Friday, September 28, 2007

Thank You, and Other Long Rants


First and foremost, allow me to thank all of you who supported my bro's FæmësAhÿ ®!!!

Bloggers include Goboklama (who actually added more orders after buying a couple of boxes, which she picked them up by herself! Thanks, Qissst!), Docyana & Amy, a silent reader 'Aliya' (waves Hiii!!!!), my colleagues, ex-colleagues, ex-roomies, friends... aiyoh. Tremendous thanks to y'all!!! Hope you like them cookies!!! :-D

He did the cookies all by himself, tau ~ with doses of love, care and tender. Juga dalam kesibukan nak menyiap decor rumah orang before Raya.

Occasionally, his Abang Said or Kak Celi or Umi will help in the baking/menyusun kuki... as how Ahy would call it. Punya lah ramai orang sayang ke dia!!! Alhamdulillah!

Masa aku cuti hari Rabu lepas ni untuk jadi driver Farhi for deliveries, aku tengok tempat kerja dia bake kuki kat dapur Umi, ya Allah, bersihnya! Dia and Kak Celi dia memang ikut Umi... the very very the hygienic people.

There and then also, I bought one box from him, nak kunyah-kunyah depan TV waktu malam. Sedapppppp!

So, OK, sad to say, as of today, orders for the kukis terpaksa ditutup kerana Ahy kekurangan kaki dan tangan, dah! Terima kasiiiiiiiiiiiih banyak-banyak atas sokongan padu to Ahy! InsyaAllah kalau Ahy rasa seronok, next year kita boleh order lagi, otey??? ;-)


Work at the office has really taken control the best of me. I’m now having palpitations since Monday, tapi, alar, mallllllas la nak pi jumpa doctor.

The last time I had this was in 2003. I was working so hard back then, I didn’t even have time to think about my drinking and even took home my work and sometimes faxing my drawings to everybody from home at night.

Last night was bad. We had berbuka puasa with FOMCA at PJ H!lt00n, and I felt like passing out. Rasa macam ngilu-ngilu di dada… macam jantung menguncup abruptly that everytime it does that, you either rasa nak muntah or your head macam kena pam angin. We went back way earlier than the others, and last night I turned in early at 9pm after taking painkillers. Bangun pagi tadi, lega Alhamdulillah.

But every morning since Tuesday memang rasa lega. Then you tend to forget to slow down at work, running around like a mad woman, cussing the slow ‘Net connection, and twice this week my arms got twisted badly, albeit literally.

It’s frustrating to be caught in own red-taping and bureaucracy; and then to be forced to follow instruction from ‘wahyu sana’ even though there are obvious setbacks. Like yesterday when my senior lady officer and I had to bear the grillings of the Head of Finance Dept. We went to see him to try get some extra budgets for the payments for our very hardworking consultants who merely, like us, had to follow instructions from ‘wahyu sana’. He went on and on about us not advising the ‘wahyu sana’ on the setbacks where as he himself know the situation and predicament. Senyum je lah. Iya-iyakan aje. Takkan nak kata kita punya own Big Bosses (yang lebih tunggi dari this Head) sampai kena marah-marah dengan ‘wahyu sana’ sebab tak cepat-cepat instruct to carry out the work padahal Big Bosses kita sendiri tahu yang budget untuk tahun ni memang tak ada???

My officer and I took in all that in a positive manner, though. Dengan niat belajar. Kalau tak, rasa amarah yang tak boleh dilepaskan pada sesiapa, kan?

But I suppose benda yang dipendam ni memang akan membawa kesakitan, kan?


Sebenarnya ada agak banyak benda yang aku tak tahan betul kerana memendam rasa. Like, on the family front (which I’m not really ready to divulge here. I’m just bersyukur that Abang has been very patient with all these thus far); and what’s happening in M’sia these days.

Like, baru-baru ni, pasal Nurin. How sick can one be??? Kita ni bukan Negara komunis yang tak da pegangan langsung. I thought this could only happen on TV, or anywhere else apart from M’sia. Just, how sick can one be???

And then, there was the news about how two kids witnessed their mom and her lady roommate being stabbed to death, and then was locked up with the mayat for 12 hours.

And then yesterday was about the Filipino man in Sabah who took hostage his 6-yr old nephew sebab mengamuk dengan wife dia yang allegedly being curang to him, and the bast@rd actually sliced three of the boy’s fingers and stabbed him at the head, maybe to silence him, before the man was finally shot down dead by the police.

How could things like this happen in our country??? I don’t think I could take all these any longer, lah!!! Can you???

I couldn’t even read the papers today, for fear of knowing more gory monsters that our nation has somehow created. What’s more, we have all these corrupted judges and officials and ministers and whoever, and none of the papers are covering them fairly to educate the readers who actually have the rights to information and accurate situation. Kita semua kat Malaysia ni terang-terang diperbodohkan. Tak payah pergi jauh. Balik rumah nanti, pi compare tengok berita ArTiEm and TVTiga, dengan BBC or CNN news on channel 93 and 90. Or even Skynews on Channel 70 la for that matter.

