Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Nakal II

Yesterday at 9am, the Lingam Correct3 Ringtone inspired by AbgDin Nasution was downloaded only for 86 times.

By night time, at 9.30pm, it climbed until 652 downloads.

20 minutes later at 9.50pm, it hit 762.

At 10.10pm, it was 892 downloads... and 10 minutes later, it was 949!

Fuh, macam exponential graph, gitu.

Thanks to Susan, Che'guBard and the rest of Abang's jinggeng, we all had a great laugh yesterday! Hehehe. Boleh bikin bisnis gini, ya nggak?

Dalam gurauan, Che'guBard kata "kerja tak senonoh dan paling mengarut tahun ni"... hahaha (akak tahu dia gurau je tu, correct ka Che'guBard? heh heh).

But, like I said to him, my hope is that this "kerja tak senonoh dan paling mengarut" will spread like wildfire, like an epidemic, like a plague... just like our system, plagued with so much equally if not more "kerja tak senonoh dan paling mengarut"! Also as a plain reminder to those people running the country that you lot don't try to be funny with the rakyat, 'coz we equally can so damn well make fun of you!

Correct or not correct?

*altogether now... "Correct, correct, correct..!"*




susanloone said...

korek korek korek!!!


abang masih tidok kah?

roti kacang merah said...

Still tidoq ah dia... still demam! That's why can use his laptop! hehe

Athene said...


korek, korek, korek...

6:47pm 21/11/2007 - downloaded 3,700 times!

very korek!

Roti Kacang Merah said...

...and at 9.12am 22/11/2007 - downloaded 4,175 times!!!

yes yes keep it goin' like wildfire! korek korek korek korek...



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