Friday, August 24, 2007

Dua Minggu Punya Cerita: 03

(Yup, another installment that I wrote at home last night in lieu of my 'Dua Minggu Punya Cerita' series. Not quite the last one, though. Hahahahahahaaa.)

7/11: Two Moons

I got this as a forwarded email from my aunt (and also from M!xFM Radio):-

27th Aug (Monday) the Whole World is waiting for this. Planet Mars will be the brightest in the night sky starting August. It will look as large as the full moon to the naked eye. This will cultivate on Aug. 27 when Mars comes within 34.65M miles of earth. Be sure to watch the sky on Aug. 27 12:30 am. It will look like the earth has 2 moons. The next time Mars may come this close is in year 2287.

Share this with your friends as NO ONE ALIVE TODAY will ever see it again.
Click for larger image!
So there.

But looking at NASA’s website on this, I would think that the above time on the email is actually Hawaiian time.

From NASA’s own timetable, I think we in M’sia could have more visual of the occurrence at Mid Eclipse at 10.47am GMT (i.e. 5.47pm M’sian time) and Total Eclipse Ends at 11:22am GMT (i.e. 6.22pm M’sian time) on the 28th August instead of 27th.

Selasa petang… boleh nampak, meh? Melainkan pi Planetarium kat Bukit Kiara dak???

Nevertheless, I’m putting a reminder on my hp… for BOTH Ahad malam Isnin at 12.30am, and Selasa petang. Unless I could grow as old as 314 years old la kan.

Hmm, padanla seminggu ni the waxing moon is soooo terang, with a really bright planet beside it some more.

So like my own taik lalat tepi bibir. Heh heh.

8/11: Friendship Is…

I received this sms from Kak Dins, and promised to put it up on my blog:

"From a mad friend who is with the Opposition:

Friendship should not be like bre@sts bcoz they get su*ked;
Not like v@gina bcoz it gets fu*ked;
It should be like p3nis bcoz it stands whenever needed. *grins*"

Heh heh.

‘You think I should forward this to Abang’s Big Boss??? Ha ha.

9/11: My Beading Attempts

Oh, I managed to finish all my 4 preliminary and elementary attempts of beading during the week last week. Of course lah tak sehebat DocYana’s or Amy’s mom’s, but so far as a beginner yang sangat bodoh, I’m quite pleased with my work thus far, heh heh.
My Attempt #01 was pretty unsightly. No, make that very and unsightly bad. Masa tu pakai taram je buat, without the book nor any tips or any beading ideas. I hate it to a tee, really. Mujur baju cheapo chekai. One end-product that would make me consequently deserve mountains of criticism from Umi.

Attempt #02 saw me sewing Aesyah’s name. Okkkkayyyy lah. As long as Aesyah herself and Kak Rose are happy, I’m equally delighted.

Attempt #03 saw me dah naik gian nak riak dengan anak sedara, so, buat pula atas belakang one of her t-shirts. That I’m quite chuffed. For someone who hasn’t graduated even to mixing labucis and crystals in the exercise, I’m pretty happy with the results, Alhamdulillah.

And since I lerve design putar-putar laidat (I, the architect cabok, call it as my fluid, organic art-nouveuish signature design, haha), I decided to make the same design on the sleeves of my baju kurung kain Indon’s MamaPapa pula on my Attempt #04. Aku rasa ada kurengggg sikit, like, kosong gitu. Mungkin nak tambah sebutir-dua embellishments lagi kot. Or another layer of the bunga ke. See lah how.

Kot I’m lucky enough, DocYana or Amy’s mom, or even Madame Ladybeads herself would drop-by and be generous enough to be my sifu(s) and give me more ideas and tips!!!

Oh I am so gonna get more bead and labucis and crystals this weekend… gatal gila jari niiiii.

10/11: That Special Doctor

I once documented Abang’s special operation with a special doctor, and how he got raided by the stoopeeed Ministry and then ultimately they (the Special Doctor) had to cease operating bcoz of that, which consequently affected soooo many other hopeful patients from far and wide, even affected many helpless conventional private doctors who have been recommending this place to their bleak patients...

And how I was so ralat that arwah ayah Zetty and also Abg Bitee tak sempat nak guna khidmat The Kind Doctor.

Alhamdulillah, last week, we managed to find out about it from Abang’s friend Kak Arfa, and eventually got the new address of The Special Doctor from my best mate Remo who lives in the neighbourhood.


So lepas ni, insyaAllah, tidak lah rasa ralat sangat tak boleh tolong orang or give a wee bit of more hope…

Now, talk about my best mate Remo ~ back in 2001 I think, I once watched with Remo a poignant and moving French movie in Midvalley, about a lil 4-year old girl who desperately wanting to understand about death after losing her own mother in a car crash.

Tajuk dia, Ponette. It’s also in Wiki here.

Say if anyone knows how to get a CD or DVD of this heart-warming film, sila, silalah beritahu hamba sebab hamba sangat sukaaaaaaaa dan memang mencari-cari cerita ni.

Tak kisah la kalau Abang tak rela nak watch this with me nanti. I just know that he wouldn’t.
… to be continued.



cikta said...

Cik Lin..... Bila leh jait beads kat cikta nyer baju raya? Baju kurung plain maroon kaler gitu. Janji jait na.... Lawa eh yang so putaq belit tu.

Roti Kacang Merah said...


ala kasi ar ciklin praktis praktis dulu... kasi terror sket, baru lah fair kalu nak charge cikta nanti kikikikiki

kita raya try next year leh???


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