The local news tends to suap you with information and lies in hoping that the audience akan rasa satisfied and won’t ask questions back. Practically, they want you not to think much, so that you could go back watch reality tv, soaps or even konsert Mawi. But aren’t they supposed to have this, ethical journalism thingee ~ to report and speak the truth and not being biased???

Abang pernah kata baru-baru ni… our nation ni dah tak da moral langsung. Dan mulanya ini semua dari atas. Kalau Mak Bapak dah tak da moral, how could you expect anak-anak yang kecik ada moral?

Kalau rasuah di peringkat atasan boleh dicantas, dah pasti anak-anak kat bawah takut nak buat. Bila rasuah tak da, hidup orang lain tak tertekan. Bila hidup kurang tertekan, you won’t be getting orang-orang gila like how we’re getting them these days.

Pi tengok the Scandinavian countries yang practically have zero corruption. How’s the crime-rate like??? Pernah dengar ke cerita pembunuh gila dari Scandinavia? Tak da, kan?

Now, go learn.


Okay, apart from the twisted-arms et al, nak dibuat cerita, my computer crashed down on me the first thing in the morning when I tried to switch it on yesterday.

Dah le all my work and letters and minutes and whatever that I need for the week is inside there.

Ok, tak pe. Let me just call the Computer Dept.

But then Computer Dept. says they sub the maintenance work to orang luar, so kena call dorang so that they would get my case.

So I called them, let’s call them SASB, and the ever friendly staff took in my case and office number, and informed that since my computer is still under warranty, they’d have to call the manufacturer, Haitch-Pee, in Singapore, about my case and the Haitch-Pee will call me back to confirm their coming. Ok, tak pa. Boleh sabar lagi.

And so I had to work at my Technician’s desk, transfer calls on my phone to my TA’s and do my paperwork from scratch. It's like macam kena pindah masuk tumpang 'rumah' orang while 'rumah' sendiri under repair, tau. Nak kena get used to the layout, the gadgets, the setbacks. Aiyoh, itu saje dah ambil masa aku. Dah la my Technician's computer has lower specs than mine, jadi, terasaaaaaaaaaaa sangat kelambatan komputer tu especially bila nak view benda-benda berat.

Sabaaaaaaaar je lah. *tarik nafas panjang-panjang*

Tapi, no, no one from Haitch-Pee called me the whole day yesterday. I'm getting really nervous here.

This morning I called SASB back and SASB informed that the Haitch-Pee should’ve called me yesterday. Or maybe they have, but I wasn’t at my desk.

“And they don’t bother to keep on trying???”

“Tak pe Puan, lepas ni saya call diorang balik,” and went on to explain to me the procedures.

Apparently they had to call the regional office in S’pore where they key-in my case from there and instruct their people in KL to attend my case.

Ya Allah, macam korek idung dengan lengan berpusing kat atas kepala, baru jari masuk lubang idung, faham tak?

Soon, the Haitch-Pee called to inform that they’re waiting for the spare-parts to arrive from S’pore by this noon or Monday the latest before having someone to come over.

Wot the French-U-Connection-K???

Apa lagi, keluarlah “What????You know I’m very disappointed here Haitch-Pee is not a small-time brandname that you can’t have your own warehouse and spare-parts here in M’sia especially in a capital city like KL and since you know how you have made our lives highly dependant on computers how could you not have these spare-parts in M’sia???”

“Yes, ma’am. We would call you to update you soon,” came the reply, flat-toned, clearly trying to be patient with the semburan pagi Jumaat.

“Yes, please, do update me so that I could plan my work further from being so handicapped like this!”

“Yes. ma’am. Thank you ma’am.”

Aiyoh. Never ever will I recommend HPHaitch-Pee desktop to anyone, tau!

So, there. Macam mana la akak tak palpitate???


Annnnnyway, great weekends, y’all!


Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Cakap Si Kucing...

My colleagues and I gelak sampai batuk-batuk nangis-nangis nak terkucil-kucil tengok these talking cats vids... funny giler!!!!

Esok aku cuti nak tolong Farhi deliver his cookies! Maka hari ni I was practically physically running around the office to get my work done. Adeh. Ni patut nak keluar pi beli kain Raya untuk Celi di N@g0y@ Wangsa Maju lepas 'buka ni... rasa macam tak larat, seh.

Taaaaaaaaaaaak kurus-kurus gak. Camner la.


Monday, September 24, 2007

Dear Nurin

Nurin, Nurin.

Walaupun Auntie & Uncle Zul tak kenal Nurin, on Friday morning, Auntie was still praying that the dead girl found in a bag was not you. Auntie lebih sanggup terima berita Nurin mati in the hands of your captor(s) sebab lack of medical attention (due to your hyper-tension and diabetes) daripada how that bag-girl had died ~ being abused, and from infection due to ruptured intestines, with insertion of vegetable and other objects into the victim’s private parts… Subhanallaaaaah, Nurin!!! Kenapa ada orang yang kejam macam ni wujud di negara kita???

