).

20. do you make up your own words?

21. are you a jealous person?

22. name a friend whose name starts with the letter ‘A’.
A-an. Achen. eh, that's two, innit.

23. name a friend whose name starts with the letter ‘K’.
Kerrie. Ke'own. also two, but got many frens, maah.

24. who’s the first person on your received call list?
Some insurance guy name Arief.

25. what does the last text message you received say?
“K, tp kita mmg x de dokumen hakmilik tanah/bgnan kan?"

26. do you chew on your straw?
No, my mom does. I lipat and curl my straw.

27. do you have curly hair?
vewy wavy hair. But curly bila tak sikat rambut lepas basuh rambut.

28. where’s the next place you’re going to?
Penang, insyaAllah.

29. who’s the rudest person in your life?
This guy nama... lemme just name him Raman C.

30. what was the last thing you ate?
Honeydew melon. Yummmmmssss.

31. will you get married in the future?
Hopefully will stay married in the future, insyaAllah.

32. what’s the best movie you’ve seen in the past 2 weeks?
Mami Jarum. For the, entah, 4th time kot, on tv. LOVE Kartina Aziz in the movie.

33. is there anyone you like right now?
Pua Chu Kang in the morning in the traffic jam.

34. when was the last time you did the dishes?
Last night after dinner.

35. are you currently depressed?
Just passed the 'monthly depression' stage. Watch out next month.

36. did you cry today?
I've tears coz gatal mata, though.

37. why did you answer and post this?
because I saiiiyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang Khemy. (kau dengar tu Khemy??? hahaha)

Who are the 5 people I'm tagging?

1. Ahy
2. Kau
3. Kau
4. Kau dan
5. Kau

...dan siapa-siapa lagi nak buat, dipersilakan!

That said... I learnt a HELL LOT about tanah today.

If you nak buat rumah or bangunan, go check every single detail of your tanah, both at Pejabat Tanah & Galian and also the Pejabat Ukur. If you bayar premium tanah does not mean you are the owner. It still may mean your tanah is still 'hakmilik kerajaan' i.e no owner. If you terlalu dependant on your other colleague from other department yang berkaitan hal tanah to submit and follow-up with the Title matter, your neighbouring-lots of 'orang-orang besar' with Temporary Title boleh senang-senang pintas jalan you, ukur balik and masuk dalam tanah you sebanyak 10m in, submit to Pejabat Tanah, get Final Titles and leave you sakit hati coz your contractors dah pun masuk buat clearance on your tanah and will be starting the piling works soon and yet you need to redesign and resubmit everything.

Damn the bureaucracies.


Thursday, December 13, 2007

Kuak Lentang

Finally, I got some space to breathe since masuk kerja semalam.

Tadi di mesyuarat jawatankuasa tender, while waiting for my turn to present to the board, sat beside me a group of Pegawai Pentadbirs yang sama level dengan aku who apparently took the same PTK Umum paper last Monday. Alar, that paper yang me and my architect colleagues goreng-gorengkan tu la.

Aku tak kenal sangat pentadbir-pentadbir ni. But naturally one would take the opportunity to pasang telinga la kan.

From their discussion, this I can conclude:
I've f*ckd-up one essay bladi-big time. That's almost 20% of the overall marks.

Dan empat lagi essay lain pun, say lah, tolak 5% from each. That's another 20%. So, a total of almost minus 40%.


Jaaaaaadiiiiiiiii, there goes my harapan to expect some 4,5 years worth of kenaikan gaji, uols. The so-called 'kenaikan gaji melintang'.

But your Paper Khusus on Tuesday, you confident can score, whaaaat...?

Nak-aaa. Even if you score 100% for Paper Khusus but for Paper Umum you got below 80%, you would still not be eligible for the gajilintangpukang.

For one to be qualified of kenaikan gaji melintang, one has to score a minimum of 80% (a.k.a "Aras 4") each of Umum and Khusus.

Really ah??? That hard ka???

Now you know la why it's such a big deal. My kenaikan gaji tak bergantung pada "Ar."-ship, but "Aras 4".

So, what's the next step now?

Apa lagi, start registering for next June's Paper Umum laaaa.

