Thursday, September 20, 2007

Help! Where Have My Flickrphotos Gone?!

I think I’m f*cked big time.

Yahoo!Photo’s closing down this 18 October and they informed that they could help transfer the photos from Yahoo!Photo directly onto my Flickr (or Photobucket, etc) with a touch of a button, in which I did touch that button, but without them actually providing proper warnings such as:

"I have a free account. Some of my photos aren't showing up. Why?

On a free account, Flickr limits the number of photos displayed.

If you have fewer than 200 photos, we display them all. If you have more than 200 photos, only the most recent 200 are displayed.

(My photos in Yahoo!Photo definitely ada more than 200 pix!)

Your photos are not removed from Flickr, only from the list of your photos. If you blogged a photo and it no longer appears in your list, it will still appear on your blog, and the photo's Flickr page will still work just fine.

(Yeah right. Then why is it Abang’s Bloggers vs Gov. cartoon nor even my buddy icon appear on my blog???)

If some of your photos aren't showing up, don't panic! Just upload some fresh ones. Or upgrade to a Pro Account.


So, you know, if you go here to my flickr page, ada 11 gambar or so je appear.

And what’s with the bendera lanun kat logo Flickr tu??? Sheesh.

Aiyoh. Whyyy lah. Really not making my day any better.

Help, anyone???



muna said...

dulu2 saya pernah ada more than 200 photos kat flickr. then panik sebab carik2 gambo lama tak jumpa. what i did was save semua gambo2 yang appear, then delete setelah save. then gambar yang tak jumpa tuh appear balik kat flickr.

cuba aa test try kalo2 menjadik ;)

p/s: now semua gambar2 masuk album kat multiply. unlimited, bleh buat album banyak2. just untuk free version dia kasik simpan format 640x480 je. kalo upload file besar dari tuh, lepas sebulan dia akan resize kepada 640-480 ;)

Roti Kacang Merah said...

hi muna,
hmmm jenuh jugak yek, nak kena memindah2 beratus2 gambar! mati 'den. dah la agak busy 'la ni.

maybe nak kena buat kat cc kot... cepat sikit prosesnya, kan?

also, tgh check-out multiply ni (cuma, agak susah mahu get connected la, multiply ni)... anyway, thank you for the info!!!! :-D


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