Thursday, September 06, 2007

Grouchy Days

I been very grouchy, grumpy and crabby, today and yesterday.

Pagi ni bangun sahur sambil teman Abang melukis (ya, last minute qada’, so sue me). Right before imsa’ I took the ubat batuk, which is supposed to be drowsy. But I refused to catch some winks for fear terlajak tidur.

So here I am today, grrrrouuuuuuuuuuuchy.

Office is so damn cold. And I still have that phlegmish cough. And it’s tiring to be doing all at the same time ~ work, and breathe. Yes, breathing is still very much a chore to me for the time being.

But work-wise, Alhamdulillah a lot of things are pretty much settled for now. Esok ada meeting dari pagi sampai petang. Draft-draft surat di bilik boss ada berlambak-lambak coz he’s been away the past 3 days. I anticipate that esok will be another very long day for me.

Really can’t wait for the weekend. Nak jahit jahit jahit.

Oh, esok ada product launch dinner kat Renaissance. Langsung tak ingat, baru tadi diperingatkan. Patut ada strawberry-dipped-in-fondue date dengan Abang esok malam at Chocz KLCC. Nampak gayanya Chocz-date tertunda lagi buat sekian kalinya. Hmph.

Oh ya need to call the vet. Sejak menjak ni Labu suka cari gaduh dengan Labi, suka rampas tempat mana-mana Labi hinggap. He sometimes will start off as being so baik, licking Labi and all that, and then 2 minutes later dia gigit-gigit Labi sampai Labi jerit-jerit. Kadang dia kejar Labi satu rumah, berkeriau-keriau Labi menjerit mintak tolong.

Apa kehal la. Tapi bila aku raise my voice and jegil bijik mata ke dia, tahu pula dia (Labu) nak back off.

And oh ya, all these while I know that foie gras is a delicacy, but never knew how foie gras was made of, until last Tuesday. Aiyoh, why lah people could do this to the animals. And foie gras is not even a healthy thing to be eaten!

(read more here, here and here)

Semalam I saw the foie gras video clip… satu malam aku pening lepas tu. Now I know hikmahnya kenapa masa Petronas hantar surat offer untuk buat medicine dulu, aku tak de kat rumah and so I missed the boat. Don’t think I could muster all these lah… baik on human, mahupun on animals.

Oh am I so glad dilahir di dalam Islam. Alhamdulillaaaaaah, syukur!

Okeh nak attempt helping Abang out on some really long translation of a couple of articles by his friends. First time ni, entah lah. I hope I won’t disappoint Abang too much.


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