Friday, August 03, 2007

Manik dan Agung


I took leave semalam upon’s Abang’s suggestion. Aiyok… lethargic like nobody’s business. I been not having dreamless sleep for quite a while dah now. How ah? Mimpi macam-macam-macam… bila bangun pagi rasa macam the whole body have been running miles. Kalau bangun pagi badan terus lost weight coz masa tidur dah run miles, tak pe le juga. Tapi, ini tidak.

So I had almost a whole day yesterday, sleeeeeeeeping on the sofa, sambil meneman Abang melukis. Abang kata aku sampai snoring lightly macam letih sangat-sangat. Aku kata dia tipu, aku mana snore. Dia kata aku snore sampai dia kesian nak kejut aku supaya tak snore.

And then petang aku sambung jahit manik kat baju grey aku.


I’m now crayyyyyyzeee over menjahit manik. Ni suma DocYana punya pasal la ni.

I been trying to jahit basic manik-sewing on one of the hujung tangan of my plain cheapo baju kurung last weekend... walaupun berteraboq, tapi seronooook!!! Sedar-sedar aku dah duduk kat meja makan for 4 straight hours, from 8pm till 12am, while Abang duk merenung laptop and TV mencari ilham katun.

At least with the new very distracting hobby, I stopped whining that Abang had to turn down the volume of the TV while trying to get ideas or do his articles, or me complaining that he’s too occupied up in his head for me menjelang his deadlines.

Besides Labu & Labi suka sangat tidur right beside me baju and beads on the table while I sew… so, I like I like I like.

Today, as I had some time to browse thro the ‘net for ideas (I managed to get some 70+ brilliant designs), I realized I also need to know the right methods. So lepas ni kena kuar pi carik buku Sulaman Benang Dan Manik Labuci by Rosita Jaafar… more so since I promised Umi I’d do her baju once I get the hang of it ~ Umi being fussy and meticulous and cermat herself, I would really love to spare myself from being scrutinized and criticized by her too much. She a really good tailor, you see. Must and have to at least come up to a certain level that kalau dia kata, “Eh, cantik! Pandai pun jahit!” pun dah kira lebih dari ok dah tu. Heh2.


Esok pagi 7 suku patutnya kami semua kena turun buat gotong-royong til 12pm around KL. Our Unit (and a few other depts.) kena bersihkan kawasan belakang Dewan Sultan Sulaiman kat Kg.Baru nun, the area yang depa dah clear for a new through-road, which was once before scattered and littered with squatters.

‘Kehadiran Diwajibkan’, the circular says. ‘Tis a good effort, kindalike the organization giving back to the community bersempena 50 Tahun Merdeka. Unfortunately it’s Abang’s free weekend esok and so he planned to balik kampong di Pendang to jenguk Mak. So… hurrah!!! Tak yah aku turun Dataran Merdeka pagi-pagi buta for registration, hehehehehehe


Aku respect sangat-sangat DYMM SPBYDP Agong kita sekarang. Aku hormat dia stepping down from being the chairman of the Equestrian Cup, though I’m sure it’s a really big loss to the organisation.

I’m sure it’s his way indirectly hinting the ‘others’ to step down. Kalau baginda as Simbol Pemerintahan Malaysia pun boleh step down from any position in sports, apatah lagi kalau mereka-mereka yang setakat Simbol Pemerintahan Negeri aje, kan?

But of course one of his reasons stated by the media was that dia nak jaga image Ahlul Kabinet kalau-kalau kelab-kelab yang mereka teraju do not do well.

Shows also the level of confidence that we have on our sports clubs, innit? Zilch.



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