Thursday, October 25, 2007

Ahy's Work in Impiana! II

Bought the Impiana Mag last night.

So, here it is.

click for larger view

Notice the unenthusiasm in my first two lines above???

That’s b’coz, not only they didn’t mention that it’s Ahy’s work, the writer also wrote “…hasil paduan ilham isterinya(i.e isteri Bad) ini juga…”.

With all due respect to Bad&wife (GREAT house, uols!!!), but like, wot???

From what I know, Ahy did the entire job prior to his friend Bad getting married. And if you read from Ahy’s entry on this particular job here, Ahy did mention “…And thanks again bad for trusting me. Hampir 99% idea aku tuh and hampir 95% kerje-kerje tuh aku buat sendiri…”.

Yes, from what I know, Ahy did all of the décor except, I quote Ahy, the kitchen cabinets.

Eventhough Ahy took it very lightly and eased me by saying, “Alah Kak Lin, tak pa, lah… keja tu kecik je. Banyak lagi keja-keja hebat lain dalam magazine tu… Lagipun that’s not really the greatest job I did, pun, gegegege…”, but I said, due credit is due credit, ok.

Bengang ni. Ni kerja-kerja by adik aku, tau. Donch play-play with us, can or not???

Hmph, hilang sikit kepercayaan and respect aku at the magazine.

Now, baru lah aku faham betapa pentingnya ada Hakcipta Terpelihara.




F.. manchester said...

Wow... that looks really cool. Is this his style? He should also explore into minimilst decor and retro looks too. Its very in now.

All looks excellent- cuma 1 thing spoil... the TV cabinet.

Amy said...

Tak aci betul la Kak Lin..

Roti Kacang Merah said...

kak ilush
if you read ahy's entry on the makeover a year ago that i had linked, he mentioned that Bad is an anti-minimalist hence ahy decided to make it into a museum-gallery concept. Ahy also mentioned that Bad says he is planning to get a kayu-jati TV cabinet, hence, i presume the existing tv cabinet tu is supposed to be only temporary, heh heh.

itu la, sangat tak aci. the writer tu tak rasa pernah rasa kot if his written piece is not credited what it's due for.


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