Friday, September 28, 2007

Thank You, and Other Long Rants


First and foremost, allow me to thank all of you who supported my bro's FæmësAhÿ ®!!!

Bloggers include Goboklama (who actually added more orders after buying a couple of boxes, which she picked them up by herself! Thanks, Qissst!), Docyana & Amy, a silent reader 'Aliya' (waves Hiii!!!!), my colleagues, ex-colleagues, ex-roomies, friends... aiyoh. Tremendous thanks to y'all!!! Hope you like them cookies!!! :-D

He did the cookies all by himself, tau ~ with doses of love, care and tender. Juga dalam kesibukan nak menyiap decor rumah orang before Raya.

Occasionally, his Abang Said or Kak Celi or Umi will help in the baking/menyusun kuki... as how Ahy would call it. Punya lah ramai orang sayang ke dia!!! Alhamdulillah!

Masa aku cuti hari Rabu lepas ni untuk jadi driver Farhi for deliveries, aku tengok tempat kerja dia bake kuki kat dapur Umi, ya Allah, bersihnya! Dia and Kak Celi dia memang ikut Umi... the very very the hygienic people.

There and then also, I bought one box from him, nak kunyah-kunyah depan TV waktu malam. Sedapppppp!

So, OK, sad to say, as of today, orders for the kukis terpaksa ditutup kerana Ahy kekurangan kaki dan tangan, dah! Terima kasiiiiiiiiiiiih banyak-banyak atas sokongan padu to Ahy! InsyaAllah kalau Ahy rasa seronok, next year kita boleh order lagi, otey??? ;-)


Work at the office has really taken control the best of me. I’m now having palpitations since Monday, tapi, alar, mallllllas la nak pi jumpa doctor.

The last time I had this was in 2003. I was working so hard back then, I didn’t even have time to think about my drinking and even took home my work and sometimes faxing my drawings to everybody from home at night.

Last night was bad. We had berbuka puasa with FOMCA at PJ H!lt00n, and I felt like passing out. Rasa macam ngilu-ngilu di dada… macam jantung menguncup abruptly that everytime it does that, you either rasa nak muntah or your head macam kena pam angin. We went back way earlier than the others, and last night I turned in early at 9pm after taking painkillers. Bangun pagi tadi, lega Alhamdulillah.

But every morning since Tuesday memang rasa lega. Then you tend to forget to slow down at work, running around like a mad woman, cussing the slow ‘Net connection, and twice this week my arms got twisted badly, albeit literally.

It’s frustrating to be caught in own red-taping and bureaucracy; and then to be forced to follow instruction from ‘wahyu sana’ even though there are obvious setbacks. Like yesterday when my senior lady officer and I had to bear the grillings of the Head of Finance Dept. We went to see him to try get some extra budgets for the payments for our very hardworking consultants who merely, like us, had to follow instructions from ‘wahyu sana’. He went on and on about us not advising the ‘wahyu sana’ on the setbacks where as he himself know the situation and predicament. Senyum je lah. Iya-iyakan aje. Takkan nak kata kita punya own Big Bosses (yang lebih tunggi dari this Head) sampai kena marah-marah dengan ‘wahyu sana’ sebab tak cepat-cepat instruct to carry out the work padahal Big Bosses kita sendiri tahu yang budget untuk tahun ni memang tak ada???

My officer and I took in all that in a positive manner, though. Dengan niat belajar. Kalau tak, rasa amarah yang tak boleh dilepaskan pada sesiapa, kan?

But I suppose benda yang dipendam ni memang akan membawa kesakitan, kan?


Sebenarnya ada agak banyak benda yang aku tak tahan betul kerana memendam rasa. Like, on the family front (which I’m not really ready to divulge here. I’m just bersyukur that Abang has been very patient with all these thus far); and what’s happening in M’sia these days.

Like, baru-baru ni, pasal Nurin. How sick can one be??? Kita ni bukan Negara komunis yang tak da pegangan langsung. I thought this could only happen on TV, or anywhere else apart from M’sia. Just, how sick can one be???

And then, there was the news about how two kids witnessed their mom and her lady roommate being stabbed to death, and then was locked up with the mayat for 12 hours.

And then yesterday was about the Filipino man in Sabah who took hostage his 6-yr old nephew sebab mengamuk dengan wife dia yang allegedly being curang to him, and the bast@rd actually sliced three of the boy’s fingers and stabbed him at the head, maybe to silence him, before the man was finally shot down dead by the police.

How could things like this happen in our country??? I don’t think I could take all these any longer, lah!!! Can you???

I couldn’t even read the papers today, for fear of knowing more gory monsters that our nation has somehow created. What’s more, we have all these corrupted judges and officials and ministers and whoever, and none of the papers are covering them fairly to educate the readers who actually have the rights to information and accurate situation. Kita semua kat Malaysia ni terang-terang diperbodohkan. Tak payah pergi jauh. Balik rumah nanti, pi compare tengok berita ArTiEm and TVTiga, dengan BBC or CNN news on channel 93 and 90. Or even Skynews on Channel 70 la for that matter.

The local news tends to suap you with information and lies in hoping that the audience akan rasa satisfied and won’t ask questions back. Practically, they want you not to think much, so that you could go back watch reality tv, soaps or even konsert Mawi. But aren’t they supposed to have this, ethical journalism thingee ~ to report and speak the truth and not being biased???

