Saturday, November 24, 2007

Viral Attack

Labu Labi meneman AbgZul berehat.


The only thing that we did yesterday was ambil ubat kahak Abang and then we headed back home. He needed to draw the cartoon he's due for Malaysiakini.

All the drawing, scanning, rendering and emailing ended at 5pm. By then, he became quiter and quiter 'coz he wanted to avoid coughing. All that muntah kahak the night before sudah buat muscle perut and diaphragm dia all sore when he coughed.

Right after diner, he sat with me infront of the TV while I sew, and then he went to rest early.

Pagi ni, we thought we wanted to go to the vet for the Bucings' immunization and also to Giant before I shoot off to Nilai dengan komuter. But his condition not improving. A visit to the doc today says that he may have some viral infection in the lung, so the young doc (doing a locum, I presume) gave him antibiotics.

Tak berapa puas hati jumpa the doc actually, 'coz mcm tak tau apa-apa. So, balik tu, I called Umi for Dr.Husni's no. in Serdang, and my doc-aunt's, Aunty Nasriah, in Ampang. If Abang's not getting any better by today, esok nak bawa Abang jumpa Aunty Yah at least.

Nampak gayanya, there goes my trip to help my cousin petang ni.

Kalau tak kerana mak dia yg tolong kenduri aku dulu, aku pun malas nak keluar berjalan jauh-jauh on weekends tanpa Abang, sebenarnya. Kakak2 and abang2 to my cousin tu yg seramai 5 org pun tak datang wedding aku dulu... dia and adik bongsu dia je yg datang.

Aku bukan nak berdendam, tapi at least aku ada reason to be a wee bit selfish for the sake of Abang's health.

Tapi insyaAllah besar, aku akan pi tolong2 esok. Air kalau dicincang tak mungkin boleh putus...melainkan betul-betul dah keras jadi ais, je. Heh2.

And so far, for Mak Teh and my cousin's sake, hati aku masih dalam bentuk air lagi, bukan ais.

Have a great weekend, y'all!


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