Saturday, September 15, 2007

Ramadhan 2007

Uploading entries from home is the sh*tezer I’m tellin’ ya. Line's really bad.


Third day of Ramadhan… so far, so good. Alhamdulillah, my asthma pun dah subside almost fully since last weekend, cuma ada remnants of stray phlegm at the base of my esophagus which could get pretty ticklish and could render me all frustrated having to cough and heave for the spit to come out.

The cold central air-conditioning at the office doesn’t help either. Sejuk mengalahkan winter di Edinburgh. I wished I did keep my winter gloves with me. At times it just gotten too cold even to type an sms. What the cold did help, however, was to keep me pretty cool while running up and down the office. Work is still pretty much hellish. Mujur my role as a client a.k.a Project Manager does not need me to physically run around chasing other departments. Aku tak leh bayangkan consultant-consultant aku yang dah berapa weekend tak tidur. Kesian dorang.

Tadi I missed my sahur coz I was up late last night, teman Abang sahur at 12.30 a.m. While Abang dok lepak-lepak depan TV before retiring for good, aku pun sama dok lepak sambil makan a bit of my pengat pisang. We went to bed at 2a.m, me being very confident that I could get myself awake at 5a.m for my usual sahur.

I did sahur alright… but in my dreams. I really did dreaming about bersahur! Of course I woke up from my dream at 6.27am and realized that I missed my sahur. Aiyoh.

Mujur la hari Sabtu, boleh bermalas-malasan. Kalau hari kerja, mau pengsan aku going through the day without alas perut. I’m the type yang tak boleh skip breakfast, hence, sahur is very important to me.

Oh how I love Ramadhan. Ramadhan just breaks the much routinized life you been living day after day the rest of the year.

Masa belum kahwin dulu, Ramadhan over the weekend at my parents' home means free-er time during breakfast and lunch. And to be able to hear Umi’s Quran recital at every free moment, especially after Subuh and after Dzuhur. She makes sure that every year she would khatam the whole Quran during the fasting month, so everything else pretty much takes a back seat for her to concentrate on the quest.

Now that I’m married and still no kids, Ramadhan over the weekend pretty much means the same thing ~ free-er time during breakfast and lunch. Petang nak berbuka we both will scour the pasar Ramadhan for food and back at home I’ll just cook rice and telur dadar for Abang. And occasionally we both will fulfill some social or family’s obligation of getting together for iftar.

(Has anyone realized how mahal things are for this year’s Ramadhan??? Teh Tarik is RM1.30, murtabak is RM2.00/piece, Nasik penuh utk sorang & ayam masak merah+kentang utk sorang & sayur kobis masak putih utk dua orang is RM6.00!

Kat pasar Ramadhan Jln TAR, kuih is now 40sen/piece instead of 3 biji for RM1.00. We both can’t imagine how next year’s gonna be like, now that crude oil price has shot up to record high of USD80/barrel. So much of us the civil servants got the much deserved pay-hike huh.)

I’ll say life is a wee bit easier on me once I’m married. I’ve no one else dictating my life apart from myself and Abang, which I’m pretty much thankful for really.

And Abang is such an easy person to please. Asalkan ada kuih cucok badak/buah Melaka, telur asin / telur dadar, teh tarik and kuah kari for berbuka, he’s a very happy man. Alhamdulillah, syukur.

Eversince I lost a Loved One a week before puasa in 2003 (not 'lost' as in being dumped, but 'lost' as in passing over), each year I kinda look forward for the month to arrive. The thought of syaitan iblis kena rantai and in place would be the spirit and souls of your loved ones get to be free and roam around you for the whole month of Ramadhan just warms me up.

Imagine arwah Abah Abang gets to hang out beside Mak back at home in Pendang.

Arwah Atuk and Nenek belah Ayah menjenguk all their 14 kids and cucu and cicit and see whether everyone’s alright.

Arwah anak bongsu Norzie (who passed away middle this year at the age of 5 mths) dapat datang jumpa Norzie and hug her tight.

Arwah Abang Bitee (who passed away end of December last year) dapat jumpa his baby Danial yang baru lahir mid-July baru-baru ni.

Arwah Abang Nazri will visit Kak Teh and the kids in Ireland.

Abang Umar Tan will roam and see how his beloved friends are doing.

And oh, I bet Zetty would also be waiting for Ramadhan eagerly ‘coz it’s gonna be the best month to be able to really ‘speak' to both her beloved... I cannot imagine how much she and her adik-adik truly miss them.

Maybe for some, the thought of all these can get pretty scary, but to me it just warms me to the bone. I mean, why would you want to be scared of your beloved one, right? ‘Long as you keep it in your head that sebulan Ramadhan ni, setan iblis semua kena gari, then all else will go well ;-).

‘That said, inilah masanya nak tengok segala-mala cerita antu on the DVD…impact takut dia kurang sikit, heh heh.

Oh how I wished this Ramadhan would trail away ever so slowly…even slower than before. Lebih-lebih lagi since Abang & I are both sangat malas nak sambut Raya.

Now that is another story to share.

Okeh, gonna try my second attempt on translation work tonight. My first work has just been published in Abang's paper's recent edition. W'pun no mention of my name as the penterjemah bebas, but as a rookie, I felt downright teruja gitu yo! Best jugek... hehe.

So, to all Muslims, hope you have a brilliant Ramadhan of ibadah, mkay?



elisataufik said...

teringat masa kecik2, bila balik kampung kat Merang. Malam tujuh likur tu lepas penat main mercun mesti dok baring atas tilam tengok the exposed rafters and imagine Arwah Bah dok atas tu jenguk cucu-cucu dia.
masa tu kecik lagi, belum tengok cerita Nang Nak, so takdelah seram. Tapi bila pikir balik, seram gak sikit2.. hee hee.
Malam raya mesti rasa sayu aje, sebab Arwah Bah terpaksa balik.. :(

Roti Kacang Merah said...

Ek-eh betul. malam raya nanti rasa extra sayu 'coz terpaksa say bubye to beloved souls...

and terpaksa terima semula antu setan jin afrit semula roaming the world. hmph.

F.. manchester said...

Thanks for remembering Arwah Agang Nazri....

Roti Kacang Merah said...

Harlow ilush ;-)

How could any of your friends not remember Arwah Abg Nazri (and your big sis&anak-anak) who fought his best to live...


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