Die la Kak Fairuz. How to take BOTH paper umum AND part 3 PAM laidis???

Tapi, bak kata Abang..."Seorang pejuang yang ragu-ragu akan mati beribu-ribu kali. Seorang pejuang yang yakin akan terus mara ke hadapan."

Ya, ya, aku pejuang yang yakin. Dengan izin dan pertolongan Allah s.w.t, aku mahu terus mara ke hadapan.

Walau apa-apa pun, kepala aku dah panas dengan macam-macam hari ni... hal PTK, hal Tender Board, hal tanah, hal kontraktor, hal payment to submission dan hal-hal human resource.

Seriously, aku rasa nak pi menelentang je la ni.


Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Another 45mins to go, and I have completed, checked, re-do and double-checked the last 1/2 hour.

Ya Allah, leganya dah selesai!

Next??? PAM Part 3, here I come!! *terus masuk kepala dalam leher*


Parrot Tak Berburung

Hah? Hahhh???


Burung Kakak Tua yang tak da burung betul.

Nih, pepatah Melayu paling sesuai.... Paku dulang, Paku teko, Mengata orang, KAU yang takdak telo!



Yeay-yeh, arini last exam, yeay-yeh! Rasa macam nak pi lepak KLCC gitu lepas tu...apa kata kitaaaa?


Monday, December 10, 2007

End of War 1

PTK1 Umum habis at 12pm tadi. Jawab 5 dari 8 soalan.

How was it??? Apa lagi, goreng je dek non, goreng!! Kami arkitek 5 orang kat situ pakat goooreng la, sampai lenguh bengkak jari jemari nih!

The crits a.k.a sesi menggoreng during the uni years really prep us good for this part, mate.

Siap antara kami ada yang minta extra essay book lagi. Goreng baeeek punya pasai. Tapi dia memang kaki goreng pun. Kalau buat presentation, dia punya goreng nak pertahankan design dia memang best in the world!

Aaaaanyway. So, gaya-gayanya macam buleh score je ni untuk dapat kenaikan gaji melintang, I hear you say???

Hmph, bak kata CikTa...kalau tak naik melintang, kau terlentang.

That was exactly how I was...balik rumah aku terus menelentang hadap bantal.

Dah la malam tadi mimpi ngeri, duduk exam ngadap-ngadap kat meja panjang ala-ala meja kantin sekolah, pastu keluaq soalan tahapa-hapa. Ngeri kauuu. Dalam mimpi tu aku siap terkedu tengok soalan, tolak ke tepi the question papers and pi layan buat benda-benda lain for half an hour before trying to attempt back the questions. But by the time I got back to my seat, the guy ngadap aku dah habis buat all 5 questions in a mere 1/2 hour and tengah bersiap-siap nak submit the answer papers and get out of the exam halls!

Gila ngeri. Aku bangun tido tadi terus stress.

Ok, nak sambung study untuk paper khusus esok, paper kami paling confident nak score...insyaAllah!!!


Sunday, December 09, 2007

The Mathematics of Labu

1. If one tile is 1'x1', then what is the approximate length of Labu, from head to end tip of tail, in MILLIMETERS.

2. Approximately how many Labus will it take for you to arrange head to tail-end down from your 5th floor bedroom window?

Siapa jawab betul/paling dekat untuk dua-dua soalan ni by Tuesday afternoon M'sian time, akan dapat hadiah 1 medium pizza delivery or 1 signed copy of Cartoons on Tun, whichever has the cheapest delivery rate. Heh2.

Answers will be given on Tuesday evening/night M'sian time the earliest.




Bila tengok Labi tengok aku tengok dia, baru aku appreciate hari Ahad yang tak perlu buat apa-apa. Macam Labi ni lah.

Kepala aku dah sendat, tolong tolong. I don't mind doing all the reading, but to absorb AND memorize within four days...aduh la, threshold akak dah sampai limitnya dek non oiii.

Pagi tadi lepas sarapan Abang terus ke IPD Pudu to give moral support to his lawyer friends - Siva, Lat, Amer, etc - yang kena tahan masa Justice Walk from Sogo to C.M awal pagi tadi.