Abang pernah kata baru-baru ni… our nation ni dah tak da moral langsung. Dan mulanya ini semua dari atas. Kalau Mak Bapak dah tak da moral, how could you expect anak-anak yang kecik ada moral?

Kalau rasuah di peringkat atasan boleh dicantas, dah pasti anak-anak kat bawah takut nak buat. Bila rasuah tak da, hidup orang lain tak tertekan. Bila hidup kurang tertekan, you won’t be getting orang-orang gila like how we’re getting them these days.

Pi tengok the Scandinavian countries yang practically have zero corruption. How’s the crime-rate like??? Pernah dengar ke cerita pembunuh gila dari Scandinavia? Tak da, kan?

Now, go learn.


Okay, apart from the twisted-arms et al, nak dibuat cerita, my computer crashed down on me the first thing in the morning when I tried to switch it on yesterday.

Dah le all my work and letters and minutes and whatever that I need for the week is inside there.

Ok, tak pe. Let me just call the Computer Dept.

But then Computer Dept. says they sub the maintenance work to orang luar, so kena call dorang so that they would get my case.

So I called them, let’s call them SASB, and the ever friendly staff took in my case and office number, and informed that since my computer is still under warranty, they’d have to call the manufacturer, Haitch-Pee, in Singapore, about my case and the Haitch-Pee will call me back to confirm their coming. Ok, tak pa. Boleh sabar lagi.

And so I had to work at my Technician’s desk, transfer calls on my phone to my TA’s and do my paperwork from scratch. It's like macam kena pindah masuk tumpang 'rumah' orang while 'rumah' sendiri under repair, tau. Nak kena get used to the layout, the gadgets, the setbacks. Aiyoh, itu saje dah ambil masa aku. Dah la my Technician's computer has lower specs than mine, jadi, terasaaaaaaaaaaa sangat kelambatan komputer tu especially bila nak view benda-benda berat.

Sabaaaaaaaar je lah. *tarik nafas panjang-panjang*

Tapi, no, no one from Haitch-Pee called me the whole day yesterday. I'm getting really nervous here.

This morning I called SASB back and SASB informed that the Haitch-Pee should’ve called me yesterday. Or maybe they have, but I wasn’t at my desk.

“And they don’t bother to keep on trying???”

“Tak pe Puan, lepas ni saya call diorang balik,” and went on to explain to me the procedures.

Apparently they had to call the regional office in S’pore where they key-in my case from there and instruct their people in KL to attend my case.

Ya Allah, macam korek idung dengan lengan berpusing kat atas kepala, baru jari masuk lubang idung, faham tak?

Soon, the Haitch-Pee called to inform that they’re waiting for the spare-parts to arrive from S’pore by this noon or Monday the latest before having someone to come over.

Wot the French-U-Connection-K???

Apa lagi, keluarlah “What????You know I’m very disappointed here Haitch-Pee is not a small-time brandname that you can’t have your own warehouse and spare-parts here in M’sia especially in a capital city like KL and since you know how you have made our lives highly dependant on computers how could you not have these spare-parts in M’sia???”

“Yes, ma’am. We would call you to update you soon,” came the reply, flat-toned, clearly trying to be patient with the semburan pagi Jumaat.

“Yes, please, do update me so that I could plan my work further from being so handicapped like this!”

“Yes. ma’am. Thank you ma’am.”

Aiyoh. Never ever will I recommend HPHaitch-Pee desktop to anyone, tau!

So, there. Macam mana la akak tak palpitate???


Annnnnyway, great weekends, y’all!



F.. manchester said...

I'd advise you to move to New Zealand- latest pole/study shows it to be the least currupted country in the world. There you can korek idung with the direct path using the correct finger:-}

elisataufik said...

aiyoh so many things, tak tahu mana satu nak komen.

1. Isy, tahun depan nampak gaya memang gerenti mesti confirm affirmative kena order kukis nih.

2. you have heart palpitations? dah jumpa doktor? bahaya tu..

3. eh janganlah cerita pasal Nurin.. kekadang rasa macam tengok Law and Order SVU lak. ngeri dan sedih dan sakit hati. Dan juga, takut nak balik Malaysia..

4. I think d.ell reliable lah. eh actually paling reliable ialah Mac. I tak pernah dengar cerita mac crash.

heh heh akhirnya komen semua.. ;)

roti kacang merah said...

Kak Ilush
Told hubby about working abroad. An Editorial/Political Cartoonist like him can certainly earn way more and get highly recognized overseas than he does at home.

But, apart from not getting his teh tarik and roti canai mamak, he sez it it doen't make sense for his 'perjuangan' if he's based elsewhere.


roti kacang merah said...

aiyoh bila i baca blog you, i feel guilty for malas nak mencuba buat kuih!

Anyway, itu lah... you thought you could only find these gory and sick details in CSIs or Law&Order SVU. Or, perhaps, these sickos get ideas from these programs tak???

I wished our organization uses Mac!!! Mudahnya kerja kami nak buat renderings!!! Unfortunately, we don't use Mac, huak.

And after they've ordered only a batch of HaitchPee, the last year or so they been ordering D.ell instead (the newer staffs in my Unit get them D.ell and so far have no complaints). Hmph. Menci, tau.


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