On Saturday, satu pagi Auntie menangis kesedihan di rumah lepas baca cerita Nurin di Star. Tak boleh bayangkan perasaan keluarga Nurin. There’d definitely be no closure for all of us until your murderer’s being captured and sentenced.

(Mujur minggu Uncle kerja. Uncle, having the softest of heart, dah lama tinggalkan part-part tentang Nurin in the media. Dia tahu dia tak boleh handle the emotional part of it. Kalau dia ada waktu Auntie nangis tu, mesti dia akan marah ~ “Dah tahu akan lebih syahdu, jangan lah seksa diri by delving any deeper! Abang sendiri tak sanggup, tau!”)

God, apa nak jadi dengan Negara kita ni, Sayang???!!!

Walaupun tak ada kaitan apa-apa dengan keluarga Nurin, my heart & prayers goes out to your family. Hanya Allah sahaja yang boleh tenteramkan dan beri kekuatan pada keluarga Nurin. I simply cannot imagine the pain and anguish that both you and your family had to go through!

And now, the authorities sibuk nak find out if your parents are negligent enough for them to be charged! And I quote from Nazri in today’s paper, “The law is still the law. We have to act…. No one can be exempted.”

Helllll-looooo. If that is so, then they’d bloody-well do something about the Altantuya’s case and the Lingam tape scandal dari mengganggu “orang-orang kecil” macam diorang ni!!!

You know Nurin, them lot up there are a real joke.

If I were to be your parents and family members, I’d prolly stop depending on these people whom you thought can defend and help you and your family, especially in times like this, but instead causing more grief and depression!

Se-agama lagi pula tu! Sigh... eloklah Nurin pergi di waktu muda ni, Sayang. Bila dah tua macam Auntie and Uncle Zul, you feel the anguish all the time for the things you wished you can help change but can't.

No matter, semoga Allah membalas your perpetrator(s) dengan sesetimpalnya! Juga semoga Allah membalas joker-joker yang semakin menyusahkan jiwa-raga orang-orang yang teraniayai seperti keluarga Nurin!

Allah Maha Adil! Allahu Akbar!

Semoga Allah memberikan kekuatan yang lebih kepada ahli keluarga Nurin....dan kami di sini sangat pasti Alah amat sayangkan Nurin dan akan ditempatkan di sisi mereka-mereka yang soleh dan beriman... Aaaamiin.

Honestly, I'm still very troubled by the adversity fallen upon you, Nak. I still am...

Nurin jangan lupa juga doakan kesejahteraan & keselamatan keluarga Nurin dari 'atas sana', ya? Keluarga Nurin redha Nurin pergi, begitu juga kami. Semoga dikau lebih tenteram, Nak. And sorry for not being able to defend and protect you as we should; for not being able to come to your cries when you were in pain...


* By the way, aku tak faham kenapa Human Rights tak kasi ‘cantas’ je orang-orang macam ni. How about the rights of the victims themselves???!


for the uninitiated (like my bro in Bath, and family and friends from around the world), you can read about Nurin's tragedy all here.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Flickrphotos & Gastric

Aiiiiyooooh, macam tak jadi keja gituuuuuu. Aku menci betul kalau ada false alarm ni… habiskan masa je!

I finally managed to transfer a wee bit of photos from my flickr onto Picasa and then deleting those transferred photos that still remained on flickr. And then voilah! Everything popped back up again in Flickr. Or perhaps some of it. Well at least Abang’s cartoon and my buddy icon did.

But darn it I had to waste my precious working hours today to godek-godek Picasa tu. Kat rumah aku masih guna 1515 (tak berbaloi daa guna Streamyx. Bukannya selalu guna pun). So, jangan harapla nak dapat godek-godek benda-benda ni kat rumah dengan perasaan yang sabar dan tenteram. That said line kat ofis ni pun really testing my patients. So much of being a World Class City. Grrrr.

Nevertheless, am gonna do this transferring bit by bit after this. Rasa macam lagi selamat letak kat Picasa gitu. Or maybe I’ll just maintain both sites. End of story.


It’s five funting forty-four in the evening now, am still at the office coz Abang ada meeting with his lawyer friend at Jalan Masjid India nearby. Maybe nak berbuka kat S0g0, boleh terus tolong belikan Umi punya eyeliner refills.

Abang pula terpaksa buka puasa tengahari tadi takut gastric dengan angin dia melarat macam semalam. Lepas dia makan ubat angin and gastric, Alhamdulillah dia boleh kerja semula.

Ya Allah kesian betul aku tengok Abang semalam… petang semalam masa dia sampai ofis aku untuk berbuka muka dia rupa sakit semacam. Dia kata sebab angin dah naik kepala. We thought lepas dia 'buka, he’s gonna be okay la kan. But it didn’t subside malah bertambah teruk lepas buka tu, so I had to drive home instead.