Aku pesan kat Abang supaya berhati-hati, jangan dia pula kena tahan waktu-waktu aku tengah berjuang nak ambil periksa ni. Kalau tak, tunggu la Abang kat lokap sampai Selasa tengahari, otey? Heh2.


Saturday, December 08, 2007

Who's The Boss

On the way back from Bangi. Hantar biskut, makanan tin and pasir beyak Adi.

Sampai Bangi, Umi suruh potongkan kuku Adi. Umi kata kuku Adi dah panjang and tajam sangat sampai kesian tengok Adi, cuba nak tumpulkan kuku at every single thing he could lay his paws on.

Puas aku cuba nak pegang tangan Adi (kita panggil je lah dua kaki depan dia as tangan, k), asyikla Adi nak gigit tangan aku.

'Dak Adi ni memang garang sket... suka gigit tak hengat punya.

Puas aku cuba ketip kuku dia while tutup muka dia dengan kain la, suratkhabar la, supaya aku boleh pegang tangan dia, tapi habis tangan aku pulak dicakar-cakarkan. Sampai tertelus keluar rantai dari leher dia... dia dok struggle kuat sangat dalam kotak tidur dia tu, tak kasi aku tutup muka dia and pegang tangan dia.

Last-last Umi offered to help. Umi pun ambil kain lap sink and letak kat mulut dia, and then Umi went, "HAIPPPPP!!!" sambil tangan ngacah nak pukul Adi....terrrrrus Adi hilang leher sebab takut and dia bolakan diri dia dalam kotak tidur dia in a defence position,hahahaha.

Aku pun cepat-cepatla ambil peluang ketip kuku-kuku dia masa dia tak struggle tu. Baaaaaru kau tauuuu, dengan Umi baru kau takut, ya?

Hahahaha, comel betul!


Friday, December 07, 2007

Memorizer vs Thinker

Macam mana nak jawab soalan ni. Lagi banyak kau korek, lagi banyak kau tahu perkara2 contra.

Semalam, aku baca Dasar Penswastaan and Dasar Persyarikatan from the given notes and ref books. Of course, ni bukan pertama kali aku baca utk exam. Dulu aku baca utk exam induksi. This time, utk PTK.

But on the spirit of nak lebihkan ilmu, aku buka internet malam tadi, dan baca reviews of the public on both Dasar, which is of course a good reading since nota and buku hanya tunjuk benda2 positif without having any analytical elements in them.

I.e, the notes and books spoonfeed you i.e MEMORIZE for the exam indeed, but do not make you THINK.

The 'balanced' reading from the internet definitely made one as better-read if not well-read, but that does not promise you being a better 'penjawab soalan esei' either,ha4.

Now, I'm reading DEB... Dasar Ekonomi Baru. Our original intentions have been clear-cut and noble - membasmi kemiskinan esp. kemiskinan mutlak, and menyusun semula masyarakat & hapuskan pengenalan kaum ikut fungsi ekonomi and/or wilayah.

Secara luaran, we are striving towards a balanced society, racial integrity and unity.

Originally, all the rancangan under this Plan nampak buahnya. Unfortunately, over a period of time, these rancangan made us more and more racist and bitter towards each other.

But none of 'them' would want to admit of this impact to the spirit of the society. Betapa sombong dan angkuhnya mereka.

We are, indeed, not going anywhere with this racial harmony. In fact, kita semakin melangkah ke belakang. Tidak ke depan.

Kalau aku jawab soalan macam ni tentang DEB dan diberi markah kerana BERFIKIR instead of MENGHAFAL, bukan ke bagus...?



Thursday, December 06, 2007

You're Poison

Ya Allah, mana mungkin akak boleh study macam ni, dek non oiii.

Dah la dia DELIBERATELY datang duduk atas my written notes, pastu dok sondol-sondol tangan suruh garu-garu leher dia.

Tak cukup dengan tu, punya la banyak flatulence dia! Kejap-kejap terbau kentut dia...kejap-kejap terbau kentut dia!!! Aiyohhhhh, gas poisoning betul!! Pegi beyak la Labiiiiiey!!!


Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Soul House For Rent

"Baru lah Kak Lin faham kenapa orang-orang zaman dulu suka bela Hantu Raya," said I during my running around the office, liaising between departments, agencies, staff and consultants the past 2,3 days.

