Friday, August 24, 2007

Dua Minggu Punya Cerita: 02

(Yes, I wrote all these at home last night in lieu of my 'Dua Minggu Punya Cerita' series and have 'em all posted at the office.)

4/11: An Engagement

Right after Aesyah left with her parents on Sunday morning and exactly on Pah&Muddy’s first anniversary (see also their baby’s photo) was the engagement of my second matchmade couple, Hamadi@Chot & Intan, that Abang cleverly nicknamed as “ChIntan”, heh heh.

Boleh tahan jugek akak ek, dua matchmakings menjadi. Alhamdulillaaaaaaah, insyaAllah!

Boy Intan’s mom Makcik Saripah is so very happy with Chot that I volunteered to do a wee bit of makeover on Intan.

Aku pandai make-up??? WRONG. I actually had to surf the ‘net to get the latest trends and the latest do’s & don’ts for the occasion! Siap the Friday a week before the Do, we girls at the office had an experiment session on Intan’s face. I had to pretend that I was painting a face on a canvas, and Alhamdulilah in the end it turned up purdy owroite. Well thanks to the pretty lass, I would say. She’s already pretty even without the make-up, so it made the whole exercise a whole lot easier!

The big day came a day after my pinggang terpele’ot day on Saturday that I wrote about before. My back was still in pain, but the hu-ha and the high spirits at Intan’s place was a real distraction.

In the end I was very very chuffed that the make-over for the day turned out way better than I expected and everybody in the family including Intan herself was very very pleased with the results. It wasn’t too OTT but enough to stand-out in the photos… so, okaylah tu, kan???

Cuma sayang sangat I didn’t know how to tie the tudung. Kalau tahu jadi gini, dah pasti aku ajak Celi to join in that day coz she’s brilliant in the art of tudung-tying.

Click for larger image!

InsyaAllah their Big Day would be early next year, so I hope by then Intan dah kumpul cukup duit to get a real make-up artist!

5/11: M.C

And yes, of course, that evening after Intan’s do, my back rebelled and was getting more sore like hell. I remembered Yonne’s Hurix Ginseng pills that he bought me a coupla mths back, tapi takut nak makan sebab just in case ter-pregnant ke apa coz it says behind the pack that it’s not good for pregnant women.

But at that particular moment, gua dah tak kisah dah. Gua nak makan gak ginseng-pills tu, dah tak tahan sakit dah coz dah melarat ke muscle of my left butt cheek.

I thought all these while I had them pills in my handbag. But of course, fate of Abang’s life spills out on me ~ things are just not there bila diperlukan. I might’ve taken it out at the office. Sangat baghal rasanya okay.

So I turned in earlier than usual but managed to finish off Tunku Halim’s 44 Cemetery Road before dozing off to sleep.

Gawd my weekend yang aku langsung tak vacuum rumah and cuci toilets… that means dah 2 minggu aku tak cuci! Errrrrrkkk!!!! Abang’s awrite with it all, but I ain’tt!!!

Esok paginya, Isnin, you guessed it right, I so cannot tahan coz dah melarat ke kaki kiri and rusuk kanan pula, that I went to see the Doctor and she gave me a day’s rest. Jadi la. I didn’t take any painkiller-jabs this time for obvious reason ~ it’s gonna be a bleddy steroid-jab, so, no way, Jose.

But of course that night I had Abang kneading my left cheek with the muscle-ointment. Aiyoh, lega gila siot. Itu lah gunanya ada laki, kan?

I told Abang how lucky he was ~ men would before throw themselves to even grab my cheek(s), and yet he gets to knead them. Kembang kempis idung Abang. Heh.

6/11: Another TWISTED Makeover

Oh, oh, go see Farhi’s own lair i.e bedroom here. Cantekkkk! Cuma too red for my liking je ~ pretty panas for a bedroom (of course it can either translated as being panas ‘hot’ or panas ‘hawt’… get what I mean, heh heh).

Redbrick-wall notwithstanding, am still so very proud of him!

(And I think last Saturday he had a twisted make-over at his friend Bad’s place to be featured in Impiana! Will update if it’s true!!!)
… to be continued.



Amy said...

Oh, Amy mmg suka mengcomment ehheehe especially dlm blog yg amy suka.. cantik la kak lin mekap! Amy sunggu tak reti bermake up ni, setakat pakai lipstick..tu pu boleh kira baper kali sebulan je pakai..sbb tu tak habis2 mekap..I'm hopeless la when it comes to this. Hey, kak lin patut buat part time la since dah ada talent ni, masyukkkk tau tambah lagi mekap2 org kahwin ni..

Roti Kacang Merah said...


ek-eh sama dgn kita kalau nak habiskan mekap sampai bertahun!!! (except for compact powder and lipgloss la...)

mahsyukkkk tu memang, tapi, letih ah... nanti mana nak attend wedding org lagi, mana nak attend mekap-mekap org lagi... jahit manik lagi best, buat kat rumah je.... hehehehehehe punya la pemalas!


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