Sampai je rumah, dia letak beg dia and terus tuju ke bilik air and terus “hwaaaaaaaaaaarrkkkkkkkkk!!!”, semua makanan berbuka dia habis keluar. Labu Labi sampai lari mencicit lintang pukang bertempiaran, coz Abang was purging so bad, the sound was so terrifyingly loud and unfamiliar to them.

So, last night, I slept on the 2-seater sofa in the living room coz nak beri Abang ruang on the bed (kalau dia sakit, dia suka baring menelentang habis, using more than half of the bed). Pukul 2 pagi, Abang kejut suruh tidur dalam bilik while he wanted to sahur. He said he wanted to try fasting juga. Aku pun tolong sedia-sediakan makanan dia, and sambung tidur semula. By 5 aku bangun untuk aku sahur (oh, Abang tak boleh sahur pagi... nanti 20 minit lepas tu mesti dia muntahkan semula, even minum air kosong! Pelik betul, kan). And I tried to get some sleep after Subuh, tapi tak boleh lah.

So, this morning coming into the office, am feeling rather grummmmmmpy.

And with the flickr buat perangai, ihhhh, rasa macam nak, nak, nak… entah. Macam nak hempas segala-gala dalam ofis ni kot.

Ok ok I digress and with so little time left for the day I’d better log-off now.


Help! Where Have My Flickrphotos Gone?!

I think I’m f*cked big time.

Yahoo!Photo’s closing down this 18 October and they informed that they could help transfer the photos from Yahoo!Photo directly onto my Flickr (or Photobucket, etc) with a touch of a button, in which I did touch that button, but without them actually providing proper warnings such as:

"I have a free account. Some of my photos aren't showing up. Why?

On a free account, Flickr limits the number of photos displayed.

If you have fewer than 200 photos, we display them all. If you have more than 200 photos, only the most recent 200 are displayed.

(My photos in Yahoo!Photo definitely ada more than 200 pix!)

Your photos are not removed from Flickr, only from the list of your photos. If you blogged a photo and it no longer appears in your list, it will still appear on your blog, and the photo's Flickr page will still work just fine.

(Yeah right. Then why is it Abang’s Bloggers vs Gov. cartoon nor even my buddy icon appear on my blog???)

If some of your photos aren't showing up, don't panic! Just upload some fresh ones. Or upgrade to a Pro Account.


So, you know, if you go here to my flickr page, ada 11 gambar or so je appear.

And what’s with the bendera lanun kat logo Flickr tu??? Sheesh.

Aiyoh. Whyyy lah. Really not making my day any better.

Help, anyone???


Monday, September 17, 2007

Pre-Raya Rantings

(Note: These rantings do not in anyway reflect that we wouldn't want to be having kids at all. Oh, we so love kids, especially Abang!)

Aiyoh, malllllasnyiiiaa nak sambut Raya.

Before kahwin, it’s always these two questions… “Bila nak kahwin?” and “Bila nak kurus?”… or something to that effect.

Bila finally dah kahwin, the “Bila nak kurus?” still remains (tak penat ke dorang ni, the whole entire 34 yrs of my life you keep repeating the same facking question over and over again when you bleddy well know my voluptuous character just ain’t gonna change???), with another palpable new question of “Bila nak ada baby?”, PLUS the entire hoolabaloo of unsolicited views & advice of “Nanti korang dah tua, anak still muda”, “Lagi tua sel lagi risky”, “Pi la makan ubat itu ini”, laa dee daa.

Don’t you think we are both educated enough to know and be aware of all these things???

Is it just so unacceptable to be saying “No, we’re still not ready to have babies just yet” and having to keep the reasons just to ourselves?

‘Coz, you know what, like Abang said, if we’re both really working to get pregnant, then only would we be seeking help and solicited advice, pandangan, comments, tips or whatsoever. Not till then, thank you.


Letih, lah. Semput, tau. Sakit hati, more like it. Why can’t anybody see the brighter side of whatever life is storing for you?

Like, perhaps...

Allah knows that aku masih tak puas lagi nak enjoy Abang yang either senantiasa sibuk or sakit; or...

Allah knows that Abang needs to get better than he is now (or me getting better too at times, for that matter); or...

Allah wants me to enjoy my sleep, my rest, my new-found hobbies, my passion… AND my other family members; or...

Allah wants me to enjoy fully the new-found freedom of being married; or...

Allah knows that I love my cats way too much to be putting them secondary; or...

Allah has something else in His sleeves for me for the extra strength and support that I’m now relentlessly getting from Abang ...?

Above all, why can't they see that perhaps Allah says “Wait” and will be giving me The Best in His own time, just like he’s given Abang, Labu & Labi to me???

Allahu a’lam.

Kadang, nak je aku kata macam when I was still single dulu, "Bahagia sangat ke hidup korang ni? And what is so wrong about not living life like others normally do???"

Yeaaaah, caring schmaring whuteva.

Aiyoh, malllllasnyiiiaa nak sambut Raya.


Saturday, September 15, 2007

Ramadhan 2007

Uploading entries from home is the sh*tezer I’m tellin’ ya. Line's really bad.