Nak exam some more. Spot questions nallek pula tu. Die standing aku kena study semua perkara in four days. Isnin petang baru ni aku dah pitam-pitam. Malam tu terus kong demam kaw-kaw punya. Selasa gagahkan badan, sambung lari-lari-lari balik, terus demam hilang. Hari ni, Rabu, last day before study leave esok dan lusa.

And being the victim of own bureaucracy is the most shitezer thing that could happen to anybody. You’re the in-house developer but your own people treat you like a private developer.

No, private developer also got better treatment ‘coz the private developer can ‘pay’ and we don’t.

"Kenapa orang-orang zaman dulu suka bela Hantu Raya, Kak Lin? Sebab diorang nak jadi kuat ke???" itu Intan yang lurus-tapi-hardworking bertanya.

“Haish. Bukan nak jadi kuat, lah! Tapi boleh tolong buatkan banyak kerja dalam satu masa! Korang aje lah jadi antu raya Kak Lin, bleh??? Hahahahaha!”


Again, siapa-siapa interested or kenal siapa-siapa yang interested…?

Sigh. Sedih aku everytime orang nak move out... aku malas nak buat keja-keja 'rebonding' ni. Macam everytime putus cinta, gitew. Nak kena buat balik the whole cycle of cari orang baru, and kenal hati budi orang baru, and lay all the groundoworks lah, know whot I mean.

Tenants aku yang dah nak keluar ni pun, Aini & Wan, saaaaaangat gereksss. Unfortunately (or, very very fortunate for them!!! SO SO HAPPY FOR YOU, AINIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!! mwaks!), the lady dapat offer sambung belajar di maktab di JB, so, the hubby wants to commute je from parents' house in Rawang to Cyberjaya. My prayers for the best in them!!! And thank you ever ever so much, Aini & Wan, for adding to the list being the best tenants ever!

So, here goes:-

Residential House

For Rent

Jalan 2/5, Amanputra (behind Putra Perdana),
Puchong, Selangor.

Type of house:
Terrace (2-sty)

3 + 0.5 (Ironing Room / Larder Room) + Store Room underneath staircase


RM 500 (neg)

Date Available:

Footprint 22'x70'

2-storey terrace house for rent for Muslim Married Couples or Families only.

Situated behind “Putra Perdana”, sandwiched by a gated residential “Nusa Putra” and Cyberjaya highway. Across the highway from Multi-media University.

A very good location: local stores and amenities within reach in nearby Putra Perdana;10mins drive to Tesco or Pasar Borong Sri Kembangan; 20mins drive to Cyberjaya & Putrajaya.

Very strong neighbourhood watch and residents association (ARA – Amanputra Residents Association) with own Emailing Group ( Model residents association among residential area under Sepang Municipality.

Interior of house nicely painted with bold feature wall and feature core.

Dining area overlooking small garden.

Furnished with one solid Mexican wood round dining table, one solid Mexican wood single bed with 9” mattress and curtain railings.

Unfurnished kitchen.

Monthly rental of RM500.00 (negotiable), to be paid before 5th of every calender month.

1+2 upon moving in (a month’s rental plus two months’ deposit).

Can e-mail present tenant Wan&Aini ( or any members of ARA for further referral of area or house.


Monday, December 03, 2007


Oh, oh, did I mention how fooked I am this morning?

SOOO fooked that I'm gonna have to take a two-day study leave this Thursday and Friday for a PTK (Peperiksaan Tahap Kecekapan) exam next Monday and Tuesday that we (five of us architects) only knew about this morning.

(See photo: Exam slip dated yesterday, Sunday 2-Dec. Only received this morning thro fax. Exam on the 10th and 11th. How lahhh???)

Usually the Umum papers would need the takers to study for a good full two weeks minimum... itu dah masuk target soalan dah tu! So, not being able to target any questions and having only... *count days on fingers from Thursday to Sunday* ... only four full days to study... aiyak. Tak naik gaji extra la akewww.

Die die die.

There goes also my trip for a 5-day Buteyko Yoga with Cik Ta (Happy Birthday Cik Ta Zunitaaaaaa!!!) and Adik Nora this coming Thursday!!! Hwakkk.


