Monday, September 10, 2007

My Sunday Rest *

* from the infamous W.H.Auden's "Stop All The Clocks, Cut Off The Telephone"

How was your weekend, y’all???

My Saturday was filled doing translation for Abang’s office, almost half a day at the cc by the pool. Maybe it’s a pro-bono thing, maybe not. Apa-apa pun, I’d like to regard it as my ‘contribution’ to Abang’s perjuangan. Glad Abang liked it, with minor changes he says. I may just do it again. I find it as a great way to understand better the writings of our social activists. Kalau biasa, kita baca sambil lalu aje. Ini, we have to understand what they’re trying to say, and translate that properly. But I’m telling’ ya this online kamus helped me way much than the hardcopy kamus did. Or perhaps we don’t own a great kamus agaknya.

The rest of the day was spent doing laundry, kemas rumah and cuci both bilik airs.

At night, we were supposed to go for a BBQ at Ayah Dan & Cik Noor’s in Bangi, another get-together among Ba&Ma’s anak cucu. Like, everytime, it just has to be on Abang’s deadline-weekend la kan… another story of our lives. Aku dah letih dah asyik tunjuk muka sorang-sorang without Abang eventhough I love family gatherings macam tu (dengan syarat, yang buat kat rumah orang lain la, bukan rumah my folks, hahaha. Penat woo kalau buat kat rumah my folks. Akak dengan adik-adik akak yang jadi mangsa mengemas mencuci. No fun.).

Unfortunately, malam tu Abang balik lewat coz he had an assignment in P.J at 5pm. Abang sampai Cheras close to 8.30pm, and I saw that he was dead knackered. He requested that we should skip the BBQ thing. I had to relent, no? Kot dia letih gila nanti and jatuh sakit, akak juga yang kena tanggung, bukannya orang lain lagi. So, I sms-ed Cik Noor an apology. Hopefully they will understand. Abang’s job bukan macam orang lain ~ kita semua balik rumah or masa weekend boleh terus tutup buku, but not him.

Oh, by today, my blood-stained phlegm had finally stopped, Alhamdulillah. I was bogged down with blood-stained phlegm the whole day Friday, tapi alaaaaaaaah mallllllllllllllllllas nak layan lah, since I wasn’t feeling all too bad other wise. So, Alhamdulillah it stopped by Saturday noon. Kalau ada pun, sikit-sikit je… which I presume, maybe, something inside there ada luka sikit due to the rather vigorous coughing I been doing.

Sunday? My truly malaih (malas) day. I woke up at 5am to sahur while Abang worked on his drawing board to put forth sketches of his upcoming cartoon. Lepas Subuh, aku tertidur depan tv, and sedar-sedar at 7am Abang was all ready for work dah. Kesian laki aku. Said bubye to him and continued with my beauty rest…sedar-sedar dah close to 11am with Labu Labi bergelimpang keliling aku and us all di bawah hembusan air-cond! Wow, what a great long-overdue rest, I tell ya. And being posa, malaih aku menjangkit sampai ke petang. TV DVD TV DVD. Best gila. The only workload I did was lipat baju and tukar pasir LabuLabi. Letih tu, wooo.

In the evening, Abang called to say he may have to come back a wee bit late coz they had to cover a really big news from the East Coast, the ceramah clash in Batu Buruk.

Sigh. You know, we all pay them police and FRU b*st*rds’ gaji with our tax money, and yet siapa yang depa bela??? Not, not us the public.

Ibarat kasi makan ke rimau, rimau makan tuan balik.

More unbiased reading here, here and here by the great Mz.Eli Wong or even from BERSIH (Coalition for Free & Fair Election) website itself. More news and photos on next Suara Keadilan, this coming Tuesday’s issue.

Also here, a motion to the Parliament by MP Kubang Kerian Salahuddin Ayub.

Dalam hal ni, duduk tinggal di Thailand pun lagi bagus. If you can still remember, once some 50,000-odd tax payers marched the city to call for the corrupted administrators to step down, and their police and FRUs were there too, not to intimidate the rakyat but purely as peacekeepers. Baru lah kena caranya, kan?

I found this apt Latin phrase...
Fiat justitia et pereat mundus
~ "let justice be done, even should the world perish"

Indeed! Deo volente!!! (God willing!)

Will update soon on my military tattoo outing at Stadium Merdeka with Abang last Friday evening… a very much impromptu act which I actually enjoyed despite the rain halfway through. A pure distraction of thy lungs troubles.

Another long day today.


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