Third day of Ramadhan… so far, so good. Alhamdulillah, my asthma pun dah subside almost fully since last weekend, cuma ada remnants of stray phlegm at the base of my esophagus which could get pretty ticklish and could render me all frustrated having to cough and heave for the spit to come out.

The cold central air-conditioning at the office doesn’t help either. Sejuk mengalahkan winter di Edinburgh. I wished I did keep my winter gloves with me. At times it just gotten too cold even to type an sms. What the cold did help, however, was to keep me pretty cool while running up and down the office. Work is still pretty much hellish. Mujur my role as a client a.k.a Project Manager does not need me to physically run around chasing other departments. Aku tak leh bayangkan consultant-consultant aku yang dah berapa weekend tak tidur. Kesian dorang.

Tadi I missed my sahur coz I was up late last night, teman Abang sahur at 12.30 a.m. While Abang dok lepak-lepak depan TV before retiring for good, aku pun sama dok lepak sambil makan a bit of my pengat pisang. We went to bed at 2a.m, me being very confident that I could get myself awake at 5a.m for my usual sahur.

I did sahur alright… but in my dreams. I really did dreaming about bersahur! Of course I woke up from my dream at 6.27am and realized that I missed my sahur. Aiyoh.

Mujur la hari Sabtu, boleh bermalas-malasan. Kalau hari kerja, mau pengsan aku going through the day without alas perut. I’m the type yang tak boleh skip breakfast, hence, sahur is very important to me.

Oh how I love Ramadhan. Ramadhan just breaks the much routinized life you been living day after day the rest of the year.

Masa belum kahwin dulu, Ramadhan over the weekend at my parents' home means free-er time during breakfast and lunch. And to be able to hear Umi’s Quran recital at every free moment, especially after Subuh and after Dzuhur. She makes sure that every year she would khatam the whole Quran during the fasting month, so everything else pretty much takes a back seat for her to concentrate on the quest.

Now that I’m married and still no kids, Ramadhan over the weekend pretty much means the same thing ~ free-er time during breakfast and lunch. Petang nak berbuka we both will scour the pasar Ramadhan for food and back at home I’ll just cook rice and telur dadar for Abang. And occasionally we both will fulfill some social or family’s obligation of getting together for iftar.

(Has anyone realized how mahal things are for this year’s Ramadhan??? Teh Tarik is RM1.30, murtabak is RM2.00/piece, Nasik penuh utk sorang & ayam masak merah+kentang utk sorang & sayur kobis masak putih utk dua orang is RM6.00!

Kat pasar Ramadhan Jln TAR, kuih is now 40sen/piece instead of 3 biji for RM1.00. We both can’t imagine how next year’s gonna be like, now that crude oil price has shot up to record high of USD80/barrel. So much of us the civil servants got the much deserved pay-hike huh.)

I’ll say life is a wee bit easier on me once I’m married. I’ve no one else dictating my life apart from myself and Abang, which I’m pretty much thankful for really.

And Abang is such an easy person to please. Asalkan ada kuih cucok badak/buah Melaka, telur asin / telur dadar, teh tarik and kuah kari for berbuka, he’s a very happy man. Alhamdulillah, syukur.

Eversince I lost a Loved One a week before puasa in 2003 (not 'lost' as in being dumped, but 'lost' as in passing over), each year I kinda look forward for the month to arrive. The thought of syaitan iblis kena rantai and in place would be the spirit and souls of your loved ones get to be free and roam around you for the whole month of Ramadhan just warms me up.

Imagine arwah Abah Abang gets to hang out beside Mak back at home in Pendang.

Arwah Atuk and Nenek belah Ayah menjenguk all their 14 kids and cucu and cicit and see whether everyone’s alright.

Arwah anak bongsu Norzie (who passed away middle this year at the age of 5 mths) dapat datang jumpa Norzie and hug her tight.

Arwah Abang Bitee (who passed away end of December last year) dapat jumpa his baby Danial yang baru lahir mid-July baru-baru ni.

Arwah Abang Nazri will visit Kak Teh and the kids in Ireland.

Abang Umar Tan will roam and see how his beloved friends are doing.

And oh, I bet Zetty would also be waiting for Ramadhan eagerly ‘coz it’s gonna be the best month to be able to really ‘speak' to both her beloved... I cannot imagine how much she and her adik-adik truly miss them.

Maybe for some, the thought of all these can get pretty scary, but to me it just warms me to the bone. I mean, why would you want to be scared of your beloved one, right? ‘Long as you keep it in your head that sebulan Ramadhan ni, setan iblis semua kena gari, then all else will go well ;-).

‘That said, inilah masanya nak tengok segala-mala cerita antu on the DVD…impact takut dia kurang sikit, heh heh.

Oh how I wished this Ramadhan would trail away ever so slowly…even slower than before. Lebih-lebih lagi since Abang & I are both sangat malas nak sambut Raya.

Now that is another story to share.

