Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Al-Fatihah...: II

I hope Dijji doesn’t mind me putting this up untuk tatapan her avid followers…

Tue, 30 Oct 2007 12:24:47 -0700 (PDT)
From: "fairuz hanapiah"
Subject: Hazli selamat di kebumikan


Hazli dah selamat dikebumikan kat Coventry Walgrave Cemetery pukul 2-3pm tadi.

We arrived at Dij's house around 9.30 am... but everyone was at the hospital waiting for them to issue the death cert. Baru lah terasa bezanya meninggal kat negeri orang lain... eventhough he died 10pm the night before, there was no urgency to do the paper work I suppose cause urusan jenazah dia orang lain cara nya. Mat salleh... you have to wait till 9am baru office paper work starts. Anyway, by the time we arrived to the hospital, we were told to go to the ward... when we arrived at the ward... we were told that they had all just left.

To make a long story short, we just went straight to the mosque. When we got there, hazli baru je sampai. Dij was strong and composed. She looked tired but everyone puji and admired her strength. Ayah Hazli saw us and went straight to peluk Shiddin and menangis.

The mosque was under going major renovation work but had a proper room to bath jenazah. Since the pakistani community was in charge, we had to follow their ways... and one of them was that, women were not allowed. However, they later understood that our cultures were different and allowed all the women to see Hazli in the end.

Anak Dij yg kecik tu (4 yr old boy) ter soil his pants lak... so I hopped in Dij's car and teman her back to the house to wash him. Had a chat. Dij said his condition started deteriorating on Saturday. He was slipping to semi-unconsciousness. They decided to take him into hospital but his condition worsened on Monday. The nurse advised them to stay by his side. The last few hours, he was still able to mengaji... he did start to say things like.... "Nak pilih jalan mana ni?"... in between wake and non-wake.... and Dij jawab... jalan ALLAH. the last 40mins, he started complaining about a pain in his 'ulu hati', and the last 5 mins.... he finally fell silent and suffered very little while Dij bisik kat telinga nya.... and he went....

Dij's brother in-law dah nampak in the last hour, kaki dia start tegak, hidung dia jatuh sikit, mata nya dah start kabur.....

Dij's brother in-law flew in just a day before and helped with urusan mandi and kapan along with the pak imam. We were allowed to see him while waiting for Ayah Dij to sampai- he landed in Birm airport around 12pm. Muka hazli looked very peacefull. Mandikan dia pun kata ayahnya senang. Everything went soooo smoothly, even the forecast rain didn't come. It was clear blue sky, which aloud people to sembahyang jenazah at the car park. Ramai sangat orang berebut nak tolong. Itu rezeki hazli.

We accompanied Dij sampai ke tanah perkuburan. It was a beautiful place. Their neighbour, a pakistani family had their mother buried there a few graves away just the day before. They made sure that the graves were close so that in many years to come, everytime they would visit their mother's grave, they will visit hazli's too.

Dij was overwhelmed with people's help. Ramai offer tolong masak for the tahlil tonight and the following nights. I rasa there was almost 100+ people menolong tadi, if there wasn't it surely felt like there was.

Dij kirim salam kat semua, esp. to Myra. and offers her thanks for everyones doa's and well wishes. All in all, Dij and hazli's parents were very happy how he went. Sakitnya tak lama... sempat bertaubat dan mengucap. Sempat jumpa mak ayahnya and saudara and sahabat2nya berjumpa dan bermaafan. His last year of his life was the best... they were here spending quality time with each other, travelling and being very very happy!

The kids... the twins dah understand and you can see them crying. The girl is just quiet and bottling it up I think, but the little one.... he's another story. He knows what has happened but not to the extent of the older brothers and sister.

Well.... will visit Dij another fortnight Insya'ALLAH. I don't know what her plans are, but I'm sure she will make it known soon.

Well I'm a bit tired and will stop here. Please do contact Dij if you can.


Thanks Kak Fairuz, for the update. Lega dapat tahu cerita penuh.

SMS-ed Dijji yesterday morning M’sia time, presumably she’s either asleep to rest or sedang baca ayat-ayat suci for Hazli. Hope she received my sms.

Do tell her I’m reading Yassin for Hazli and for her & anak-anak’s strength from afar…



F.. manchester said...

Thanks Faszt.... it had been a tiring emotional roller coaster.. apa entah lagi utk Dij and family... kami cuma spectator.. itu pun emotionally drained.

Thanks for answering the knock on the door. Al-FATIHAH for Hazli.

roti kacang merah said...

kak ilush
the best i could help from afar, apart from the Yassin...

Thank YOU for sharing the details with all of us.

idham said...

salamm.....this is so touching!

and I am very happy for arwah for all the help he received and the ease God has made it for him for his final journey.

I am so proud and learn a lot from D's courage.

I have linked this entry in my entry.



rad said...

Bloghopped from idham. Thank you for sharing with us the updates.

Al-Fatihah utk arwah Hazli.

Roti Kacang Merah said...

abg idham
itulah, lega bila dapat tahu rezki arwah Hazli for his urusan pengkebumian. Orang-orang baik balasannya baik-baik belaka... Alhamdulillah.

I've learnt so much for Dijji's courage, too. Very very inspirational, even.

Thanks for hopping-by.

maklang said...

Rotikacang merah:

Terimakaseh kerana information pasal D's family. Walaupun maklang tak kenal dia in person, maklang rasa sedih sungguh bila dapat tahu dari Nisak pasal Hazli....

Moga2 arwah ditempatkan dikalangan kekasihNya...dan diberi rahmatNya sentiasa, Amin..

Amy said...

Kak Lin - Amy nangis baca blog dia. I don't think I could be as strong as her. I read that post dgn imagine myself in her shoes, tak berenti2 ngalir ok airmata.

bluewonder said...


I'm numbed and at loss for words. Hazli's passing has been a blow to me and the kaypoklub girls. As for
Dij...she is an epitome of strength and we have much to learn from her

Roti Kacang Merah said...

mak lang
dan semoga kekuatan Dij ada di dalam kita semua juga... Aaaamiiin.

setiap kali kawan-kawan kak lin terpaksa harungi perkara macam ni, kak lin tak henti menangis.

boleh ka kita sekuat diorang semua ni, kan..?

kak ngah
kalau faszt jadi kak ngah, agaknya, mesti lagis edih, since she was also your room-mate all those years you were there in Edinburgh...

mesti kak ngah wish you could hug here tightly.

even so, you been of very very great help of bringing us all together for Dijji and arwah Hazli...i don't think i could be that kinda good friend like you have been...

goboklama said...

Al-fatihah... dpt tau cerita ni seminggu sebelum raya, tak sangka begitu cepat dia pergi.. Semoga isteri & anak2nya terus tabah.

Roti Kacang Merah said...

...alhamdulillah, dia tak suffer that long, and sempat buat macam-macam & jumpa ramai orang sebelum dia pergi.


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