Tok Kenali And Us

When Abang told me that Abg(Saifud)Din Nasution is the Pengurus Besar, Tabung Amanah Tok Kenali, I was amazed.

I never knew such Trust Fund existed, apatah lagi mengambil nama sempena my great-grandfather.

Well, not our great-grandfather per se, but our bloodline crosses at Tok Kenali's father (aunty-aunty uncle-uncle ku especially Manal@Dek Na di Kuwait ~ buah cempedak dijolok-jolokkan, kalau salah tolong tunjukkan!!!).

Tok Wi (Hj. Abdullah Zawawi), Tok Kenali's youngest son who has long migrated and resided in Makkah, and his own anak-anak and cucu-cucu are the closest to us the so-called Kenali-clan back in Kubang Kerian. Tok Wi's children, who are also Umi's cousins, are all adik-beradik se-susu dengan Umi's mother a.k.a Ma, which makes my Ammu Ghozy, my uncle, tak batal air sembahyang kalau peluk-peluk dengan Umi and adik-beradik perempuan Umi.

Tok Wi married my Ba's (my atuk, Umi's dad) baby sister, Tok Ngoh Aji.

And from what I know from Umi's information years ago, Ma's (my nenek, Umi's mom) late mom, Nenek Kedai (Umi's maternal nenek), is Tok Kenali's niece.

Maka... buleh dibuat conclusion:-
1. Kaitan Tok Kenali on Ba's side is through marriage, coz adik Ba kawin dengan anak Tok Kenali;
2. Kaitan Tok Kenali on Ma's side is by blood, which crosses at Tok Kenali's dad. Nenek Kedai and Tok Wi are first cousins.

Haaa, fenin kapla, karn??? hahahahaha

Ye la... Tok Wi is a first cousin to Ba's mom-in-law, tapi Tok Wi married Ba's sister pula! Macam, pening gitew.

Anyway, it's really really great to know that this fund reaches everyone in the Jajahan Kelantan household... Muslims, non-Muslims, termasuk "Pemimpin-pemimpin agama dan masyarakat bukan Islam". Respect!

Baru lah Islamic Setiap Hari, namanya. As oppose to Islamic Ada Hari.


Perhaps, it's also very apt to say here that on behalf of the Kenali clan, we would like to thank the Kelantan Government for such honour of the highest order of recognition to our Tok Kenali.

Tapi hendaknya, donch la judge the Wali Malaya by the cicit-cicit mace ambo nih, deh? hehehe

Read here, here and here further on Tok Kenali. Or just Google Tok Kenali for more infos.

1. There are also very many reference books on Tok Kenali written by a certain "Abdullah bin Hj. Salleh". From the way he wrote all those reference books, people always thought that Abdullah is Tok Kenali's grandson, from Tok Kenali's own son also by the name of Hj. Salleh, which supposedly makes Abdullah as Tok Wi's nephew lah kan.

But nooooo.

"Hj.Salleh father of Abdullah" here is actually the father-in-law of "Hj. Salleh son of Tok Kenali". "Hj. Salleh son of Tok Kenali" married Abdullah bin Hj. Salleh's older sister. Hence, Abdullah bin Hj. Salleh's connection to Tok Kenali is only through marriage, not by blood.

FYI, none of us the Kenali clan really feel comfortable of this guy claiming to be (or does not properly claim that he's not) Kenali's blood-family, tapi tak pernah ada orang refute to this claim (or no claim) on writing, until now.

2. Umi told me once that Bob Isabella @ Bob Lokman is also part of the Kenali clan... but no, don't think he kenal kami orang-orang yang kerdil ini :-p.


Sunday, December 02, 2007

The Debate Debacle

You know what?

I'm quite surprised that NTV7 showed the award-winning West Wing titled 'The Debate', where two opposing senators "battle it out in prime time live, moderator Forrest Sawyer attempts to ensure that the candidates remain within bounds".

Aren't 'they' afraid that this kind of show could give ideas to the rakyat what Democracy should be like - debated, all open to the scrutiny of the taxpayers???

Or perhaps 'they're' not that bothered coz 'they' think 'they've' succeeded in membodohkan majority of the rakyat, bodoh enough not to bother nor question about their own rights as taxpayers yang bayar gaji & elaun 'diorang', to actually ask what is it about The Winning Coalition yang takut sangat nak berdebat dengan The Oppositions live on air???