Okeh, gonna try my second attempt on translation work tonight. My first work has just been published in Abang's paper's recent edition. W'pun no mention of my name as the penterjemah bebas, but as a rookie, I felt downright teruja gitu yo! Best jugek... hehe.

So, to all Muslims, hope you have a brilliant Ramadhan of ibadah, mkay?


Friday, September 14, 2007

Jom Order FæmësAhÿ® Jom!

Alhamdulillah, after 3 days of promo, the orders came streaming in very very encouragingly!!! As a first-timer, Farhi’s very very happy & Umi’s equally very very happy, well I’m very happy to be helping this out! Seronok pulak rasanya. So seronok that during lunch breaks, I even made online banner and printed tags to be put on every orders.
Samples yang Farhi kirim through Umi that day habis lincin lencun within two days! Ada yang lepas rasa sample je, terus up lagi their orders…. Alhamdulillah! Their respond was ~ crispy and manis cukup-cukup, dan tak semanis F@mous@mos. Sedap!

So kalau sesapa agak-agak nak rasa biskut FæmësAhÿ®, pi aje beli sikit kat F@mous@mos nu, and kurangkan manisnya apabila merasa, hehe. Tapi baunya still sama sedap tho… looooovely cookies smell. Mmmm.

Aiyoh, thank you ever ever so much to those yang beli to support my bro’s passion. Yes, it’s a passion, peeps, sebab itu I pung all out tolong promo and buat logo and banner segala. I believe when someone does things with passion, you can just taste the TLC in the product. Kan?


Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Story of FæmësAhÿ®

Have you guys ever received this one particular circulated e-mail earlier on in the beginning of the millennium, about this lady who was duped out of her money at the infamous F@mous @mos stall and she threatened to sue them unless she was given their recipe? No?

So, anyway, the lady was given the recipe alright, and she had it circulated around the globe in order to teach them some lessons about honouring customers.

I received it once, but being not-so-ardent about baking, dismiss the e-mail pretty much so.

But my own baby brother, Farhi, known for his Twisted Makeovers among his friends (or even to some of the readers of my blog), took the email pretty seriously and actually went out to buy the ingredients and baked them cookies in his spare time. This was when he was still working as an Engineer in some US-based oil&gas co. He’d come back from the middle of the sea, and bake us the cookies, and even bake to be sent for his baby brother who is studying in Bath and also for our consumption during Raya.

I’m tellin’ ya. Our relatives & guests would come to visit and among the tens of cookies we’ll have for Raya, my bro’s would be the most favourite, often finished off first!

For those who love F@mous @mos, you’d know that the cookies are made from real butter and bukan margarine timbang dari some kedai timbang, ok.

I was never bothered much about what the ingredients are all about, but I’ve seen them from afar (Ahy suka kumpul bahan-bahan dia dalam Tupperware khas) and they’re not cheap, ok. Cooking Choc Bars, Oatmeal, butter, choc chips. Padanlah biskut ni boleh tahan rangup even if you simpan for 3,4 mths! Honest to God, tak tipu ni!

So, this ‘private baking’ has been going on for 3 years, y’all.

This year, however (no, make that this morning!!!), he decided to try test the market and appease people and that yo! Never dismiss emails like that leh!

I’m not gonna get one single sen out of this promo I’m tellin’ ya. In fact, I plan to buy some myself (and for my mom-in-law) as part of my encouragement to my baby bro. But sharing is caring, y’all. When I say something is good and really sedap, you bet my J-Lo @ss I mean every fleeking word I say!!!

Aiyoh aku tengok gambar yang dia e-mail ke aku pun dah rasa kerangupan dan kewangian dia..... yummmm!!!

So, kalau nak tempah, tempah cepat sebelum terlambat. It’ll be a two-persons show (my bro and, err, I don’t know… maybe his friend? Or my baby sis?), baked and packed with love and care. So, ada limited orders!!!

Only RM20/50 pieces this year, as promotional price!!! Next year pasti la naik harga, tuan dan puan. Kuih orang lain yang buat dengan margarine timbang pun dijual RM23 – RM25, tau!!!

So, do contact my baby bro for his dellllllectable, yummy, crispy FæmësAhÿ® at 0123142353 or email, or to his Twisted Makeover page, here!

Eiii tak sabar for Umi to drop by this noon for some samples!!! Drooooooling, man!

Selamat Berpuasa, y’all!!!!


Monday, September 10, 2007

Labu Sakat Labi

Dua, tiga bulan ni, Labu suka betul sakat Labi. Kejar dan gigit gigit gigit gigit. Pagi, petang, siang, even malam-malam buta masa kami tidur/nak tidur.

Dua-dua dah dikasi (spayed). Sejak masing-masing umur 5 bulan.

So... how eh?


My Sunday Rest *

* from the infamous W.H.Auden's "Stop All The Clocks, Cut Off The Telephone"

How was your weekend, y’all???

