Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Sniffing Labu and Ba

Have to help a cousin for her engagement Do this Sunday, hence have to decline the offer by the Officer's Club for a stint as Adibah Noor wannabe -- M.C cum performer.

*looks into the mirror to see if nose's getting longer*

Do you know that animals like sniffing each other's lubangjuboq prior to making friends?

Well, they do.

Tapi tak sangka pula Labu sampai sniff lubangjuboq Adi, no, not physically kat badan Adi, but kat gambar x-ray usus(+taik umur 6 hari) Adi, just to be sure if Adi's a friend or a foe.
Comel je.

Will story about that x-ray stuff later later alligator.

Kesian Adi, I tell you.

Ni untuk adik-adik ku serta saudara-mara ku yang jauh di perantauan... Ba telah selamat menjalani operation angio semalam di IJN. Spoken to Ba & Ma late yesterday evening on the phone when UmiAyah a.k.a Cik Zan&Ayah Li went over for a visit. Ba so the very very cheery one, Alhamdulillah. Rasanya Ba dah discharged this morning.

Gambar ni masa kami lawat Ba di IJN last Sunday maghrib. Cik Wan bawa Ma, Chomey and Ila from Cik Su's, and Abg Az the bakal doktor was there to temankan Ba di hospital. Cucu mithali, Abg Az kita tu, tak macam akak engkauorang niiii... hehe.

Long day today. 3rd meeting in half an hour. Later later alligator.



Mim said...

Kaklin, two questions. 1.who is Ba? Tokwan kaklin eh?

And the other question is..who is the cutie pie in black beside*pisss*..never meet him before..wish could meet later.
hahah *evil's laugh*

Mim again said...

And dont tell qia..nnti dia berebut..ahahaha

Roti Kacang Merah said...

mim anak sedaraku
yes, Ba is my Tokwan.

and that cutie-pie is my baby cousin, Azfar (or, we call him, Abg Az), 21 (or was it 22?) years old, taking medicine di Cyberjaya ;-)


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