Friday, August 24, 2007

Dua Minggu Punya Cerita: Four Finale

(And finally, the last of my 'Dua Minggu Punya Cerita' series. Lega aku.)

11/11: And After All Those 10 ‘Tales’…

… I thought I had a pretty much fulfilling two-weeks despite being darn busy and ill and sick and tired. Most of ‘em good, some not so…

  • Cik Lin gets to teach Aesyah to make her bed and make sure her room is in complete order everyday, which, I suspect, was pretty new to her;

  • For once for the whole week Cik Lin had a very enjoyable company to sing with to the tunes from the boombox, and only then Pak Ngah realised that he so doesn’t know the current music at all (and he thought Cik Lin je yang syok sendiri dan sorang-sorang tahu the lagu-lagu dalam radio, hahaha);

  • I get to finally finish off Tunku Halim’s 44 Cemetery Road book. Anthologies of short horror stories, pretty enjoyed the tales but the narration style was a tad too distracting to my liking ~ too long-winded for me. Maybe sebab dah lepas baca other novels and Mitch Alboms’ which were very straightforward and easy, jadi bila ‘pattern’ bertukar sikit, CikLin cepat rasa ngantuk in the beginning of every chapter in the book. Part Gear 1 & Gear 2 tu agak panjang sikit for every chapter. Tapi bila dah masuk Gear 4, wawwww, seram you!!!

    I’m now on James Frey’s memoir A Million Little Pieces, once recommended by Oprah and her Harpo Family, until they found out that a lot of things in the memoir are fabricated. Nevertheless, I’m still gonna read it coz narrative dia sangat berlainan. Sangat…. narrative. There’s nary a dialogue with pembuka or penutup kata. It’s just… different. And addictive too. I just loike it vewy much.

  • I saw “Waris Jari Hantu” on DVD yo. I’ve only one thing to say…. “Kalau nak lobam bijik mato, poie la kau tengok cito tu. Hammmmpeh.”

    90% was pasal si boceng Rushdi Ramli. Padahal orang nak tahu tentang saka tu, mano dapek eh, buek apo nyimpan eh, apo kolobihan eh ada natang tu jadi sako, acano nak buang eh. Ini tidak, ditunjuk eh si Ari tu tuka jadi jantan ko botino... siap pakai baju pompuan laie. Kok cito Muallaf aritu si Amani botak an kopalo, abih kua masuk sokkabar kua hadis bagai kato haram. Yang jantan pakai baju botino, tak plak jadi isu. Tak paham boto akak. Dayus blako.

    Haa, kan dah kua dah bolang den. Den lak yang jadi rimau lopeh tengok cito bodo tu. Mujur boli DVD lanun.

  • I got to know that my once-a-baby cousin, Zuf, who is now studying Acoustics Engineering in Oita, Japan, managed to get himself a place for his internship this September at the most infamous Nagata Acoustics in Tokyo!


    This small firm has worked with the likes of Frank Gehry (yes, THE Frank Gehry), Arata Isozaki, Kisho Kurokawa, Ateliers Jean Nouvel, Herzog & De Meuron, Kenzo Tange (ok ok those non-architects out there would say aiyoh whutttevvaaaa la kan dorang-dorang ni for all you know they could’ve been shoe peddlers kat Timbuktu ;-P), dan yang paling famous sekali they were the ones yang jadi acoustics consultant for the Walt Disney Concert Hall by the infamous deconstructivist-architect, 1989 Pritzker Prize Laureate, Frank Gehry.

  • Frank Gehry’s Walt Disney Concert Hall

    Aiiiiyooooh. The kid who once kalu nak poopoo or weewee cari Kak Lin and Kak Lin tolong cebokkan, will tak lama lagi be rubbing shoulders with these experts! Bangga yo!

    Cuma kalau sesapa di luar tu yang ada kenal/contacts in Acoustics Firm here in M’sia, tolong beritahu akak bleh??? Nak cuba minta for Zuf’s month-long placement in M’sia pula next March! Cheers!!!

    *Pant. Pant. Pant. Pant.*

    Macam bercerita Hikayat Seribu Satu Malam! Dah, akak nak rest plak.

    Really hope the weekend’s gonna be great…



    zufar said...

    kak lin nak weewee!! hehe thank you very much for the announcement! im having a great time here..theyre all like a family..nak poopoo pun mintak tlg akak secretary (tipu kot)..hehe ni nak pose dah ni, so alang2 zuf nak ucap selamat berpuasa n semoge Allah rahmati kite sumer, salam to all Kak Lin bye2! love, zuf

    Roti Kacang Merah said...

    hi zuuuuf!!!

    great to know you're having such great fun working there!!! terus terusan je lah keja situ lepas niiii, good for your resume, yo!

    and selamat berpuasa to you tooooooo!!! mwahs!


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