My Saturday was filled doing translation for Abang’s office, almost half a day at the cc by the pool. Maybe it’s a pro-bono thing, maybe not. Apa-apa pun, I’d like to regard it as my ‘contribution’ to Abang’s perjuangan. Glad Abang liked it, with minor changes he says. I may just do it again. I find it as a great way to understand better the writings of our social activists. Kalau biasa, kita baca sambil lalu aje. Ini, we have to understand what they’re trying to say, and translate that properly. But I’m telling’ ya this online kamus helped me way much than the hardcopy kamus did. Or perhaps we don’t own a great kamus agaknya.

The rest of the day was spent doing laundry, kemas rumah and cuci both bilik airs.

At night, we were supposed to go for a BBQ at Ayah Dan & Cik Noor’s in Bangi, another get-together among Ba&Ma’s anak cucu. Like, everytime, it just has to be on Abang’s deadline-weekend la kan… another story of our lives. Aku dah letih dah asyik tunjuk muka sorang-sorang without Abang eventhough I love family gatherings macam tu (dengan syarat, yang buat kat rumah orang lain la, bukan rumah my folks, hahaha. Penat woo kalau buat kat rumah my folks. Akak dengan adik-adik akak yang jadi mangsa mengemas mencuci. No fun.).

Unfortunately, malam tu Abang balik lewat coz he had an assignment in P.J at 5pm. Abang sampai Cheras close to 8.30pm, and I saw that he was dead knackered. He requested that we should skip the BBQ thing. I had to relent, no? Kot dia letih gila nanti and jatuh sakit, akak juga yang kena tanggung, bukannya orang lain lagi. So, I sms-ed Cik Noor an apology. Hopefully they will understand. Abang’s job bukan macam orang lain ~ kita semua balik rumah or masa weekend boleh terus tutup buku, but not him.

Oh, by today, my blood-stained phlegm had finally stopped, Alhamdulillah. I was bogged down with blood-stained phlegm the whole day Friday, tapi alaaaaaaaah mallllllllllllllllllas nak layan lah, since I wasn’t feeling all too bad other wise. So, Alhamdulillah it stopped by Saturday noon. Kalau ada pun, sikit-sikit je… which I presume, maybe, something inside there ada luka sikit due to the rather vigorous coughing I been doing.

Sunday? My truly malaih (malas) day. I woke up at 5am to sahur while Abang worked on his drawing board to put forth sketches of his upcoming cartoon. Lepas Subuh, aku tertidur depan tv, and sedar-sedar at 7am Abang was all ready for work dah. Kesian laki aku. Said bubye to him and continued with my beauty rest…sedar-sedar dah close to 11am with Labu Labi bergelimpang keliling aku and us all di bawah hembusan air-cond! Wow, what a great long-overdue rest, I tell ya. And being posa, malaih aku menjangkit sampai ke petang. TV DVD TV DVD. Best gila. The only workload I did was lipat baju and tukar pasir LabuLabi. Letih tu, wooo.

In the evening, Abang called to say he may have to come back a wee bit late coz they had to cover a really big news from the East Coast, the ceramah clash in Batu Buruk.

Sigh. You know, we all pay them police and FRU b*st*rds’ gaji with our tax money, and yet siapa yang depa bela??? Not, not us the public.

Ibarat kasi makan ke rimau, rimau makan tuan balik.

More unbiased reading here, here and here by the great Mz.Eli Wong or even from BERSIH (Coalition for Free & Fair Election) website itself. More news and photos on next Suara Keadilan, this coming Tuesday’s issue.

Also here, a motion to the Parliament by MP Kubang Kerian Salahuddin Ayub.

Dalam hal ni, duduk tinggal di Thailand pun lagi bagus. If you can still remember, once some 50,000-odd tax payers marched the city to call for the corrupted administrators to step down, and their police and FRUs were there too, not to intimidate the rakyat but purely as peacekeepers. Baru lah kena caranya, kan?

I found this apt Latin phrase...
Fiat justitia et pereat mundus
~ "let justice be done, even should the world perish"

Indeed! Deo volente!!! (God willing!)

Will update soon on my military tattoo outing at Stadium Merdeka with Abang last Friday evening… a very much impromptu act which I actually enjoyed despite the rain halfway through. A pure distraction of thy lungs troubles.

Another long day today.


Thursday, September 06, 2007

Grouchy Days

I been very grouchy, grumpy and crabby, today and yesterday.

Pagi ni bangun sahur sambil teman Abang melukis (ya, last minute qada’, so sue me). Right before imsa’ I took the ubat batuk, which is supposed to be drowsy. But I refused to catch some winks for fear terlajak tidur.

So here I am today, grrrrouuuuuuuuuuuchy.

Office is so damn cold. And I still have that phlegmish cough. And it’s tiring to be doing all at the same time ~ work, and breathe. Yes, breathing is still very much a chore to me for the time being.

But work-wise, Alhamdulillah a lot of things are pretty much settled for now. Esok ada meeting dari pagi sampai petang. Draft-draft surat di bilik boss ada berlambak-lambak coz he’s been away the past 3 days. I anticipate that esok will be another very long day for me.

