Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The Annual Malady

I’ve so much work, I don’t know where to start.

My lungs and diaphragm-muscles are still so sore from the asthma-fiasco on both Friday and Saturday, I’m just too tired from the running to the sink at home or to the pantry at the office and cough-out the phlegm… and greenish at that, too. From Day One, i.e. Friday. An indication of a not-so-good case… the green phlegm, that is.

I’ve so much ventolin and bricanyl in me, my heart’s palpitating and my fingers are trembling from the effects.

You guess it right… I didn’t have a great long weekend. At all.

Thursday pre-Merdeka was spent at the office running around sussing out some 500 pieces of drawings and documents among the consultants for another tender submission by 4pm. Nak dibuatkan cerita, masa tu lah internet nak down. And to top it all, I was sneezing hard with runny nose. I just knew kalau kena macam tu, mesti melalut ke asthma.

Yaaa betul. Malam tu takleh tidur sebab bersin-bersin.

Friday and Saturday came spiralling by. Abang’s nieces came on Friday for the long weekend and poor them, Abang had to deal with their food and some of the chores without me. So tak larat. I couldn’t even snigger at their jokes. It hurt my chest so bad.

I had Abang tapped hard at the back of my chest every now and then to ease my breathing that it felt like my back may been bruised a bit by that. But the tapping just made me feel so good. Macam buat all the mucus shook out from the alveoli, leaving me easier to breathe.

Had to beg the doctor for nebulizer on Saturday morning… 2nd since early 2006. Boleh dia kata, eh boleh lagi ni, cukup guna puffer pun dah ok. Told him I have not been sleeping the night before, puffing away on my inhaler almost every 20 minutes to no avail. My own wheezing was so noisy behind my ears that I felt like taking out the lungs and cuci kat sink all the oozing dampness surrounding the airways, just so I could sleep.

Right after the full dose of neb, hell, I felt like going for a swim!!! Rasa lega gila, like, breathing wasn't a chore anymore but a natural thing to do! Of course la aku tak pi swimming kan. Gila tu.

True enough, 20 mins after that, the attack came again. Aiyoh, I just don't understand. I just succumbed into bed, from 11-ish till late evening while Nieces with Pak Ngah in the living room catching-up with the DVDs that Pak Ngah bought. Heard them laugh and having fun from the seclusion of my bedroom. How I could join them lot.

Oh this annual asthma thingy. Sekali kena, terus rebah.

It’s Tuesday now. Felt a wee bit better since Sunday, but yesterday afternoon was bad. Luckily it abstained just in time for the evening’s last-minute consultant meeting that lasted till 7pm. The phlegm-laden cough still strikes every now and then, and still made my diaphragm and left side of the head sore.

I’m doggone tired and drowsy from the 5 types of drugs I’m taking in, but I’ve so much work, I don’t know where to start.

With that note, since yesterday I been addicted to this. A tad too late for me, I know, since it seems she’s stopped writing since Feb 2006 and almost every other M'sian netizens have dropped by and glued to her writing. I hope she would still continue sharing her honest repository of her world, it's really an eye-opener for a seekor katak bawah tempurung like moi. Heh.

Some says she's contributing here, but I saw ada yang old entries from the original blog. Ah well. Beats the tons of work I don't know where to start from. Haha.



NotesFromVenus said...

Hi thanks for linking to our site. Yes, she does post with us and her stories are so good, even old ones are still fresh for some. We're working the Datin to come back with new stuff for everyone, stay tuned!

Meanwhile, there is a Datin-ish blogger out there whom we're keeping our eyes on, its Datin Diaries crossed with Sex In The City in a gym environment :)http://gymbitch.blogspot.com/

Roti Kacang Merah said...

Hi Venus

wow, thanks for dropping by and providing GREAT news about Datin's impending comeback!!!

oooh I betcha everyone can't wait!!!

Read on the surface, the gymbitch. Perhaps it will be more addictive the deeper I venture. But not as captivating as DD's at just one go!!

Cheers, Venus! :-)

Amy said...

Kak Lin - DD mmg best, I wanna check it out la the new link tu..
Alah siannya dia Asthma..*hugs* get well soon kak..

Roti Kacang Merah said...


tenchu for the huggsss *hugs back*

Jaa said...

hai LIN...jaa here.u got bad astma...kesian you.i also got friend like you...gabra giler beb bila time tak bleh nafas....ceh!!!!
but i want rekemen coz my friend also use this: seretide accuhaler.much better.at least you got 'something' b4 sampai klinik/hospital.realy...its work

Roti Kacang Merah said...

hi jaa! thanks for dropping by!

I've googled seretide accuhaler... i see that it contains a kind of steroid, maknanya, it's more of a preventer than reliever.

ubat preventer ni, dia kena guna tiap-tiap hari, or in dosage as prescribed by doctors (maybe, 2 or 3 times a day shj, not more than that). selalunya sebab lungs dah lemah, so, preventer ni perlu diambil to prevent attacks coz lungs dah lemah to fight the inflammation.

what i need is a good reliever coz i jarang kena teruk.... selalunya, kena setahun sekali aje. tapi kalau sekali kena, i need to puff maybe every half an hour.

kalau guna steroid-based everyday (which i had back in 99), weight-gain is bloody deplorable, you! I pernah gain 5kgs in 2 mths! i terus stopped taking preventers. tak sangggup. dah la badan memang sedia berat.

and by the way, seretide accuhaler is not good for women yang ada plan to get pregnant. so, biar lah dulu, suffer sikit...

nevertheless, i thank you very much for sharing your own experience, albeit your friend yang kena, bukan you!!! :-D


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