Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Story of FæmësAhÿ®

Have you guys ever received this one particular circulated e-mail earlier on in the beginning of the millennium, about this lady who was duped out of her money at the infamous F@mous @mos stall and she threatened to sue them unless she was given their recipe? No?

So, anyway, the lady was given the recipe alright, and she had it circulated around the globe in order to teach them some lessons about honouring customers.

I received it once, but being not-so-ardent about baking, dismiss the e-mail pretty much so.

But my own baby brother, Farhi, known for his Twisted Makeovers among his friends (or even to some of the readers of my blog), took the email pretty seriously and actually went out to buy the ingredients and baked them cookies in his spare time. This was when he was still working as an Engineer in some US-based oil&gas co. He’d come back from the middle of the sea, and bake us the cookies, and even bake to be sent for his baby brother who is studying in Bath and also for our consumption during Raya.

I’m tellin’ ya. Our relatives & guests would come to visit and among the tens of cookies we’ll have for Raya, my bro’s would be the most favourite, often finished off first!

For those who love F@mous @mos, you’d know that the cookies are made from real butter and bukan margarine timbang dari some kedai timbang, ok.

I was never bothered much about what the ingredients are all about, but I’ve seen them from afar (Ahy suka kumpul bahan-bahan dia dalam Tupperware khas) and they’re not cheap, ok. Cooking Choc Bars, Oatmeal, butter, choc chips. Padanlah biskut ni boleh tahan rangup even if you simpan for 3,4 mths! Honest to God, tak tipu ni!

So, this ‘private baking’ has been going on for 3 years, y’all.

This year, however (no, make that this morning!!!), he decided to try test the market and appease people and that yo! Never dismiss emails like that leh!

I’m not gonna get one single sen out of this promo I’m tellin’ ya. In fact, I plan to buy some myself (and for my mom-in-law) as part of my encouragement to my baby bro. But sharing is caring, y’all. When I say something is good and really sedap, you bet my J-Lo @ss I mean every fleeking word I say!!!

Aiyoh aku tengok gambar yang dia e-mail ke aku pun dah rasa kerangupan dan kewangian dia..... yummmm!!!

So, kalau nak tempah, tempah cepat sebelum terlambat. It’ll be a two-persons show (my bro and, err, I don’t know… maybe his friend? Or my baby sis?), baked and packed with love and care. So, ada limited orders!!!

Only RM20/50 pieces this year, as promotional price!!! Next year pasti la naik harga, tuan dan puan. Kuih orang lain yang buat dengan margarine timbang pun dijual RM23 – RM25, tau!!!

So, do contact my baby bro for his dellllllectable, yummy, crispy FæmësAhÿ® at 0123142353 or email farhi_rosley@yahoo.com, or to his Twisted Makeover page, here!

Eiii tak sabar for Umi to drop by this noon for some samples!!! Drooooooling, man!

Selamat Berpuasa, y’all!!!!



Ahmad Nurfarhi Rosley said...

Ayooo, leh jadi citer lakk... Malu nyerr... Wahhh cantik iklan gambar tuh.
Tenchu ak lin sbb tlg promote and jualkan 20 box of cookies. Nanti Fahy bg free 2 box tu tau. Saje jer.
Kalau org nak order lg, ambek jer lah order. Kak Linda n Said x bukak kedai lg. gegegege..

Muahss... tenchuu...

Amy said...
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Amy said...

Rajinnya Farhy!

Roti Kacang Merah said...


alah, kan kita biasa buat benda-benda ni sesama since korang kecik-kecik dulu... ;-D

wokeh, arini kak lin anticipate ada byk lagi order, tau!!! Be warned!!! hehe


ya, ya, adik-adik saya suma jenis yang rajin-rajin, tak macam kakak sulung dia ni, heh heh

DocYana said...

eiii...tensionnya dgn streamyx!

if your bro's cookies are as delectable as you make it sound, I nak book 400 pieces tau! and kalau dpt great reviews from my clan, I nak priority in making further purchases, bleh tak? Heheh..

BTW, my cat got vaccinated yesterday at the vet and hari nie dia asyik nak tidooooo je...naper ek?

Zetty said...

pesan ngan ahy..tahun ni raya makcik nak datang rumah.


Amy said...

Zetty, kita gi sama..ok? ehehhe

Roti Kacang Merah said...

Eh, serious ke ni nak book 400pcs??? kalau serious, I nak place order ni!! :-D tapi, camner nak deliver ke Tanah Merah, lah?

Anyway, macam baby yg baru kena vaccin, kitty pun boleh rasa kurang sihat lepas vaccin, kot? ntah, i pung dah tak ingat dah if my kitties pun asyik tidur lepas vaccin!

Masak berkuah berulam nangka
Nak datang rumah?? Sila Sila Sila!!!

Jom jom jom kita gi Raya sama2 rumah Umi kak lin, hahaha!!! Best!!!

DocYana said...

I serious laaaa....in fact I dah email dah your bro ahy smlm tapi dia tak balas pun....

I booking tau!! nanti i try sms la plak.

Roti Kacang Merah said...

bro kata dia dah terima sms u! ;-) and i dah include your orders!!! Thanks for the support!!! :-D

aliya said...

salam. am one of ur silent loyal reader tapi ari ni tak nak silent lagi sbb nak order cookies ni!

baru last nite i komplen to my mom yg famous amos cookies dah mahal skang ni!

so, still bley order ker?

my email pringgadhani@gmail.com

Roti Kacang Merah said...

alamak, mujur i buka comment ni arini!!!

boleh, boleh order, tapi untuk diambil masa weekend 7okt je tinggal!! Will email you! tq! :-D


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