Really can’t wait for the weekend. Nak jahit jahit jahit.

Oh, esok ada product launch dinner kat Renaissance. Langsung tak ingat, baru tadi diperingatkan. Patut ada strawberry-dipped-in-fondue date dengan Abang esok malam at Chocz KLCC. Nampak gayanya Chocz-date tertunda lagi buat sekian kalinya. Hmph.

Oh ya need to call the vet. Sejak menjak ni Labu suka cari gaduh dengan Labi, suka rampas tempat mana-mana Labi hinggap. He sometimes will start off as being so baik, licking Labi and all that, and then 2 minutes later dia gigit-gigit Labi sampai Labi jerit-jerit. Kadang dia kejar Labi satu rumah, berkeriau-keriau Labi menjerit mintak tolong.

Apa kehal la. Tapi bila aku raise my voice and jegil bijik mata ke dia, tahu pula dia (Labu) nak back off.

And oh ya, all these while I know that foie gras is a delicacy, but never knew how foie gras was made of, until last Tuesday. Aiyoh, why lah people could do this to the animals. And foie gras is not even a healthy thing to be eaten!

(read more here, here and here)

Semalam I saw the foie gras video clip… satu malam aku pening lepas tu. Now I know hikmahnya kenapa masa Petronas hantar surat offer untuk buat medicine dulu, aku tak de kat rumah and so I missed the boat. Don’t think I could muster all these lah… baik on human, mahupun on animals.

Oh am I so glad dilahir di dalam Islam. Alhamdulillaaaaaah, syukur!

Okeh nak attempt helping Abang out on some really long translation of a couple of articles by his friends. First time ni, entah lah. I hope I won’t disappoint Abang too much.


Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The Annual Malady

I’ve so much work, I don’t know where to start.

My lungs and diaphragm-muscles are still so sore from the asthma-fiasco on both Friday and Saturday, I’m just too tired from the running to the sink at home or to the pantry at the office and cough-out the phlegm… and greenish at that, too. From Day One, i.e. Friday. An indication of a not-so-good case… the green phlegm, that is.

I’ve so much ventolin and bricanyl in me, my heart’s palpitating and my fingers are trembling from the effects.

You guess it right… I didn’t have a great long weekend. At all.

Thursday pre-Merdeka was spent at the office running around sussing out some 500 pieces of drawings and documents among the consultants for another tender submission by 4pm. Nak dibuatkan cerita, masa tu lah internet nak down. And to top it all, I was sneezing hard with runny nose. I just knew kalau kena macam tu, mesti melalut ke asthma.

Yaaa betul. Malam tu takleh tidur sebab bersin-bersin.

Friday and Saturday came spiralling by. Abang’s nieces came on Friday for the long weekend and poor them, Abang had to deal with their food and some of the chores without me. So tak larat. I couldn’t even snigger at their jokes. It hurt my chest so bad.

I had Abang tapped hard at the back of my chest every now and then to ease my breathing that it felt like my back may been bruised a bit by that. But the tapping just made me feel so good. Macam buat all the mucus shook out from the alveoli, leaving me easier to breathe.

Had to beg the doctor for nebulizer on Saturday morning… 2nd since early 2006. Boleh dia kata, eh boleh lagi ni, cukup guna puffer pun dah ok. Told him I have not been sleeping the night before, puffing away on my inhaler almost every 20 minutes to no avail. My own wheezing was so noisy behind my ears that I felt like taking out the lungs and cuci kat sink all the oozing dampness surrounding the airways, just so I could sleep.

Right after the full dose of neb, hell, I felt like going for a swim!!! Rasa lega gila, like, breathing wasn't a chore anymore but a natural thing to do! Of course la aku tak pi swimming kan. Gila tu.

True enough, 20 mins after that, the attack came again. Aiyoh, I just don't understand. I just succumbed into bed, from 11-ish till late evening while Nieces with Pak Ngah in the living room catching-up with the DVDs that Pak Ngah bought. Heard them laugh and having fun from the seclusion of my bedroom. How I could join them lot.

Oh this annual asthma thingy. Sekali kena, terus rebah.

It’s Tuesday now. Felt a wee bit better since Sunday, but yesterday afternoon was bad. Luckily it abstained just in time for the evening’s last-minute consultant meeting that lasted till 7pm. The phlegm-laden cough still strikes every now and then, and still made my diaphragm and left side of the head sore.

I’m doggone tired and drowsy from the 5 types of drugs I’m taking in, but I’ve so much work, I don’t know where to start.

With that note, since yesterday I been addicted to this. A tad too late for me, I know, since it seems she’s stopped writing since Feb 2006 and almost every other M'sian netizens have dropped by and glued to her writing. I hope she would still continue sharing her honest repository of her world, it's really an eye-opener for a seekor katak bawah tempurung like moi. Heh.

Some says she's contributing here, but I saw ada yang old entries from the original blog. Ah well. Beats the tons of work I don't know where to start from. Haha.



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