Tuesday, October 30, 2007


An e-mail from Fairuz in Manchester ~


Dearest Friends...

Hazli (Dij's Beloved Husband) has just passed away last night around 10+ pm (UK time).

I don't know the exact details, since of all days I had left my HP at the office. Luckily Myra and Abg Ngah sent an sms to Shiddin's hp.

Was just on the phone with Dij for a few minutes... she sounded very calm but very sad. He had passed away at hospital and I'm not too sure whether she was at his side or not. She did mention that he had passed away quickly and peacefully. She sounded busy as they were arranging for his kebumian.

Shiddin and I, Insya'ALLAH will be heading off early tomorrow morning to Coventry and will update all of you accordingly.

Semoga ALLAH mengampunkan dosa-dosa Hazli and merahmati rohnya, and doakan kan lah Dij dan anak beranak kuat and redha..... as now another life's challenge, if not bigger than the one before, is upon them. Dij will need more support now then ever....


Innaalillaaahi wa’innaa ilaihi raaji’uun…

*wipe off tears*

Yesterday was also Hazli’s 38th birthday.

If only Dij dan anak-anak dapat merasai our hugs and love. Prayers to them all.

Again… AL-FATIHAH, to Hazli yang telah berjuang fighting with a later stage of stomach cancer since early September 2007...

*...a very poignant epitaph by Idham, here*


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