Monday, August 06, 2007

Fullmoonless Month


Jumaat malam lepas, right after office, Abang & I hung out kat Sogo coz jalan jam teruk. We parked down in Pertama, and on the way up to Sogo aku singgah kedai buku mamak kat ground floor Pertama, and found my sulaman&manik book!!! Yyyyyyesss!!!

Aiyoh so banyak tips & techniques, I felt so bodoh for doing the manik on my baju without first learning the proper ways. Rasa nak buka je balik the maniks I’ve sewn… tapi since I did them on baju kurung cheapo, so tak pe lah, I just continued finishing the existing design, so buruk that I so malu to put the photo up here.

Next baju would be proper-proper pro-pro looking. InsyaAllah!


My colleague, a guy, sebelah bilik aku, won Second Place in the Middleweight Category for the Kejohanan Bina Badan Kebangsaan Ke-38 in KK last two weekends.

Last year, he got the 4th place. I said, eh, okay lah tuuuu… 1st place in the 2nd rank! I think my remark lifted up his spirit a bit… 1st place of the 2nd rank, okkkayyy whaaaaaat.

This time, since he gets a 2nd place (obviously, 2nd place of the 1st rank la kan), he’s so darn happy and he’s right to be. He made our organisation proud la, so to speak. Last year, rezeki 2nd baby dia yang masa tu tengah menunggu masa je nak menjengah dunia. This time, rezeki 3rd baby dia, yang tengah ada 2,3 bulan lagi kot nak enjoy being confined in the mummy’s womb.

I personally would never want to watch him bertanding, coz there was this one time when one of the guys in the office brought in a Bina Badan magazine with photos of him all berkilat and tanned and tersengih and practically naked, I went Euwwwww!!!! and terus tutup magazine tu. He’s one of the adiks in the office and to see him half naked… like, yikes!!!

But you know, having an almost a “Mr. Malaysia” in the office do feel kinda peculiar. If it’s a Miss Malaysia, then you have both guys and gals (especially guys) go gaga over the lady, which is very normal, dak? But to a “Mr.Malaysia” you practically witness men (not so much of women, tau!!!) go envious over this guy’s bod! Depa dok puji-puji, pegang-pegang muscle dia, urut-urut bahu dia…. Like, eisssh!

Kinda weird, I must say. Especially at this age and time where guys adoring other guys’ bods seems a wee bit too… queer. Not that I’m homophobic or anything, but it just ain’t feel right to be pretty public about it just yet here at home, know what I’m sayin’.

Nevertheless, just like everybody else in the unit, kami tumpang bangga juga having him around coz his winning also indirectly shines onto us, hehe.


Labi is so grown up now… without the collars or their tails, sometimes Abang & I couldn’t even tell Labu & Labi apart from far.

(Labu has long lithe tail and red collar; Labi has a shorty stump and black collar.)


It certainly is damn nice having cats like Labu & Labi around, who can sniff out your emotions and voluntarily climb onto you to comfort you whenever you feel so…….. trapped… in your own destiny.


I just realized a few days ago, I’ve had a fullmoonless month. I didn’t receive any sms on the fullmoon, and so it must’ve been very overcast at night the past week.

But somehow, I been stirred up at 2,3 o’clock in the morning the past two nights, and everytime I looked up to the window behind me, I saw the half-waning moon casting it’s light into the bedroom.

Ahh…, such blissful moment. Beyond words.



Amy said...

Ada dak fullmoon? I missed it I guessed although punya la beringat nak tengok end of the month - last2 terlepas.
Saya tak suka tengok lelaki bina badan kat TV, yg hitam2 berkilat tu.. entah la tapi rasa geli, sure tukar channel.
I don't have any patience with jahit manik. Unlike my mother. So she actually jahit all the maniks on my alas hantaran - all 11 of it with her friends. Jahit all the maniks on my nikah dress and wedding dress at hubby's side. Saya? Tak koser. Even all the bunga2an mama yg buat...when she asked me to help her potong ribbons banyak2 utk dia buat hiasan pun, amy potong panjang pendek..bak kata dia "Mmg tak bleh harap la hang ni!!!!!!!" Habis ribbon mama ahahah. So, amy buat keje gitu2 je la masa wedding, mostly mama yg buat. Love her so much!

shabar said...

eheh...completely understood the feelings bila flip thru the bod-building mags. geli!!! i've a friend who used to be active in this tourney. last competition, he was 4th in Msia 4 years ago. he strongly discouraged us to come see him in any of these tourney..he felt weird coz he'll be up there with a tiny piece of cloth whilst in the faculty, he's always fully clothed.he was a medical student and now a doctor in a private hosp. BTW, these bod-buibers have weird2 diet. imagine eating 5 unsalted steamed chicken breasts and 2 plates of rice with no water as lunch, not to mention 20 raw eggs as bfast. ewh!!! and they're only allowed to eat (i mean really eat anything they want) only 1 day per month. When the day comes, my friend ni will binged on everything sampai muntah, then makan lagi...and he's a doctor! talk about doctors being worst patients!

Roti Kacang Merah said...

aiyoh, luckynya your mom yang handle semua tu!!! i practically had to deal all those all by myself coz everybody else masa tu was too, urm, preoccupied dengan masalah... ish, i wished i knew about the beading ni way earlier and could've done it on my baju and alas hantaran too! sure best!

tak pa, adik-adik kak lin punya nanti, kak lin nak buatkan!!! ada 4 orang lagi yg tak kawin!!! hehehehe

Roti Kacang Merah said...


he's now a doctor??? waw! kalau i terjumpa dia, mesti i gabra. maklum, Mr.Muscleman attending my needs, hahaha. asalkan dia jgn tend me in his itsy bitsy (spenda) dah la... pitam makcik, nantiiiii!

yups, their diets are very strange. seminggu-dua sebelum tourney, my colleague ni would makan proteins bancuh dgn oatmeal + nestum baby dia at every other hour, and also makan raw cabbage for lunch.

pastu 2,3 hari sebelum tourney he would not drink, so that kulit2 dia kecut untuk menampakkan lagi ketulan muscle, dia kata. euwww, tak kuasa aku nak bayangkan.


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