Thursday, October 04, 2007

My Honey and My Moon

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This morning's moon... for your collection.
28-09-07, 06:18

A photo from an old friend...

Last Thursday night the 27th could've been my perfect dying day ~ Khamis malam Jumaat, hari ke-15 bulan Islam hence malam bulan penuh, and bulan Ramadhan. Dan bulan penuh kali ni saaaaaaangat terang, it just took my breath away!

Oh how I wished Abang shares this sentiment of mine. Or maybe not just yet, at least. Albeit it's almost our 2nd year of marriage.

Come to think of it, I don't think he's even bothered about it. Like, say, if he goes outstation without me and then sees the fullmoon, the sight would just pass through his eyes. Pity huh? The most beautiful thing that happens, if you're lucky, for as long as 4 days in a month and people tend to take that for granted.

I've yet to go for a 'Moon Holiday with Abang. I've yet to have real unforgettable memories of/with Abang when I see the fullmoon. I've had bountifuls of fullmoon memories with my siblings, best-mates *waves to Fairuz, Steve Devlin, Kak Apis, Anna, Zack, etc* and old lovers, but no, I don't have any with Abang just yet. How I wished I do.

But my Honey... he doesn't deem it too important as much as I deem it so. I wished he could understand why at times I badly need him to share my Moon and create a memory of him when I see it. He is, after all, my husband... of all the people in the world that I would want to share my fullmoon with.



F.. manchester said...

Ye lah... why men like that? My full moon moment with hubby was flying back from London on our honeymoon, it was an evening flight as we hovered over London moments after take-off...there it was, a full bright moon against a clear starlit sky. RRRRRomantic! and that was that... after 7 years, no second moonlit moment encountered. Aaahh..Such is life.

Roti Kacang Merah said...

kak ilush
i tink aaa, one day we both must sit together under the fullmoon, along with our husbands and then let them see that rupanya bukan bini diorang sorang yang gilakan bulan penuh, heh heh.

hey do you still remember once how we walked back from Tollcross to St.Cat's this one Winter. The snow had just fallen, and kita sengaja jalan along the edge of the snow-filled Meadows instead of crossing through, just to see the fullmoon casting it's light on the snow yang saujana mata memandang and also on the snow-capped Arthur's Seat beyond???

ahhhhh..., couldn't get any better than that, could it...?

F.. manchester said...

Yes.. yes I remember. Infact there were loads of moonlit moments in Edin kan... From walking along princess st wif moon behind castle to us sitting in the dark at mayfeild living watching moon from window on that grey comfy sofa! I rasa everytime full moon and clear skies ada.. me and you angau with its vision!

Amy said...

Masa ni Amy kat Mekah ek? Rugi betul tak tengok masa kat sana..tak perasan langsung..iskk

bluewonder said...

allo allo??

me and abgngah say in CAPITAL LETERS ...GET A LIFE.

U guys ni werewolves dok ngidam bulan mengambang???

p/s I'm linking ur blog to mine

Roti Kacang Merah said...

kak ilush
eh boleh tulis buku lah... Memoirs of Fullmoon Nights or smthn, heh heh

'Cik Abe ada di sebelah di Rumah Allah, takkan nak tengok tempat bulan di atas,kan? hehehe. Tapi when I went for umrah tahun 2000 with family, on our way down from Madinah to Mekkah, we stopped halfway for Subuh and, MasyaAllah, fullmoon over the vast desert!!! Simply breathtaking!

Kak Ngah and Abg Ngah
tak romentik arr uollllsssss, heh heh. Kami mati esok nak jadi Cik Ponty... boleh gayut kat pokok renung bulan terang, heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeheheheheheheeeeee

p/s: I've long linked your blog to mine, tau!!!

cakapaje said...

Salam Lin,

Oopsie! It seems kita berdua were affected by the shiny yellowish disc seemingly afloat halfway between the Earth and the Heavens above ek! lol!

ps. i download gambar disc tu ye, hope you don't mind.

Roti Kacang Merah said...

bro shahrir
actually kan, i tak faham why people would not be affected by the silvery fullmoon!

ambil lah apa-apa gambar bulan dalam blog ni! memang untuk dikongsi pun! ;-D


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