Kalau tak banyak salah, kenapa berlagak macam tak da telor, no? Menjerit macam samseng depan pengampu-pengampu, tapi bila dicabar berdebat secara terbuka, macam-macam helah ditimbulkan. Pengecut.

Dan pengecut-pengecut macam ni lah yang kita pilih dan undi untuk tadbir negara dan sumber-sumber kita, korang semua sedar ke tak?


Another Blissful Sunday Morning

On a sunny Sunday morning, things cannot be more blissful than this, can it...?

I have a mound of laundry to fold and sort, three kurungs to sew beads on, two bathrooms to scrub, a whole house to vacuum, a litter tray to replace the sand from, two cids (cat+kid) to bathe, etc...

But when either one of the boys would come over for some manja time like this, who in the right mind would not just sod the work and bask in the bliss instead...??

*sigh with contentment*


Saturday, December 01, 2007

The Rejects

There was a Blood Drive at my kondo area today.

At 3pm, my good friend Maria@Cik Ta called to say that she and her anak-anak menakan, KakNor and Iwan were on their way over. So, I waited for them so that buleh la beramai-ramai menderma, kan?

CikTa is a veteran donor, tu pun tah naper dia kata dia rasa gabra nak donate tadi. Tapi nak encourage K.Nor and Iwan punya pasai, dia sanggup drive all the way from Keramat to Bdr Sri Permaisuri and brought them along.

Kak Nor dah selalu pi cuba donate, tapi selalu kena reject bila part test hmglobin level coz haemoglobin dia rendah.

Cik Ta, eventhough a veteran, pernah juga kena reject coz kadang2 blood pressure higher than usual.

Iwan... He's a virgin Donor. He was so nervous as hell tadi that aku rasa kalau beri peluang dia balik rumah, dia akan balik rumah.

"Ish, bersunat pun 10x lagi sakit, Iwan!" aku beri sokongan. Hahaha

So, ok. The first to go for haemogoblin check was Cik Ta. Passing reading is 12.5...she scored 12.8! Great!

So, check pressure pulak... Aiyak, 159 over 90+!! Fail!

Aiseh... Mesti sebab dia extra gabra harini. Or maybe sebab dia bawak keta mcm pelesit, nak beat the 4pm Donor deadline tadinya, sebab itu blood dia go upstairs.

Tak pa lah Cik Ta, next time naa??

Ok, k.nor's turn pula for hmglbin level check... AGAIN tak lepas kali ni. 12 je bacaannya.

Cik Lin's turn pulak...gua confident gila, seyyy.

Breakfast? Check. Lunch? Check. Period or just had period? Nope. Sakit? Nope. Ada ambil ubat 2,3 hari ni? Nada. Enough rest? Check, check, check. I'm all prepared for this day, Dude. Just bring it on!

It felt macam nak buat benda daily routine, you know. Aku tak rasa stress whatsoever, and rasa happy and comfy. So, I was very confident that I would lepas all initial check-ups as I always would.

"Passing level is 12.5, ya. Kalau kurang, awak tak boleh derma," Misi (how do u spell...'missy'?'misi'?) kata, sambil tunggu my reading on the machine.

"Ok, faham. No problem," I said.

5 secs later, Misi jenguk reading... "Awak tak lepas lah. 11.2 je."


"Mesin rosak, tu... Mana boleh tak lepas! Ish!", I said. But I just had to resign to the rejection. Hmph.

Cik Ta and k.nor dah gelak-gelak. Iwan pulak dah lari keluar sebab semua perempuan tak lepas dan dia takut la kalau dia sorang je yang lepas.

Tapi dia masuk juga balik. Bila tiba for hmglbin test, dia LEPAS! Hahaha, habis la dia kena derma sorang-sorang.

Check pressure pulak.

Failed!! Oh how he was so relieved! Hahaha

So, there we were, four 'rejected' donors... apa lagi, aku pun ajak dorang pi celebrate being rejects - makan ice-cream at my place upstairs.

That beats MY disappointment, at least. Heh2.

Ah well, next time for me, then.



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